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2. TYPE OF DOCUMENTARY Frankenstein is a mixed type of Documentary as the content throughout the programme has amixture of interviews, observations, and narration.THEMESThe main themes In this type of Documentary are life, death, truth, literature and myth. 3. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE The narrative structure in the Documentary Frankenstein is single stranded because theDocumentary focuses on one topic throughout the programme. The narrative structure is alsonon-linear because the order of the programme is not in chronological order, it has it all mixedup. 4. CAMERA WORK The camerawork during the documentary Frankenstein were a variety of shots such as Closeups especially during interviews, long shots, medium long shots and also on some interviewsthe rule of thirds was applied as the interviewee was slightly of camera, tracking shots wereused and handheld cameras to make the audience feel more involved, and it makes thedocumentary seem more realistic to the audience. 5. MISE-EN-SCENE The mise-en-scene throughout the Documentary Frankenstein the settings of the interviews arealways relevant to the interviewee such as a Scientist being in a science lab being interviewed oranother one could be the interviewee stood in front of something to do with science e.g. skeleton. 6. SOUND The sound during this documentary includes things such as film clips, the voice of godnarration which links everything together and tells the audience what is happeningthroughout the documentary also the interviews become the narrator or there is a singlenarrator.EDITING The editing process that is used throughout this documentary is cuts to different scenes,montages and it has a very slow pace.GRAPHICS The graphics that are used in this documentary are the titles at the bottom of the screensuch as the interviewees name and who they are e.g.Philip, National of science,sometimes the place can be relevant, and also the footage has the titles for what year ofthe film was.