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How to fund a successful charity car was in support of East African Playgrounds


<ul><li><p> FUNDRAISING PACK - CHARITY CAR WASH </p></li><li><p>Thank you for running a Charity Car Wash in support of East African Playgrounds. </p><p>In this pack we will give you all the tips you need to run a successful car wash. </p><p>How many cars are in your office car park? 10, 20, 30? </p><p>Why don't you take the day off work and volunteer to wash all of your colleagues cars for a small </p><p>fee all in the name of charity? </p><p>Sponges at the ready . . . </p><p>1. Ask for the day off work or persuade your boss to allow your working day to include washing cars </p><p>all in the name of charity. </p><p>2. Ask all your colleagues if they want their cars washing, don't just go around washing any car you </p><p>see, make sure you have permission and that they will donate money. </p><p>Create some add ons to maximise your donations - Clean the interior or wax polish. </p><p>3. Start washing those cars and try and get some volunteers to help you during the day. </p><p>4. At the end of the day collect all the donations from the car wash and total up all of the donations. </p><p>5. Why don't you dress up in a funny outfit to persuade all colleagues to get their cars washed? </p><p>Thank you for your support. Every bonnet, boot and headlight you wash will </p><p>go a long way in improving the development of children in East Africa </p><p>through the use of play. </p><p>. </p></li></ul>


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