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Focalpoint Bmx Issue 17

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Released in print, July 09

Text of Focalpoint Bmx Issue 17

  • You list a lot of metal and metalcore bands as music you are into. Since I am into some of the same stuff, Ive got a question for you about it. Do you feel like the popularity of the genre has given rise to a bunch of bands that are all doing the same thing rather than something new and original?Well first of I havent updated that for about three years! I listen to a mix of metalcore, hardcore, old metal, indie and old stuff like Rick James, Thin Lizzy and even The Four Tops as well. I listen to pretty much everything! I totally agree with you on both levels, that the genre has grown hugely in popularity and also that a lot of the stuff out there at the moment has a very similar sound, but the same thing could be said about anything. Its definitely evident in BMX, with half the street kids running big bars, slammed seats, brake-less, and wearing tight as anything jeans trying to copy Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche and any of the guys from the U.S. With that said there are also a heap of bands that are trying to do something a bit different like Deez Nuts, but I guess he doesnt really fit under the metalcore genre. Now is your chance for any thanks mateFirst off, thanks to both my parents theyve been so supportive. Mum and Dad know all the tricks and pretty much everything about riding. They are learning about something they otherwise would have no real personal interest in and it shows how much they care.

    Thanks for all the lifts as well. Thanks to my brother and the rest of my family.

    Also, a big thanks to all the old Cambi riders for being so nice to me when I was younger. Thanks to Dinny Spicer for being so good to me. He has helped me out a bunch over the years. Thanks to all my mates for being so good to me Lee and Rene Mans for mak-ing the sessions so rad, Ben Rose for being awesome and everyone I ride with because youre all shredders!

    Thanks to all the local guys I ride with for being cool: Swinds, Law-rence, Link, Jason and Patto. Thanks to my two closest non-riding mates, James and Paddy, for being such good friends, coming over all the time to keep when company when Im injured.

    A big thanks to Scottish John for generally being such a good guy and also specifically for backing the Stephen Murray Jam. Also, thanks to David from Fly Bikes for backing the jam as well.

    Finally, a huge thanks to Coops for the interview. There are a mil-lion other guys who deserve this space more than me, so I really appreciate it mate!


  • Photo: Cooper Brownlee

  • Photo: Cooper Brownlee

  • Below: When Ryan said he wanted to shoot some-thing at his local racetrack I was stoked. I think hes going much higher than your average racer though.

  • Stencilled with a protown touch. Apparently Backbone gets Kie erected

  • All-round good guy and filmer, Kenny Horton, put down the camera and throws the bees at one of the best spots Ive ever ridden. It was also one of the few times he didnt have a rollie hanging out of his mouth!

    The first stop and the first bowl, Weston is a treat. This was after meeting up with everyone at Backbone for a few beers and to get a meet and greet out of the way. Mike Courts busted his wrist, Kelvin showed us how the locals ride the place and Kie pulled out the tuck textbook: a no-hander with the sun on the way out.