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  • francis frost

  • francis frostSPECIALIZING IN ABSTRACT ART FROM THE 1950s to1980s

  • With over twenty-five years of experience in the art world we are private dealers specializing in abstract paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture from the 1950s through 1980s.

    Our emphasis is on hard-edged works, and the works of artists who may have exhibited widely at the time but are less well-known today.

  • New works are added to our website every few weeks,

  • where they are described fully and illustrated in detail.


  • Works illustrated:

    Gabriele Roos. Untitled. Acrylic on canvas, mid-1970s, 44 1/2 x 44 1/2 inchesJohn Townsend. Rain Fall. Painted wood relief, 1965. 40 3/4 x 40 3/4 inches Norman Ives. "Reconstruction". Collage on masonite board, 1961, 35 x 20 inchesArthur Hoener. Untitled. Pen & ink on illustration board, 1979, 30 x 40 inchesColetta Martin. Untitled. Sewn felt, 1985, 20 x 20 inchesLeonard Brenner. Untitled. Acrylic on canvas, mid-1960s, 50 x 50 inches