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    • We are following the production of the Jones & Mitchell 50% organic cotton, 50% polyester from recycled plastic bottles dark brown short-sleeve tee. 'think brown' imprinted in brown, 'think green' imprinted in green, and Seal imprinted in white on front. Back has white recycling imprint including 'HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR PLANET TODAY?' wrapped around the earth and text explaining what the t-shirt is made of.


  • Pictured here are cotton plants used in the production of the shirt.This picture is from a farm in Western Texas where much of the cotton comes from.


  • The cotton is harvested and then pressed into rectangular blocks called modules like the once pictured above.From here it is transported to a cotton gin where it will be pressed into bales.


  • The cotton is made into bales at the cotton gin and packaged.It is then loaded onto a truck that will deliver it to the processing factory.The cotton gin from above is located in Muleshoe, Texas.


  • The next stop for the cotton is at the textile mill in Honduras. At the textile mill the cotton is spun into yarn, dyed, finished, packed and then shipped.


  • The yarn above is being spun into roles.


  • This yarn is then knit into fabric.


  • Dyes are then added to the fabric to reach the desired color.


  • From the textile mill, the fabric pieces are sent to a cut & sew plant called Annic located in Nicaragua.


  • The t-shirts leave the cut and sew plant in boxes.Those boxes are loaded onto a truck.The truck drives them to a boat, which sails from Central America to the U.S. and docks in either the Miami or Port Everglades seaports in Florida.The boxes come off of the boat, and are loaded onto another truck that takes them to Dillon, South Carolina.In all the journey can take anywhere from 4-7 days.


  • The shirts are then tagged and given a reference number so that they can be traced by you!


  • The shirts are then sent to printing factories where they are given their respective designs.Our shirt was sent to Jones & Mitchell in Kansas City, Missouri where it received its print images.


  • Our shirt was then shipped to the Brown University bookstore where it became available for purchase.