FULMER FAMILY Vollmer, Volmer, Follmer, Folmer, Fullmer

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<p>FULMER FAMILY Vollmer, Volmer, Follmer, Folmer, Fullmer Descendants of John Justus Fulmer The Fulmers of Bucks County, PA began the emigration from Germany to Pennsylvania between the years 1743-1770. The following Fulmers who arrived to the Port of Philadelphia via Rotterdam (Netherlands) by way of Cowes, England, took an oath of allegiance to the Province of Pennsylvania, declaring their loyalty to King George II: Jost Follmer (ship Lydia under command of master James Abercombbie), Jost Henry Volmer and Johann Gerge Volmer (ship Two Brothers 13 Oct 1766 under the command of John Osmond); Johannes Vollmer (31 Aug 1750, arrived on ship Nancy under the command of master Thomas Canton); Johannes Folmer (27 Sept 1752; arrived on ship President); Jost Henry Vollmer and Johann George Vollmer (13 Oct 1766, arrived on ship Betsy under the command of captain John Osmond) and Daniel Volmer (29 Oct 1770, arrived on ship: Sally). All males over the age of 16 years of age were required to take the oath of allegiance shortly after arrival to the colonies. The following Fulmers are listed as head of households in the 1790 federal census for Bucks County, PA: Casper (2 males, 2 females), Daniel (2 males, 3 females), John (2 males, 2 females), Yost (4 males, 2 females), Jacob (7 males, 4 females) Daniel (3 males), George (3 males, 6 females), John (5 males, 7 females) and Yost (2 males, 5 females). The census of 1800 shows Fulmers living in Bedminster, Springfield, Haycock and Tinicum townships with later years also including Nockamixon, Rockhill, Richland and Hilltown townships. The early Fulmers were members of the German Reformed Church including local churches in Bedminster Township (Tohickon Union Reformed Church, present day United Church of Christ), Nockamixon Township (Nockamixon Union Reformed Church, present day St. Lukes Lutheran Church) and Springfield Township (Trinity Union Reformed Church, present day Trinity United Church of Christ - Pleasant Valley). John Justus (Jost/Yost) Follmer/Fulmer b. abt 1726 (Germany) d. 5 Dec. 1802 (Tohickon Twp, Bucks County, PA); Tochickon Church; son of Vollmer (b. abt 1705); yeoman-Haycock Twp; will proved 4 Jan 1803 - executors George &amp; John Fulmer m. Maria Magdalena b. abt 1730 (Germany); d. 23 Apr 1809 (Bedminster, Bucks County, PA) children:1-John George Fulmer b. 17 Feb 1767; d. before Sep 1818 (Bucks County, PA); listed in tax records of 1782 as owning a grist mill, 147 acres, 2 horses and 5 cattle; will proved 8 Sep 1818 with sons John, George and Jacob Fulmer of Springfield Twp, Bucks County, PA as executors; owned plantation of 60 acres in Bedminster &amp; Haycock, owned grist mill in Haycock Twp, listed as a miller, Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County federal census m. Sophia Rufe (before 1772, Bedminster, Bucks County, PA; married by Rev August H Schmidt) b. 1750; d. Bucks County, PA children: 1-Mary Magdalena Fulmer b. 19 April 1772; baptized 8 June 1772 (Kellers Lutheran Church, Bedminster Twp, Bucks County, PA) m. John Yost b. 31 July 1774 children: 1-Jacob Yost b. 4 July 1798 (Bedminster, Bucks County, PA) 2-Catharine Yost b. 1810 2-John Jacob Follmer b. 24 Mar 1774 (Bucks County, PA); d. 11 Dec 1855 m. Eva Catherine Jorger (Yeager) (22 Dec 1793,Tohickon Reformed Church, Bedminster, Bucks County, PA); b. 1774 children:1-Jacob Fulmer b. 5 Sep 1796 (Bucks County, PA); d. 8 Jan 1880 m. 1-Mary J Pursell (1818); b. 3 Jul 1799; d. 20 Apr 1866; dau of John Pursell and Ann Coomb m. 2-Mary Craemer (22 Oct 1826, Tohickson Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA); b. 1795 children:1-Thomas Fulmer b. 3 Sep 1820 (Bucks Couty, PA) 2-Johnson P Fulmer b. 1824 3-Mahlon Fulmer b. 14 July 1825; d. 31 Jul 1880 m. Anna M Trauger b. 1833; d. 1893 children:1-Violetta Fulmer b. 6 Jun 1857 (Tinicum Twp, Bucks County, PA) 2- Jacob Fulmer b. 1862 3- Jane Fulmer b. 1864 4- Minnie Fulmer b. 1868 5- Edmund Fulmer b. 1870 4-Catharine Fulmer b. 30 Aug 1827 (Bucks County, PA) 5-Christina Fulmer b. 1826 6-Rebecca Margaret Fulmer b. 3 Aug 1799 (Bucks County, PA) m. John G Hillpot (Rebecca is second wife; wife #1 was Elizabeth Laubenstine) children:1-Samuel S Hillpot 2-William F Hillppot 3-Eli F Hillpot d. 1908 2-Samuel Follmer b. 20 Dec 1806; baptized 14 June 1807 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County, PA; sponsored by Susanna and Jacob Follmer) m. Elizabeth b. 1814; d. 1908 children:1-Ann Julian Fulmer b. 11 June 1836; christened 18 Aug 1836, sponsored by Jacob &amp; Catharine Fulmer (Tinicum Church records, Bucks County, PA) 3-Sarah Fulmer b. 1792 m.-Frederick Fluck b. 16 Dec 1786 (Bucks County, PA); d. Dec 1827 (Bedminster, Bucks County, PA )</p> <p>1</p> <p>children:1-Elizabeth Fluck b. 22 Jul 1811 (Bucks County, PA) 2-Maria Anna Fluck b. 19 Sep 1815 3-Elias Fluck b. 25 Jul 1818 4-Samuel Fulmer Fluck b. 1821 5-Lavina Fluck b. 1823 6-Salome Fluck b. 1826 4-George Fulmer b. abt 1784; d. 20 Jun 1862 m. Sarah Maria Yost b. 23 May 1792; d. 21 Dec 1869 (Bucks County, PA ) children:1-Henry Yost Fulmer b. 25 Nov 1827 (Haycock Twp, Bucks County, PA); d. 15 Apr 1906 (Plumsteadville, Bucks County, PA); buried 18 Apr 1906 (Lower Tinicum Union Cemetery, Bucks County, PA; baptized 10 Feb 1828 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA; farmer m. Catharine Ann Mill (21 Oct 1852); b. 16 Dec 1829 (Tinicum Twp, Bucks County, PA); d. 11 Mar 1896 (Plumsteadville, Bucks County,PA); dau of Solomon Mills &amp; Cypriann R Hillpot; baptized 28 Jun 1830 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA); buried 14 Mar 1896 (Lower Tinicum Union Cemetery, Bucks County, PA; housewife children:1-Sarah Jane Fulmer b. 16 Mar 1854 (Bucks County, PA); d. 1950 (Bucks County, PA) 2-Solomon Fulmer b. 1856; d.17 Jan 1927 (Easton, PA) m. Catharine Worman (7 Dec 1878) children:1-Howard Fulmer b. 1879 2-Anna Fulmer b. 1 Feb 1858 3-Ida Fulmer b. 1865 m. Albert Yeager b. 27 Nov 1867; d. 19 Jan 1942 children:1-Wilson Yeager b. 9 May 1891(Tinicum Twp, PA) 2-Minnie F Yeager b. 13 Jul 1896 3-Sarah Jane Yeager b. 23 Aug 1898 2-Mary M Fulmer b. 1828 (Bucks County, PA) 3-John George Y Fulmer b. 1832; blacksmith; Haycock Twp, Bucks County, PA m. Mary Yost (26 Sep 1857) b. 26 Aug 1836 children:1-John Fulmer 2-George Y Fulmer m. children:1-Leidy Fulmer b. 8 Mar 1858 (Haycock Twp, Bucks County, PA) m. Mary Ellen Stout (29 Nov 1879); b. 1860 3-Daniel Fulmer 4-Abraham Fulmer 5-Catharine Fulmer 6-Elizabeth Fulmer 7-Susanna Fulmer 8-Mary Fulmer b. 1828 m. William K Myers b. 17 Jan 1829; d. 13 Mar 1889; son of Abraham Meyer and Anna Kulp children:1-Charles F Meyers b. 23 Jan 1853 2-Tilghman F Meyers b. 5 June 1856 3-Sarah A Meyers b. 3 Nov 1859 4-Wilson F Meyers b. 23 Dec 1862 5-Emma L Meyers b. 12 Feb 1868 4-Joseph G Fulmer; b. 1836; of Haycock Twp, Bucks County, PA m. Lavina Morris b. 1840 children:1-Urias Fulmer b.1861; listed in 1914 Bedminster Farm Directory as farmer owning 50 acres, R1 Ottsville H101 m. 2-William M Fulmer b. July 1862; living in Hillton Twp, Bucks County, PA per census of 1900; listed in 1914 Farm Directory for Bedminster as owning 52 acres m. Emma Jane Katz children:1-Leidy K Fulmer b. 25 Mar 1901; d. 27 Oct 1966 (Sellersville, Bucks County, PA); lived in Hillton, Bucks County per 1930 census m. Florence Gehman Detweiler b. 31 Mar 1900 (Silverdale, Bucks County, PA); d. 15 Nov 1965; dau of Wilson and Minerva Gehman Detweiler; her brother, William, was an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church and a pioneer Gospel broadcaster; member of the Perkasie Mennonite Church children:1-Anna Detweiler Fulmer</p> <p>2-Marvin Detweiler Fulmer b. 14 Aug 1923 (Line Lexington, Montgomery County, PA); d. 6 Feb 1995 (Perkasie, Bucks County, PA);buried at Blooming Glen Mennonite Church m. Kathryn Hunsberger children:1-Rose Marie Fulmer m. Allebach 2-Richard H Fulmer 3-Clyde D Fulmer 4-Ruth Ann Fulmer d. bef 15 Nov 1965 3-Detweiler son 2-Addie Fulmer b. 25 Jan 1890 m. John Alvin Leber (23 Mar 1912) b. 29 Jun 1891 children:1-Marion Leber b. 14 May 1914 2-Warren Leber b. 19 Jun 1915 3-Charles Leber b. 15 Apr 1926 4-Paul Leber b. 16 Nov 1930 3-Maggie K Fulmer b. 9 Sep 1895; d. 28 July 1981; member of Line Lexington Mennonite Church, Montgomery County, PA m. Isaac L Ruth (10 Nov 1917) b. 14 Oct 1896; d. 1966 children:1-Naomi Ruth b. 13 Jul 1918 2-Esther Ruth b. 6 Dec 1922 m. Ezra L Moyer 3-Dorothy Ruth m. Clarence Beiler 4-Clarence F Ruth b. 16 Aug 1921 5-Ernest Ruth b. 29 May 1928 4-Stella K Fulmer b. 7 Oct 1897 (Silverdale, Bucks County, PA); d. 16 July 1996 (Souderton, Montgomery County, PA); buried at Souderton Mennonite Cemetery, Montgomery County, PA m. Norman F. Allebach children:1-Enoch F Allebach 2-Lloyd F Allebach b. 3 Dec 1926 3-Claude F Allebach 4-Darwin F Allebach 5-Ruth Fulmer d. 1939 6-Kenneth Allebach b. 8 Sep 1924 5-Leanna Fulmer b. 8 Jan 1889; d. 3 Jul 1975 m. William Leber (23 Jan 1910) b. 31 Dec 1885; d. 30 Jun 1975 children:1-Clifford Leber b. 16 May 1911 2-Velaria Fulmer Leber b. 5 Nov 1913 3-Harold Fulmer Leber b. 23 Oct 1914 4-Kathryn Leber b. 26 Oct 1919 3-Peter M Fulmer b. 1865 4-Mary Fulmer b. 1867 5-Morris Fulmer b. 1869 m. Emma Shick d. 10 May 1933 (Dublin, Bucks County, PA); formerly of Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County, PA 6-Harvey Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA); d. 1956 (Bucks County, PA) 7-Ida May Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA) 5-Catherine Fulmer b. 28 Feb 1776 (Bucks County, PA) m. Christian B Atherholt b. 17 Aug 1773 (New Jersey); d. 29 Mar 1858 (Bucks County, PA); son of Christian Atherholt &amp; Anna Marie Hedwig children:1-Magdalena Aderhold b. 10 Oct 1795 2-Elizabeth Aderhold b. 12 Jul 1797 3-Catherine Aderhold b. 28 Dec 1799 6-Elizabeth b. 9 Aug 1777 7-John Fulmer b. 6 Apr 1790 (Bucks County, PA); d. 19 July 1854 (Bucks County, PA) m. Anna Elizabeth Snyder (29 Dec 1803); b. 1 Nov 1781 (Bucks County, PA); d. 1898 children:1-Sarah Fulmer b. 26 Feb 1806; d. 22 May 1867</p> <p>3</p> <p>m. Michael Ahlum b. 11 Oct 1805 (Bucks County, PA); d. 27 Apr 1889; son of David John Ahlum and Hannah Hartzell children:1-David F Ahlum b. 14 May 1833 (Bucks County, PA) 2-Elias Ahlum b. 10 Aug 1840 3-John F Ahlum b. abt 1842 4-Aaron F Ahlum b. 29 Oct 1846 (Bucks County, PA) 2-Catharine Follmer b. 13 June 1808; baptized 7 Aug 1808 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA; sponsored by George and Susanna Follmer) 3-Samuel S Fulmer b. 17 Jan 1811; d. 3 Apr 1855; baptized 17 Mar 1811 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA; sponsored by Jacob, John and Elizabeth Follmer); d. 1855 m. Anna Jacoby (Oct 1843, Bucks County, PA); b. 4 Jun 1819 (Bucks County, PA); d. 13 Feb 1891 (Bucks County, PA) children:1-Milton Fulmer b. 1 Jul 1844 2-Catharine Fulmer b. 13 Nov 1847 3-Benjamin Fulmer b. 28 Jun 1851 4-Julianna Fulmer b. 2 Feb 1813; baptized 16 May 1813 (Nockamixon Refomded Church, Bucks County, PA) 5-Mary Ann Fulmer b. 4 Jul 1817 (Bucks County, PA) 6-Tobias Fulmer b. 1820 (Bucks County, PA) m. Lydia Mittman (4 Feb 1855); b. 15 Aug 1831; d. 2 Mar 1850; buried at Tohickon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA 7-Margaret Rebecca Fulmer b. 27 Nov 1825 (Bucks County, PA) m. Joseph Fox (25 Nov 1849, Tohickon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA) 8-Susanna Fulmer b. 15 Sep 1791 9-John Frederick Fulmer b. 24 July 1795; d. 19 July 1865 m. Elizabeth Dieterly Fulmer b.1810 children:1-Jonas Dieterly Fulmer b. 17 July 1833 (Bucks County, PA); d. 23 Feb 1903; buried 26 Feb 1903, Lower Tinicum Union Cemetery, Bucks County, PA) m. Barbara Regina Mill (28 Nov 1857, Bucks County, PA) b. 23 Oct 1832 (Bucks County, PA); buried 14 Sep 1911 (Lower Tinicum Union Cemetery, Bucks County, PA); dau of Solomon Mill and Cyprianna Regina Hillpot children:1-Amandas Fulmer b. 21 Jan 1860 2-Leidy Fulmer b. 1863; listed in 1914 Bedminster Farm Directory as farmer working on share of 50 acres, Weisel H57 m. Hannah 3-Barbara Regina Mill b. (Bucks County, PA); d. 1911 2-Eli Dieterly Fulmer b. 8 Oct 1838; d. 1920 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA) m. Emeline S Stover (26 Oct 1865); b. 24 Dec 1843; d. 6 Jan 1899 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA) children: 1-Llewellyn Stover Fulmer b. 1 Oct 1866 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA) 4-Mary Ann Fulmer 5-Juliana Follmer b. 2 Feb 1813; baptized 16 May 1813 (Nockamixon Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA) 5-Rebecca Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA); d. 1881 3-John Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA); d. 1854 (Bucks County, PA) 4-Frederick Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA); d. 1865 (Bucks County, PA) 5-Catherine Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA) 2-Magdalena Fulmer b. 4 Oct 1754; confirmed 14 Apr 1770, Tohickson Reformed Church, Bucks County, PA 3-Elizabeth Fulmer b. abt 1756; 1st communion 7 Oct 1804 4-Jacob Fulmer b. 28 April 1757; d. 1827; of Springfield Twp, Bucks Couty, PA; built largest barn in the county of its day - 100' long; buried at Springfield Union Cemetery along with wife, Anna m. Anna Sybilla Yost (abt 1776); b. 27 Sep 1758; d. 3 Nov 1845 (Springfield Union Cemetery, Bucks County, PA); dau of Michael Yost &amp; Anna Wilhelmina Elizabeth C Heller children:1-Joseph Fulmer b. 10 Sep 1795; baptized 15 Nov 1795 (Tohickon Reformed Church, Bedminster, Bucks County, PA); d. 1876 (Clarion County, PA) m. Sarah Rufe b. 4 Oct 1798 (Bucks County, PA); d. 1850 children:1-Samuel Fulmer b. 25 Jun 1825 2-Jonas Fulmer b. 8 Nov 1823 3-Veronica Fulmer b. 13 Sep 1827 (Bucks County, PA) 4-Susanna Fulmer b. 29 Jan 1829 5-Aaron Fulmer b. 6 Oct 1831 (Bucks County, PA); d. 1922 6-Sarah Fulmer b. 1833 7-Mary Ann Fulmer b. 1837 2-Abraham Follmer b. 18 Dec 1777 (Bedminster, Bucks County, PA); d. 20 Nov 1829 (Ferndale, Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County, PA) m. Magdalena Nyce/Neiss (1800) b. 3 Aug 783; d. 2 May 1869 (Ferndale, Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County, PA) (SEE NICE FAMILY) children:1-Jacob Nyce Fulmer b. 18 Sep 1801 (Bucks County, PA); d. 7 Mar 1844 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA)</p> <p>m. Maria Magdalene Bachman b. 28 Feb 1801; d. 22 Mar 1869 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA); dau of Soloman Bachman &amp; Anna Maria Atherholt children:1-Mary Ann Fulmer b. 1 Apr 1824 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA) 2-David Bachman Fulmer b. 6 Aug 1828 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA) m. Sophia Long children:1-Gibson Fulmer 2-Jacob Fulmer 3-Amanda Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA) 4-Mary Catherine Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA) 5-Annie Fulmer b. (Bucks County, PA) 3-John Bachman Fulmer b. 16 Apr 1832 (Durham Twp, Bucks County, PA); d. 9 Jul 1891 (Bethlehem, Northampton County, PA) m. Sarah Catherine Deemer b. 28 Feb 1835 (Williams Twp); d. 24 Jul 1901 (Bethlehem, Northampton County, PA); dau of Jacob J Deemer and Anna Catherine Unangst children:1-John Adams Fulmer b. 10 Mar 1863 (Williams Twp, Northampton County, PA); d. 1948 m. Mary Ann Kilpatrick b. 27 Dec 1870 (So Bethlehem, Northampton County, PA); dau of Andrew M Kilpatrick &amp; Belinda Henn children:1-Anna Mae Fulmer b. 16 May 1890 (Feemansburg, Northampton County, PA); d. 29 Mar 1911 m. Benjamin Franklin Kichline b. 18 Jan 1885 (Farmersville, Northampton Co, PA); d. 26 Oct 1934 (Wilson Borough, Northampton County, PA) 2-Forrest John Fulmer 3-Elizabeth Moyer Fulmer m. Leonard Hite 4-William Benjamin Fulmer 2-W...</p>


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