Funding Strategies for the Humanities Trish Lowney Sponsored Programs Dec 15, 2010 |

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Funding Strategies

Funding Strategiesfor the Humanities

Trish LowneySponsored ProgramsDec 15, | plowney@syr.eduFunding needs for humanities scholarship Why??Release time from all institutional duties

Getting $$ to get there

Opportunity for intellectual exchange

Access fees, copyright or license fees, copying etc.When to pursue?Consider context of your professional development and norms of your departmentAfter third year review?After tenure?Other time? Mid-careerExplore new fieldsDevelop new skillsSo, plan aheadWhen do you need support?

Do you know from whom?

Timing???Best - start 2+ yrs before need fundsIdentify sponsors and know their timelinesFall / spring application deadlines for projects that start anytime between X Y

What to pursue?Depends on needs:Travel award

Salary (full / partial)Residential fellowshipNon-residential fellowship

Research funds (unrestricted)Whom to pursue?SponsorsWho funds what you need and/or area? Consider -Acknowledgements sectionsBooks, monographs, articles, presentationsTalk / NetworkColleagues, mentors, advisorsConferences, meetings, seminarsSearchCOS, IRIS, Foundation Directory onlineScan Grants Advisor PlusProfessional society / association newslettersRefining possible sponsorsUnderstand what and who they fundPrior awardeesGet application?Reference letter?Understand selection processReference letters?Be strategic in your selectionWrite to the right audienceUnderstand the application processAs an individual? (ACLS, Fulbright, Guggenheim)Through SU? (Fulbright Hays Research Abroad) OSP

Once settled on sponsor & competitionConfirm good fit with program contactNot always possibleCarefully read application instructionsDevelop timeline of what will be done whenNotify referees / references of your need for their support Give them template/draft & PLENTY of timeAnticipate technical problemsCrafting a compelling project planClearly communicateYour ideaWhy its important (significance)Context in which your idea is situatedWhat you will do and how you will do itYour experience in doing What & HowStage of project completionProject is feasible You are qualified to undertake and complete in time availableTimeline Outcomes - so what? Information relevant to specific review / selection criteriaAppropriate bibliography

Tips for successLeave time for project to proof before putting in the oven to bake.Complete project,Put aside for a few daysCome back with fresh eyesLeave time for others to read & react and for you to reviseResourcesFrom SU computers Advanced search Iris database subscriber pages Search grantmakersOSP resourcesArchitecture Stuart Taub | | x9356Arts & Sciences Amy Grants | | x9360Education, Law, Maxwell, VPACaroline McMullin | | x 9358NewhouseMeghan MacBlane | | x8352