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SourceJANUARY1100FEBRUARY2100MARCH3100APRIL4100MAY5100JUNE6100JULY7100AUGUST8100SEPTEMBER9100OCTOBER1010OCTOBERNOVEMBER11100DECEMBER12100OCTOBER* Ambitious and serious1100* Abstract thoughts2100* Attractive personality3100* Active and dynamic4100* Stubborn and hard-hearted5100* Thinks far with vision6100* Fun to be with7100* Loves to joke8100* Suave and compromising9100* Loves to chat1010* Loves to chat* Has a lot of ideas11100* Loyal and generous12100* Loves to chat* Loves to teach and be taught1100* Loves reality and abstract2100* Affectionate3100* Decisive and hateful but tends to regret4100* Strong-willed and highly motivated5100* Easily influenced by kindness6100* Secretive7100* Attractive8100* Careful, cautious and organized9100* Loves those who loves him1010* Loves those who loves him* Difficult to fathom11100* Patriotic12100* Loves those who loves him* Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses1100* Intelligent and clever2100* Shy and reserved3100* Attractive and affectionate to oneself4100* Sharp thoughts5100* Polite and soft-spoken6100* Difficult to fathom and to be understood7100* Suave and caring8100* Likes to point out people's mistakes9100* Loves to takes things at the centre1010* Loves to takes things at the centre* Thinks forward11100* Active in games and interactions12100* Loves to takes things at the centre* Likes to criticize1100* Changing personality2100* Secretive3100* Strong mentality4100* Easily angered5100* Having lots of ideas6100* Quiet unless excited or tensed7100* Brave and fearless8100* Likes to criticize9100* Attractive and suave1010* Attractive and suave* Unique and brilliant11100* Impatient and hasty12100* Attractive and suave* Hardworking and productive1100* Temperamental2100* Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic3100* Loves attention4100* Attracts others and loves attention5100* Sensitive6100* Takes pride in oneself7100* Firm and has leadership qualities8100* Quiet but able to talk well9100* Inner and physical beauty1010* Inner and physical beauty* Extraordinary ideas11100* Ambitious12100* Inner and physical beauty* Smart, neat and organized1100* Quiet, shy and humble2100* Loves peace and serenity3100* Diplomatic4100* Deep feelings5100* Active mind6100* Has reputation7100* Knows how to console others8100* Calm and cool9100* Does not lie or pretend1010* Does not lie or pretend* Sharp thinking11100* Influential in organizations12100* Does not lie or pretend* Sensitive and has deep thoughts1100* Low self esteem2100* Sensitive to others3100* Consoling4100* Beautiful physically and mentally5100* Hesitating6100* Easily consoled7100* Too generous and egoistic8100* Kind and sympathetic9100* Sympathetic1010* Sympathetic* Fine and strong clairvoyance11100* Fun to be with12100* Sympathetic* Knows how to make others happy1100* Honest and loyal2100* Loves to serve others3100* Friendly and solves people's problems4100* Firm standpoint5100* Tends to delay6100* Honest7100* Takes high pride of oneself8100* Concerned and detailed9100* Treats friends importantly1010* Treats friends importantly* Can become good doctors11100* Loves to socialize12100* Treats friends importantly* Quiet unless excited or tensed1100* Determined to reach goals2100* Not easily angered3100* Brave and fearless4100* Easily influenced5100* Choosy and always wants the best6100* Concern about people's feelings7100* Thirsty for praises8100* Trustworthy, loyal and honest9100* Always making friends1010* Always making friends* Careful and cautious11100* Loves praises12100* Always making friends* Rather reserved1100* Loves freedom2100* Trustworthy3100* Adventurous4100* Needs no motivation5100* Temperamental6100* Tactful7100* Extraordinary spirit8100* Does work well9100* Easily hur! t but recovers easily1010* Easily hur! t but recovers easily* Dynamic in personality11100* Loves attention12100* Easily hur! t but recovers easily* Highly attentive1100* Rebellious when restricted2100* Appreciative and returns kindness3100* Loving and caring4100* Easily consoled5100* Funny and humorous6100* Friendly7100* Easily angered8100* Sensitive9100* Bad tempered1010* Bad tempered* Secretive11100* Loves to be loved12100* Bad tempered* Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds1100* Loves aggressiveness2100* Observant and assess others3100* Suave and generous4100* Systematic (left brain)5100* Loves to joke6100* Approachable7100* Angry when provoked8100* Thinking9100* Selfish1010* Selfish* Inquisitive11100* Honest and trustworthy12100* Selfish* Romantic but has difficulties expressing love1100* Too sensitive and easily hurt2100* Revengeful3100* Emotional4100* Loves to dream5100* Good debating skills6100* Very emotional7100* Easily jealous8100* Good memory9100* Seldom helps unless asked1010* Seldom helps unless asked* Knows how to dig secrets11100* Not pretending12100* Seldom helps unless asked* Loves children1100* Showing anger easily2100* Loves to dream and fantasize3100* Revengeful4100* Strong clairvoyance5100* Talkative6100* Temperamental and unpredictable7100* Observant8100* Clever and knowledgeable9100* Daydreamer1010* Daydreamer* Always thinking11100* Short tempered12100* Daydreamer* Homely person1100* Dislike unnecessary things2100* Loves traveling3100* Aggressive4100* Understanding5100* Daydreamer6100* Moody and easily hurt7100* Careful and cautious8100* Loves to look for information9100* Very opinionated1010* Very opinionated* Less talkative but amiable11100* Changing personality12100* Very opinionated* Loyal1100* Loves making friends but rarely shows it2100* Loves attention3100* Hasty4100* Sickness usually in the ear and neck5100* Friendly6100* Witty and sarky7100* Thinks quickly8100* Must control oneself when criticizing9100* Does not care of what others think1010* Does not care of what others think* Brave and generous11100* Not egoistic12100* Does not care of what others think* Needs to improve social abilities1100* Daring and stubborn2100* Loves home decors3100* Good memory4100* Good imagination5100* Knows how to make friends6100* Sentimental7100* Independent thoughts8100* Able to motivate oneself9100* Emotional1010* Emotional* Patient11100* Takes high pride in oneself12100* Emotional* Easily jealous1100* Ambitious2100* Musically talented3100* Moving4100* Good debating skills5100* Abiding6100* Not revengeful7100* Loves to lead and to be led8100* Understanding9100* Decisive1010* Decisive* Stubborn and hard-hearted11100* Hates restrictions12100* Decisive100* Realizing dreams and hopes2100* Loves special things3100* Motivate oneself and the others4100* Good physical5100* Able to show character6100* Forgiving but never forgets7100* Loves to dream8100* Secretive9100* Strong clairvoyance1010* Strong clairvoyance* If there is a will, there is a way11100* Loves to joke12100* Strong clairvoyance100* Sharp2100* Moody3100* Sickness usually of the head and chest4100* Weak breathing5100* Easily hurt6100* Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things7100* Talented in the arts, music and defense8100* Loves sports, leisure and traveling9100* Loves to travel, the arts and literature1010* Loves to travel, the arts and literature* Determined11100* Good sense of humor12100* Loves to travel, the arts and literature100* Loves entertainment and leisure2100* Easily get too jealous4100* Loves literature and the arts5100* Prone to getting colds6100* Guides others physically and mentally7100* Sensitive but not petty8100* Hardly shows emotions9100* Soft-spoken, loving and caring * Romantic1010* Soft-spoken, loving and caring * Romantic* Never give up11100* Logic12100* Soft-spoken, loving and caring * Romantic100* Romantic on the inside not outside2100* ! Loves traveling5100* Loves to dress up6100* Sensitive and forms impressions carefully7100* Poo! r resistance against illnesses8100* Tends to bottle up feelings9100* Touchy and easily jealous1010* Touchy and easily jealous* Hardly become angry unless provoked11100* Touchy and easily jealous100* Superstitious and ludicrous2100* Dislike being at home5100* Easily bored6100* Caring and loving7100* Learns to relax8100* Choosy especially in relationships9100* Concerned1010* Concerned* Loves to be alone11100* Concerned100* Spendthrift2100* Restless5100* Fussy6100* Treats others equally7100* Hasty and rushy8100* Loves wide things9100* Loves outdoors1010* Loves outdoors* Thinks differently from others11100* Loves outdoors100* Learns to show emotions2100* Hardworking5100* Seldom show emotions6100* Strong sense of sympathy7100* Romantic8100* Systematic9100* Just and fair1010* Just and fair* Sharp-minded11100* Just and fair100100* High spirited5100* Takes time to recover when hurt6100* Wary and sharp7100* Loving and caring8100* Spendthrift and easily influenced1010* Spendthrift and easily influenced* Motivates oneself11100* Spendthrift and easily influenced100100* Spendthrift5100* Brand conscious6100* Judge people through observations7100* Loves to make friends8100* Easily lose confidence1010* Easily lose confidence* Does not appreciates praises11100* Easily lose confidence100100* Executive6100* Hardworking7100* High-spirited111000100100* Stubborn6100* No difficulties i7100* Well-built and tough111000100100* Those who loves me are enemies6100* Deep love111000100100* Those who hates me are friends61000600

DOB258511010/Oct/19701025851101/10/09 11:451039823.49021192131013972.49021192131038.251010107010701070107010701070107Saturday1010Saturday101010101010101010101010101010

EnterOCTOBER2OCTOBER* Loves to chat2* Loves to chat* Loves those who loves him2* Loves those who loves him* Loves to takes things at the centre2* Loves to takes things at the centreEnter your DoB here =>10-Oct-70* Attractive and suave2* Attractive and suavee.g. 1949/08/27* Inner and physical beauty2* Inner and physical beautyAge in years:38.25* Does not lie or pretend2* Does not lie or pretendAge in months:459* Sympathetic2* SympatheticAge in days:13963* Treats friends importantly2* Treats friends importantlyAge in hours:335110* Alway