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<ul><li><p>LIVINGWINTER 2011 . VOL. 1 ISSUE NO. 3Franklin</p><p>bearing down for winterWinter meals perfect for anyoccasion </p></li><li><p>3FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>TTeerrrraaccee MMaannoorrNNuurrssiinngg &amp;&amp; RReehhaabbiilliittaattiioonn CCeenntteerr,, IInncc.</p><p> SShhoorrtt--tteerrmm rreehhaabb LLoonngg--tteerrmm ccaarree PPhhyyssiiccaall tthheerraappyy OOccccuuppaattiioonnaall tthheerraappyy SSppeeeecchh tthheerraappyy</p><p>Dedicated to Hope, Healing </p><p>and Recovery</p><p>Quality Care from a staff who respects yourhealth care needs.</p><p>Offering: Activities andenjoyable social programs.</p><p>Large private rooms for short term care.</p><p>390 Underwood Rd. Russellville, AL</p><p>256-332-3826 </p><p>Phillip &amp; Sherene Wade</p><p>Medicare or private insurance may cover these stays.</p></li><li><p>ell, Christmas came and passed and here weare beginning a new year.Its still hard to think that 2012 is already upon</p><p>us.But, with a new year there is reason for hope and opti-</p><p>mism about the future. Our county faced many difficulttimes in 2011, but it is my belief that those trials andtribulations have made us all stronger and united thiscommunity like no time before.</p><p>We will always mourn those lost in the tragic storms ofApril 27, 2011, but we should also never forget thosewho gave so freely of themselves to help their neighborsin their greatest time of need.</p><p>In the days following the storm and the immediateaftermath, it was amazing to see Franklin County resi-dents join hand in hand to clean up and re-build. It wasalso impressive to hear people who traveled from out-side this area to help talk about the strength and com-passion Franklin Countians had for one another.</p><p>So, despite challenges that are still certainly ahead,there is great reason to believe that better times lieahead in 2012.</p><p>From my family to yours, thank you all for making thisthe community that it is. Happy New Year.</p><p>7</p><p>12</p><p>16</p><p>23</p><p>26</p><p>32</p><p>38</p><p>44Lookingback</p><p>Big gamegrub</p><p>Whatshot?</p><p>Gettingcrafty</p><p>Lovingwork</p><p>In thekitchen</p><p>Winterhealth tips</p><p>Whatshappening?</p><p>Photos of Franklin Countythrough the years</p><p>Dishes you must try for yourSuper Bowl party</p><p>View some of the hottest winterdecorations and fashions</p><p>East Franklin sisters push on inspite of storm</p><p>Mans love for hunting turnsinto taxidermy career</p><p>McReynolds find dream kitchenin new home</p><p>See the Calendar of Events forcant miss winter activities</p><p>There are simple steps to followin avoiding the flu</p><p>W</p></li><li><p>6 FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>P.O. Box 1088 Russellville, AL 35653256-332-1881 fax: 256-332-1883</p><p></p><p>Publisher Jonathan WillisEditorial J.R. Tidwell and Kellie SingletonPhotography Heather MouserSales Peggy Hyde and Nicole PellComposition Karen McAfeeCirculation Lisa Moody and Thomas DouglasPress Room Tommy Nichols, Alton Zills, BettyJo Bray and Courtney Honey</p><p>FranklinLIVING</p><p>Franklin Living is published four times peryear by Franklin County Newspapers, Inc.</p><p>Copyright 2011 by Franklin CountyNewspapers, Inc.</p><p>24 Hour Emergency Service256-332-0198 3001 Hwy. 77 Russellville</p><p>In Business Since 1975 </p><p>Specializing in Sewer Replacement &amp; Repairs Sewer &amp; Drain Cleaning Water HeaterRepairs &amp; Installation T.V. Sewer Line</p><p>Inspection Equipment Specializing in Finding Leaks under</p><p>Concrete Floors Field Line Installation/Repairs Septic Tank Installation /Repairs</p><p>Specializing in Any Type Plumbing </p><p>Repairs &amp; ServiceCommercial or Residential</p><p>If it dontDrain </p><p>call Lane</p><p>300 E. Limestone St.P.O. Box 298 Russellville, AL</p><p>FFRRAANNKKLLIINN CCOOUUNNTTYY AARRCCHHIIVVEESSaanndd RREESSEEAARRCCHH CCEENNTTEERR</p><p>Mary C. (Chris) Ozbirn Director</p><p>Headstones Grave Markers Monuments Cremation Urns </p><p> Memorial Benches Memorial Portraits Granite</p><p>Marble Bronze MarkersCemetery Vases Lettering</p><p>Cutting and all services we doat our local shop</p><p>AAttkkiinnss MMaarrbbllee &amp;&amp; GGrraanniittee WWoorrkkss,, IInncc..</p><p>(256) 332-2332403 E. Lawrence Street</p><p>Russellville, ALOwners: Grant &amp; Beverly Atkins </p><p></p><p>Assistance With Knitting&amp; Crocheting Projects</p><p></p><p>215 North Court Street Florence 256-349-2533</p><p>Gift CertificatesAvailable</p><p>Anna Carbine - Owner Classes Available - Call For Class Schedule</p><p>Specializing in high quality, costeffective solutions in contracting,business improvement, project</p><p>management and nuclear safety</p><p>www.redhawkts.com256-331-3432</p><p>Your First Choice for Quality and IntegrityServices, LLCServices, LLC</p><p>TTechnical echnical RedhawkRedhawk</p></li><li><p>7FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>Rockin at the RoxyJanuary 14The Franklin County Arts andHumanities Council hosts theRockin at the Roxy concert seriesthe second Saturday night of eachmonth featuring the popular KGBband and special musical guests.Visit the historic Roxy Theater for anight filled with great live localmusic.</p><p>Martin Luther King, Jr.HolidayJanuary 16</p><p>Couponing workshopJanuary 28Community Education will sponsoran extreme couponing workshop onJan. 28 from 11 a.m. 1 p.m. at theFranklin County CommunityEducation Center behind BelgreenSchool. The workshop will featureThe Q-Tipping Mom, who willteach participants how to save 50 to80 percent off a grocery budget,where to get coupons, stockpilingtips and more. Cost for the work-shop is $10 (due the day of class).Class size is limited so call 256-331-0005 to pre-register by Jan. 25.</p><p>Rockin at the RoxyFebruary 11The Franklin County Arts andHumanities Council hosts theRockin at the Roxy concert seriesthe second Saturday night of eachmonth featuring the popular KGBband and special musical guests.Visit the historic Roxy Theater for anight filled with great live localmusic.</p><p>Valentines DayFebruary 14</p><p>RMS showcaseconcertFebruary 16The RMS ShowcaseConcert featuring 6thgrade music students,7th and 8th grade cho-ruses, the RMS ShowChoir and RMS dramastudents will take placeFeb. 16 at 6:30 p.m. inthe RHS Auditorium.</p><p>The Fox on the FairwayFebruary 16-19The Bay Tree Council for thePerforming Arts will present TheFox on the Fairway Feb. 16 19 atthe Arts and Entertainment Center inRed Bay. This play will also be adinner theater for most of the per-formances. Tickets are $8 for theplay and an additional $14 for din-ner. Tickets go on sale one weekbefore the show opens. Call 256-356-9829 to reserve tickets. Formore information contact ScottyKennedy at 256-356-8758.</p><p>Presidents DayFebruary 20</p><p>Robotics competitionMarch 2The RCS Robotics Teams AnnualEngineering and DesignCompetition will take place Jan. 17 March 2. The competition opensJan. 17 and projects will be dueMarch 2 between 6 p.m. and 7 the RMS Cafeteria. The competi-</p><p>tion is open to any Franklin Countyor Russellville City students ingrades 3 12. Any Russellville 5th 11th grade student that wants to bepart of next year's robotics teammust compete. Go to for more details.</p><p>Miss RHS pageantMarch 3The 30th Annual Miss RHS Pageantwill be held on March 3 at 7 p.m. atthe RHS Auditorium.</p><p>RCS spring holidaysMarch 8-9The 30th Annual Miss RHS Pageantwill be held on March</p><p>Rockin at the RoxyMarch 10The Franklin County Arts andHumanities Council hosts theRockin at the Roxy concert seriesthe second Saturday night of eachmonth featuring the popular KGBband and special musical guests.Visit the historic Roxy Theater for anight filled with great live localmusic.</p><p>WHAT TO DO</p></li><li><p>8 FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>SPRY MEMORIAL CHAPELOF RUSSELLVILLE</p><p>906 South Jackson Ave. Russellville</p><p>Caring People, Caring for People</p><p>256-332-1122</p><p></p><p>Ric Chambless and </p><p>Jackie Peoples </p><p>Servicing Franklin County since 1995</p><p>Home Oxygen CPAP/BIPAP and Supplies Diabetic Supplies and Shoes Power Mobility</p><p>Devices Wheelchairs Total Parenteral NutritionBeds Commodes Walking AidesNebulizers Orthopedic Soft Goods</p><p>We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, and most privatepay insurances. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.</p><p>Office (256)332-3222 </p><p>Toll Free (800)396-6229</p><p>Fax (256)332-0055</p><p>976 Ronnie McDowell Ave.Russellville, AL 35654</p><p>J.C. Weeks Jr. PD Donna Weatherford PD1102 4th St. NW Red Bay (256) 356-9000</p><p>TThhaannkk YYoouuffoorr</p><p>sshhooppppiinnggwwiitthh uuss..</p><p>22001122 AAcctt iivvii tt ii eess</p><p>OOtthhee rr AAttttrraacctt iioonnss</p><p> Easter Egg Hunt-March 24 at 10:00 a.m.Russellville City Lake</p><p> Red Bay Egg Hunt-March 24 at 2:00 p.m. Bay Tree Park</p><p> Bear Creek Canoe Run Bear Creek Lakes Red Bay Museum Cypress CoveFarms-Frontier Days 3rd Sat. of each month King Drive In </p><p> Roxy Theater-Live Entertainment 2nd Sat. of each month Dismals Canyon Bay Tree Council of the Performing play in Nov.</p></li><li><p>9FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>OUT &amp; ABOUT</p><p>As we slip into winter and past the holidays,high school and junior high hoops take cen-ter stage in Franklin County with fierceaction from the boys and girls teams at EastFranklin, Phil Campbell, Belgreen, Vina, RedBay, Tharptown and Russellville.</p><p>Phil Campbell cheerleaders fire up the crowd. Belgreens cheerleaders get Bulldogs fans ready for action.</p><p>The Phil Campbell and Belgreen girls squared off early in the season.</p><p>256-331-0123 Just Behind McDonalds Russellville</p><p>SALES SERVICE PARTS DELIVERY</p><p>GREENSDEPENDABLEHARDWARE</p><p>"START RIGHT, START HERE"</p><p>Go To www.STARTRIGHTSTARTHERE.COM. For Project Ideas and Specials.</p><p>Small Engine Parts and Service</p><p>HERE NOW...MATCHRITECOLOR MATCH</p><p>15220A Hwy. 43</p></li><li><p>10 FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>OUT &amp; ABOUT</p><p>The Vina cheerleaders celebratea basket by the Red Devils.</p><p>Belgreen celebrated homecoming with a win over Vina in November.</p><p>Russellvilles Lady Golden Tigers won the TimesDaily Classic.</p><p>(256) 331-0208Jackson Ave., Russellville </p><p>WWOOOOTTEENN CCHHIIRROOPPRRAACCTTIICC&amp;&amp; PPrree--EEmmppllooyymmeenntt PP..CC..</p><p>Conditions HelpedBack Pain</p><p>Bulging, Degenerated &amp; Herniated Discs</p><p>Migraines &amp; Chronic HeadachesNeck PainSciatica</p><p>Spinal Decompression System</p><p>Dr. Rick Wooten</p></li><li><p>11FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>OUT &amp; ABOUT</p><p>Garrett LeClere is a tornado survivor from April 27,2011. He lost both parents in the storm. He did notlet that or a broken arm keep him from playing his</p><p>first year of baseball.</p><p>Minnesota Twins outfielder and Florence native Josh Willingham is one of many people who havehelped Phil Campbell Elementary School build a new playground. Willinghams foundation donated</p><p>$40,000 to the school.</p><p>State Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow arranged atrip for Phil Campbell Elementary first grader</p><p>Colby Wilson to attend AlabamasHomecoming football game against</p><p>Vanderbilt in October. Wilsons family losteverything in the April 27 tornado.</p></li><li><p>Want to stay warmthis winter? Wrap upin this fashionable,printed wool jacket byKial.</p><p>Avas China &amp; Gifts$$114499..9999OOtthheerr sswweeaatteerrssssttaarrttiinngg aatt $$5500</p><p>Soup just tastes betterwhen its served withstyle. 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Many types and colors ofthread and fabric are available forpurchase or to be used in your ownproject created at the shop.Baker and Garrison have severalcompleted quilts for sale at the shopin different patterns.</p><p>STORY BYKELLIE SINGLETON</p><p>PHOTOS BY HEATHER MOUSER</p></li><li><p>18 FRANKLIN LIVING</p><p>Baker stands near the wide selection of fabric carried at Homeplace Quilting &amp; Handmades. Some ofthe fabrics sold at the shop can only...</p></li></ul>