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Solar Event, September 24-26 in Den Bosch (the Netherlands), is the perfect opportunity to get into contact with your target group(s) in the solar market.

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2. This B2B event combines high-quality opportunities to exchangesknowledge and experiences with practical workshops, bringingsupply and demand together. In cooperation with our partners,Holland Solar and Solarplaza, this event has its own identity within theframework of the Energie 2013 trade show.Arthur de Vries, board member of Holland Solar: In this fast growing market, accessibility to correct information andhigh-quality solar energy systems is of great importance. The new SolarEvent will denitely make a great contribution, and it should not come as asurprise that we are very enthusiastic about this new concept!Edwin Koot, founder and CEO of Solarplaza: Solar energy has grown into a grown-up technology and market, anddeserves its own trade show.Roel Cals, director of Energiebau Solar Power Benelux BV: Sharing knowledge and experiences is essential to secure the future ofsolar energy in the Netherlands and to guarantee high-quality systems.With 29 years of experience, we look forward to sharing our knowhowand we offer our full support to the Solar Event!"Peter Meijers, CEO IBC Solar BV: Solar energy is already a very protableindustry. That is why it is great thatthis event is organized, to provide anever growing market with the rightinformation. We denitely want tohelp make it happen.Solar energy is on the brink of a majorbreakthrough in the Netherlands, with or withoutgovernment support. Collective initiatives are beingdeveloped around the country. According to estimations,the Dutch solar will double in size next year. The Energietrade show has been doubling the oor space for solar energybased exhibitors for several years. Time to create a separateevent for solar energy: the Solar Event!INTERESTED INPARTICIPATING ORMORE INFORMATION?Call or e-mail Rein Bosma,sales & accountmanager, on+31 (0)30-295 2999rein.bosma@vnuexhibitions.comTHESOLAREVENT 2013 IS PART OF: