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Foundational Stuff. Chapter 1. Language:. … in 25 words or less … LVQ. Language for a Linguist…. Communicative Community-based Systematic Generative Arbitrary Human. Whenever we speak… Language Strategic CompetenceCompetence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Foundational Stuff

  • Foundational StuffChapter 1

  • Language: in 25 words or less LVQ

  • Language for a Linguist CommunicativeCommunity-basedSystematicGenerativeArbitraryHuman

  • Whenever we speak

    Language Strategic CompetenceCompetence

    OrganizationalPragmatic CompetenceCompetence

    GrammaticalTextualIllocutionarySociolinguistic CompetenceCompetenceCompetenceCompetence

    VocabularyCohesionRhetorical DialectCulturalOrganizationReferences SyntaxRegisterMorphologyFunctional PhonologyAbilities

  • Two Views of LanguageNoam ChomskyFocus on ideal situationHomogeneous speech communityCompetence = performanceDell HymesFocus on real peopleSpeech community is criticalCompetence Performance

  • Whaddya Think? What are the two most noticeable features that vary by dialect?

    What other features may also vary?

  • DialectAmerican English

    International EnglishNigerian EnglishChinese EnglishMany more at:

  • Politics of Language

  • Linguistic PerspectivesMutual IntelligibilityEnglishAmericanBritishNigerianChineseBeijingHong KongDialect with a Navy

  • Sapir-Whorf

    Language & Culture: Inseparable Couple?

    Strong view Weak view The aged vs. Senior Citizens

  • Standard vs. Non- EnglishI dont have any. I aint got none.

    Prescriptive rulesCorrect English is the slang of prigs who write history and essays. -George Eliot -

  • Prescriptive FallaciesStandard is more logicalStandard is classicalOlder is betterLanguage should be pure (free from foreign influences)

  • Speech vs. Writing

  • Speech vs. WritingPrimacy of SpeechTraditional focus of SociolinguisticsQuasi Independence of WritingComing into its ownElectronic CommunicationOrganizational CommunicationEnglish for Specific Purposes

  • Nice Quote

    Languages are not products residing in grammars and dictionaries, but flexible, interactive tools

    p. 33

  • Societal ViewsFunctionalismCultureSocializationNorms & valuesStatus & role

  • Whaddya Think?

    Marxism in Sociolinguistics:Whats the relevance to today?RaceGenderSocial classOthers?Benefits/Dangers of this approach? cf. Sapir-Whorf

  • Interactionalism

    Bottom-up approach


  • Nice Quote - Redux

    Languages are not products residing in grammars and dictionaries, but flexible, interactive tools

    p. 33

  • Key VocabCultureSocializationNorms/Values/MoresStatus/Role

  • Whaddya Think?Are all languages created equal?Theoretically? Practically?

  • Rural India Plowing

    Whats the moral?

    Possible corollaries?

    p. 36

  • Speech Community

    in 25 words or less

    (5 pts on pg 38)

  • Speech Community ContdBilingualism (incl. Multilingualism)in Societyin EducationBi-DialectalismDiglossia

  • DiglossiaWhat is it? How many languages? What is the status of the languages?How is language selection governed?

  • Common Code UsagesHigh: Sermons, lectures, political stuff, serious news, poetry, fine literature LowInstructions to workers & servants, conversation with friends, pop-culture stuff, folk literature, humor

  • Diglossia in UseHigh is seen as more ____ than Low

    How does diglossia develop?Why does it persist? PridePowerTradition

  • Diglossia Examples?Arab Speaking World? Spanish Speaking World? English Speaking World?

  • Whaddya Think?Should diglossia be a part of an enlightened community?

  • For TomorrowReadChapter 2: 44 62

    Reflect & Write~ 250 word reflection on a day in your lifeHow did you use language (different situations, goals, products)What dialects/styles did you use? When? Why? Relate some of the class concepts to your day