Four Tips to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

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  • 1. Summer break is here, but your child can still keeplearning. Here are four ways that you can make learning an enjoyable habit for your child:

2. 1. Set aside a small amount of time each day for something educational. 3. Even though the summer is a time for kids to take a breakfrom school, it shouldnt also be a time to take a break from learning. Doing something educational every single day until it becomes a habit can give your child theconsistency required to continue learning new things and exploring new topics. Make it enjoyable; your child doesnt have to do math problems for hours. Through consistency and following the next steps, the experienceof learning will become enjoyable to your child. 4. 2. Keep it fun. Go to or rent a movie then read the book. 5. Pique your childs interest in reading by seeing a moviebased on a book and then reading the book together. With this method, your child will have an idea of the story and it will make the book more digestible. You can alsocompare and contrast the two, highlighting the depth that books provide as opposed to movies. 6. 3. Go to a historical place and learn more about it later. 7. Kids get excited about field trips. Going to historical site isan excellent way to have fun while learning. Make note of the parts of the trip that seem to interest your child and learn more about those topics after the trip. 8. 4. If your child has a learning disability such as ADD, dont overwhelm them. 9. All the above tips are meant to make summertime learning a lighthearted experience. Make the process enjoyable and aim to harness your childs curiosity tospark an interest in learning and discovering new things. This is especially important if your child has a learning disability. 10.


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