Fri/Sat/Sun March 23~25, 2018 Russian realism oil paintings on 2018-03-22آ  Shishkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi,

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Text of Fri/Sat/Sun March 23~25, 2018 Russian realism oil paintings on 2018-03-22آ  Shishkin, Arkhip...

  • Realism oil paintings by con- temporary Russian artists are on display free of admission.

    Realism came into domi- nance in the 19th century. The realists captured Russian iden- tity in landscapes of wide rivers, forests and birch clearings, as

    well as robust portraits of their contemporaries. Other artists focused on social criticism, showing the conditions of the poor and caricaturing author- ity. Critical realism fl ourished under the reign of Alexander II, with some artists making

    the realm of human suffer- ing their main theme. Others focused on depicting dramatic moments in Russian history. The Peredvizhniki (wanderers) group of artists broke away from the Russian Academy and initiated a school of art liberated

    from academic restrictions. Leading realists include Ivan Shishkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Ivan Kramskoi, Vasily Polenov, Isaac Levitan, Vasily Surikov, Viktor Vasnetsov and Ilya Repin.

    By the turn of the 20th cen- tury and on, many Russian artists developed their own unique styles, neither realism nor avante-garde. These include Boris Kustodiev, Kuzma Petrov- Vodkin, Mikhail Vrubel and Nicholas Roerich. Many works by the Peredvizhniki group of artists have been highly sought after by collectors in recent years. Russian art auctions have increased in demand and works have been sold for record-breaking prices. Dates: Until April 5 Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Venue: 3/F, Xinqiao Culture and Art Center, 29 Gongyuan Road North, Bao’an District (宝安区公园北路29号新桥文 化艺术中心三楼) Metro: Line 11 to Shajing Sta- tion (沙井站), Exit C (SD News)

    Fri/Sat/Sun March 23~25, 2018 08 i LEISURE

    Russian realism oil paintings on display

    ‘Frozen’ “Frozen” is inspired by Hans

    Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” It tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on a journey alongside a rugged iceman, his loyal reindeer, and a naive snow- man to fi nd her estranged sister, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped their kingdom in eternal winter. Time: 7 p.m., April 13

    ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

    “War for the Planet of the Apes” is a sequel to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014). The fi lm stars Andy Serkis, Woody Harrel- son and Steve Zahn, and fol- lows a confrontation between the apes, led by Caesar, and the humans for control of Earth. Time: 7 p.m., April 20

    ‘Zootopia’ “Zootopia” is a 2016 U.S.

    animated comedy fi lm pro- duced by Walt Disney Anima- tion Studios. It was directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, co-directed by Jared Bush, and details the unlikely partnership between a rabbit police offi cer and a red fox con artist, as they uncover a con- spiracy involving the disap- pearance of savage predator inhabitants of a mammalian metropolis. Time: 7 p.m., April 27

    Venue: 3/F, Shenzhen Book City’s Bao’an Store, Zhongxin Road, Bao’an District (宝安区 中心路深圳书城宝安城三楼) Metro: Line 11 to Shajing Station (沙井站), Exit C (SD News)

    Free movies

    Giant lanterns at Waterland Resort.Giant lanterns at Waterland Resort.

    “Go Into the Folk,” a solo exhibition of prints, paintings and installations created by renowned modern Chinese artist Ying Tianqi, is being held at the newly opened Zhi Art Museum in Shajing.

    Born in 1949 in Anhui Prov- ince, Ying is a graduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently a professor at Shenzhen University and a guest professor at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Ying’s representative work “Xidi Village Series” has earned considerable fame in the arts fi eld, and parts of the series have been collected by the Brit- ish Museum and the National Art Museum of China.

    Xidi Village is an ancient village located in the beautiful landscape

    of green mountains and racing streams in southern Anhui Prov- ince. Ying has used the regional resources of Anhui Province in his artworks for 30 years. His artwork is also seen as an expres- sion of his doubts and criticisms of the changes that have been taking place in local society and his “Xidi Village Series” is about the destruction, confi nement and distortion of history. Dates: Until May 15 Hours: 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., closed Mondays Venue: Zhi Art Museum, Sha- song Road, Houting, Shajing, Bao’an District (宝安区沙井后亭 沙松路至美术馆) Metro: Line 11 to Houting Sta- tion (后亭站), Exit A (SD News)

    Waterland Resort in Shajing has collaborated with traditional lantern craftsmen from Zigong, Sichuan Prov- ince to present a sea of lanterns.

    Dubbed “the Lantern Town of the South Kingdom,” Zigong is the origin of the Chinese lantern show, which has been brought to many other cities in China and abroad.

    With more than 50 lantern instal- lations in the show, Waterland Resort aims to make the festival the most comprehensive and captivating of its kind in Shenzhen, a brand-new light show experience for all ages.

    Different from the traditional varieties of holiday lanterns, Zigong lanterns are larger-than-life fi gures of children, plants, zodiac animals and dinosaurs. Zigong lantern shows are among the favorite ways for Chinese to celebrate its ancient heritage in

    modern times. According to a 2015 report from China Daily, there are 365 companies in Zigong producing lanterns, generating a revenue of more than 2 billion yuan (US$320 million) a year.

    The State Council lists the show as an offi cial intangible cultural heritage event and China National Tourism Administration recognizes it as one of two national folk activities. The show’s popularity suggests that history casts a bright light upon the future of the country. Dates: Until April 8 Hours: 6:30-10:30 p.m. Tickets: 30-40 yuan Venue: Waterland Resort, Minzhu Boulevard, Shajing, Bao’an District (宝安区沙井民主大道海上田园) Metro: Line 11 to Shajing Station (沙 井站), Exit A (SD News)

    Giant lanterns illuminate Waterland Resort

    New museum opens with Ying Tianqi’s exhibition

    A print by Ying Tianqi.A print by Ying Tianqi.

    Paintings at the exhibition.Paintings at the exhibition. File photos