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    Friday Fast Facts

    November 20, 2015 Volume 3 Issue 20

    Neighborhood Services- Terrie Franklin, Director and Ibis Camacho, Social Service Coordinator attended the annual Florida League of Cities Center for Municipal Research & Innovation symposium on Wednesday, November 18th. This years symposium topic was on Homelessness and Affordable Housing in the State of Florida.

    Titusville Historic Preservation Board Certified Local Government Training On November 2nd, the State of Florida’s Historic Resources Officer, Michael Zimny, conducted a seminar about the City’s recent designation as a Certified Local Government (CLG) at the Titusville Historic Preservation Board’s regular meeting. Earlier this year, The U.S. Department of the Interior designated the City of Titusville as a CLG for meeting Department standards for historic preservation. The CLG Program is a local, state, and federal partnership that provides support and guidance to communities looking to preserve their unique historic character. To view the CLG presentation go to the City’s website at

    On November 11, 2015 the Pilot Club of Titusville visited and provided breakfast for firefighters at Station 11 in recognition of International Care & Kindness Week. They wanted to thank the First Responders for what they do for the community. Station 11's crew consisted of Lieutenant Michael Abernathy, Driver Operator Scott Einkopf and Firefighter Ryan Birge were present to receive their generous gift. Battalion Commander Scott Gaenicke and Administrative Assistant Lawanda Park were present also. At the conclusion of breakfast the members of the Pilot Club were treated to a station tour.

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    On October 8, 2015, Titusville Fire & Emergency Services visited Jack & Jill Preschool. Station 13’s crew, consisting of Lieutenant Brook Smith, Driver Operator Bobby Crocker and Firefighter Desmond Russo provided a Truck Display and taught Fire Prevention Basics. Life Safety Specialist Heather Gilmore also participated in the event. Topics discussed were the important number to call if there is an emergency (9-1-1), what is an emergency, Know 2 Ways Out, Stop Drop & Roll, Crawl Low and Go and more. Firefighter Russo also donned and doffed his bunker gear to show the children that firefighters are their friends and not to be afraid of them. A total of 45 children and teachers attended the event.

    Neighborhood Services - The Department provided the following social services at the Harry T. Moore Social Service Center during the month of October 2015:

     Bread Program recipients- 219

     Daily walk-in clients- 303

     Phone Referrals- 23

     Community Dinner Program- 467 meals served

     Food Stamp Assistance- 18

     Medicare/Medicaid Application Assistance- 9 Totals for FY 2014/15 were:

     Bread Program recipients-2491

     Daily walk-in clients- 2964

     Phone Referrals- 346  Community Dinner Program- 2824 meals served

    Water is Vital to Your Health. A healthy body needs plenty of fluids if it is to remain healthy. Your skin, your digestive system, and even your muscles all need water if they are to function properly. Keeping a water bottle handy can help you to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy fluid level. Titusville employees who stopped by Water Conservation’s table during the annual health fair not only learned about water conservation programs such as the Toilet Retrofit Rebate Program and Showerhead Exchange, but also had a chance to win a water bottle when they played the Water Wheel. Maureen Phillips, Titusville Water Conservation and Public Outreach Manager, tested participants’ water knowledge with water-related questions that ranged from naming four of the five oceans to what percentage of the human brain is water.

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    Police Department Bi-weekly Stats Highlights – 11/06/2015 – 11/19/15

    Total Calls 2659


    Comparison FALSE ALARMS 39 49

    BURGLARIES 16 18

    PATROL CHECKS 321 155

    PREMISES CHECK 506 747



    TRAFFIC STOPS 158 268

    During the week of November 9th, 2015, Titusville Police Department hosted the FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute course. This program is recommended for first-line supervisors and middle managers with the goal of enhancing their leadership competencies. There were 47 attendees, 8 of which were Titusville Police Department supervisors. Guests traveled from various parts of the state and country to attend. The course focuses on personality diagnostics, leadership case studies, mentoring, developing your people, performance management, risk management and credibility.

    The Neighborhood Services Department received one (1) new application for its Housing Rehabilitation Program, processed six (6) applications, and executed two (2) contracts during the month of October 2015. The “waiting list” is currently closed to new applicants.

    Totals for the FY 2014/2015 were:

     10 housing emergency repairs, rehab, and replacement projects completed

     Total grant funds expended $323,713.65

     41 applications for housing assistance processed

    Festival in the Forest. Joining other environmental education vendors, Maureen Phillips, Water Resources’ Water Conservation and Public Outreach Manager, participated in the annual Forest Festival at the Enchanted Forest. Everyone who visited Conservation’s booth, over 140 kids and adults, enjoyed the challenge of the Water Wheel while learning about water conservation. In addition to alligator backpacks, Chomp Down on Water Leaks, and water bottles, Drink, Fill, Repeat, participants received information on irrigation restrictions, dog waste pickup, the Showerhead Exchange, and Toilet Retrofit Rebate Program.

    Neighborhood Services/Harry T. Moore Social Service Center- will be sponsoring a “Senior Care Fair” event on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 from 10am-2pm at the Center. Various agencies will attend providing information on services available for our senior population. The event is free of charge! For more information, you may contact Ibis Camacho, Social Services Coordinator at 567-3996.

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    Meter Madness. How do you change out 300 manual-read water meters with new radio-read meters in 3 days? Simple, you hold a Meter Madness Competition!

    Water Resources Field Ops Superintendent Jeff Wayner created the competition five years ago as a way to change out a large number of meters in a short amount of time without overtime or additional personnel. The competition also has the added benefits of providing cross-training and encouraging team-building, while being fun as staff from different areas of Field Ops team up to meet the challenge. This year’s winning team, Eric Spears, Crew Leader II, and Mario Grant, Equipment Operator II, changed out 49 meters. AMR or Automated Meter Reading allows the city to automatically collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meters without physically visiting the meter. The data from the meters is sent to a database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. Approximately 56 percent (12,100 meters) of our system’s water meters are AMR.

    First, second, and third place teams were all announced at a division awards luncheon. The first place team was awarded with a certificate, trophy, and $50 gift card. The entire Field Ops division received t-shirts imprinted with the team names and rankings. Including the 300 meters changed out as part of Meter Madness, a total of 489 meters were changed out by Field Ops

    during September. The new AMRs eliminated approximately 2 days of manual meter reading for that cycle.

    On Monday, November 9th, the Riverview Pilot Club and Bagel World visited the Titusville Police Department to deliver bagels, coffee and goodie baskets in recognition of Pilot International Care and Kindness Week.

    Support Services – Human Resources and Customer Service are seeking “the Voice of the Customer” by initiating customer survey response cards. This will provide needed input on improving City services.

    Support Services – Community Relations is working the North Brevard Mural Society to promote the Murals that are finally becoming a reality in Downtown Titusville. Currently two murals are underway. Local artist Terrance Cope is putting the finishing touches on the society’s

    first mural, Space and Time Capsule, located at 5 Main Street. Artist Keith Goodson is painting a second mural featuring the Merritt Island National Refuge on the Kayaks By Bo building. Stop by and visit our artists and show your support. For further information or to learn how can become involved, contact Luann Malark 321-480-4733 or

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    Support Services IT Department: The Florida Local Government Information Systems Association (FLGISA) Central East District recently had a meeting, which was hosted by Titusville. It was held at the TICO Warbird Museum and was attended by the IT Directors, Managers and Analysts of twenty-two different cities and counties. After the meeting, the museum gave all attendees a tour of the facilities.