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  • 1. Monthly environmental scan report Developed + tested through socialmedia December campus survey

2. 1. Economics and college finances2. Communities and populations3. Teaching and learning and tech4. Technology ecosystem5. The future of liberal education6. MOOCs7. Scholarship 3. ContinuedAcademic cost/valueunion critiques crisisof online learningThe higherChanges in education internships bubbleCrowdsourcing concept in academia 4. Student and parent anxieties about debt and employmentDemographic changes in student body: race, sizePossible intergenerational tensions among facultyAdjunctification risingRestructuring library staffData analytics 5. Uses of social Learning mediaanalyticsUses of Web Changes in videolibrary role DigitalChanges in thehumanities (in LMS worldclassroom)Blended The rise of the learning Makermovement 6. 3d printing tablets Ebookssucceeding social medialaptops The Web augmentedplateau?reality digital video automation cloud and artificialcomputing intelligence Apple vs Google the growingmobile world 7. Financial stressesInternational campuses and competitionLiberal education and/vs vocational trainingLiberal arts institutions role in K-12The MOOC challenge 8. Credit for MOOCsSTEM vs humanitiesSustainabilityxMOOC vs cMOOCLiberal arts campuses entering 9. Open contentPossible divide growing between research and teachingChanges to the scholarly publication ecosystemRise of the digital humanities (as scholarly work)The library role 10. NITLEFuture Trends page:http://www.nitle.org/future_trends.php Future Trends survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NITLEFutureTrends Bryan on Twitter:https://twitter.com/bryanalexande