Francois Gautier US TRIP 2009

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  • 8/14/2019 Francois Gautier US TRIP 2009


    FACT India41 Jorbagh (1st floor), New Delhi 110003,


    Franois Gautiers US TourAugust 2009

    A Conference Tour of North America

    Distinguished journalist, writer and a long time friendof India,

    Mr. Francois Gautier of FACT India invites you todiscuss...

    How terrorism is hitting India hard

    Wrong perception of India in US media

    Misguided policies of US in Indian Subcontinent

    What NRIs can do to raise awareness about the real India

    How can Indian Americans unite and why

    Why does India need a museum of Indian history that will provide a true


    And why the museum will focus on the history of Hindu holocaust

    Conferences will be followed by a short presentationonThe ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj Museum of IndianHistory, whichFACT India is building in Pune, India. This state of theart museum will provide a frank look at Indian historyfrom Vedic times up to today.

  • 8/14/2019 Francois Gautier US TRIP 2009


    Date Visiting city, Topic and contact

    Aug 2nd

    Aug 8th

    Aug 9th

    Aug 10th


    Aug 14&15

    Aug 16

    Aug 19

    Aug 22

    Aug 24

    Hindu Unity Day, Ganesh Temple,Flushing, New York

    Contact :

    Dallas, Hindu Unity Day

    Dallas, 1-5 pm Seminar on Indian History7 9 pm, Private Fund Raiser Dinner

    Contact : KalyanViswanathan

    Houston,Contact : Vijay Pallod

    Boston,Contact : KanchanBanerjee

    New JerseyContact : Dr. Samathha Reddy

    Maryland, UMD College ParkContact : UtsavChakrabarti

    San FranciscoContact : Khanderao

    Los AngelesContact : Dr.Samathha Reddy

    For information about Francois Gautier and his works, pleasevisit

    FACT India was established by Francois Gautier in 2003,to highlight Human Rights abuses in South Asia. FACTIndia is a non-profit organisations registered in India andUSA respectively.

    Contributions to FACT India are tax deductible, Tax ID :


  • 8/14/2019 Francois Gautier US TRIP 2009


    Please mail your donations to FACT India, 6832 WindrockRd, Dallas, TX 75252. Contact :KalyanViswanathan, kalyan.viswanathan@gmail.com614-668-1668,Francois Gautier

    Dr.Samathha Reddy,

    FACT Exhibitions

    Naxalism: A Threat to the Unified Nation of IndiaThe Exhibition travels through the pain and sufferings of Victims ofLeft wing separatism. With help from statistics and live picturesand research work from FACT we have built a ground reality of the

    peasants upraisingand the path it has taken since its inception.

    Sikhs: the defenders of Indian DharmaThe Exhibition travels through the time and records the Sikhcontribution to India and its spiritualit and its heritage. It recordsthe sacrifices of 1000's of sikhs to defend India.

    Aurangzeb as he was according to the Moghul recordsThe Exhibition presents Aurangazeb as he was and not based uponany book but his own court documents the 'Akhbarat'. Thehighlight of the exhibition is the beautiful blend of Historicalrecords and the artistic representation of court and other scenes aswritten in the Akhbarat. The exhibition is done with water coloursand in miniature style.

    A Hero for Modern India : Chhatrapati Shivaji MaharajThe exhibition puts Shivaji in a new light with all historical recordsand proofs substantiating the facts. It is an artistic exhibition donein Rajastani miniature style. Shivaji's virtues of courage,fearlessness, devotion to Mother India, respect for all arehighlighted in the exhibition.

    ASRU: Exhibition on persecution of Minorities inBangladesh

    The exhibition covers the sensitive features of Human rights issuesof Minorities in Bangladesh the Ahmediyas, the Christians, the

  • 8/14/2019 Francois Gautier US TRIP 2009


    Budhists and the Hindus. It depicts the gory facts that aresuppressed by other human rights organisations in a graphic andstatistical as well as through the eyes of the Bangladesh media.

    Pathetic state of Kashmiri PanditsThe exhibition travels through the historical timeline of theKashmiri pandits and depicts the Historical abuse of human rightsagainst them. The international press and the multilateral agenciesoften ignore the violations of human rights against the pandits ofJammu and Kashmir. FACT tries to depict them in a new light andthrough the eyes of the displaced pandits and that of the media.

    Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar: The Spiritual Warrior Queen:

    The exhibition is an effort to research and travel the Life of one ofthe most successful Indian Royals that rebuilt the Moghuldesecrations to Indian Temples. She is an example of the bestAdministrators and stateman that ever lived, despite her Turbulentand disturbed environments she could give peace and happiness toher peoples.

    Sufism : The true spirit of Indian Islam (With reference toDara Shikoh)

    The Exhibition is a study of the noble edicts of the Sufi saints and

    travels through the philosophy of tolerance and respect for everyHuman being. This has been a contribution of India to the world ofIslam. With a study of Sufi philosophy in general and the sufiseeker DARA SHIKOH the prince.