Fuel efficiency tips for outboard motors

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10 ways to make your boat more fuel-efficient - by www.outboardmotorsforsale.co.uk

Text of Fuel efficiency tips for outboard motors

  • 1. 10 ways to makeyour boat morefuel-efficient by Southern Shipwrights Limited

2. #1 Lighten the loadLeave spare parts and tools at home, asthese will weigh down the boat 3. #2 Take less waterWater is heavy, so only take as much as you need for washing, cooking andhydration 4. #3 Take less fuelOnly take as much fuel as you need, plus 10-20% for safety 5. #4 Slow downTravelling at a lower speed will reduce theboats fuel consumption. A 10% reduction in speed can make it 20% more efficient 6. #5 Check the engineEase back on the throttle, and if this leads to a drop in fuel consumption without a drop in speed the engine is probablystruggling to take on air or fuel 7. #6 Use the tidePlan your route around tidal timetables toreduce necessary fuel. Also ensure the speed of the boat is well-matched to thetide, to prevent pushing a foul tide 8. #7 Scrub the hull Marine growth can impair performance,so scrub the hull and give it a new coat ofantifoul regularly 9. #8 Adjust trim tabsTrim tabs can adjust the height of the boatand reduce drag on the stern. Observe the boats position and adjust it on a regular basis 10. #9 Check the propWhen the boat is out of the water checkfor bent blades, eroded edges and dings 11. #10 SteeringTravel the shortest distance between twopoints. If you use autopilot make sure theboat is not zig-zagging through the water 12. For outboard sales, hire, servicing and repair get in touch:www.outboardmotorsforsale.co.uk/