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What are some of the things Florida is most famous for? Alligators, oranges, Indians, Spanish and Cuban heritage, conch, and palm trees!FAMOUS FLORIDA! CRACKER COOKIN' AND OTHER FAVORITES is filled with these popular symbols of the Sunshine State. Here in one volume are vignettes of long established back-roads eateries where Cracker favorites are served, together with instructions on how to prepare these dishes yourself.As a combination cookbook/tour guide, CRACKER COOKIN' is an easy-to-use book Ponce de Leon himself would ask for if he were here today.Cook up a storm with these 150 easy-to-prepare down-home recipes for traditional Florida Cracker foods, Indian and Hispanic ethnic dishes, Southern home cookin', and other favorites "imported" by restaurant owners who have moved to Florida from other states.You'll enjoy popular choices such as Catfish * Swamp Cabbage * Hushpuppies * Conch Fritters * Hoppingjohn * Frog Legs * Deviled Crabs * Turtle Soup * Indian Fry Bread * Oyster Stew * Key Lime Pie * Strawberry Shortcake * Garbanzo Bean Soup * Platanos Maduros (Plantains) * Peanut Butter Pie * Spiced Apples * Chicken and Dumplings * Gator Burger * Mango-Banana Pie and many more.For everyone who loves simply prepared good food, a little folklore, and a lot of sunshine, FAMOUS FLORIDA! CRACKER COOKIN' AND OTHER FAVORITES is just the book for you!(324 pages | PDF | ISBN 0942084063 |OCR Adobe Clearscan)

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[ Copyr i ght 1 984 LaFray Publ i shi ng Company ALL RI GHTS RESERVED I ncl udi ng the Rfghf.Of Reproduct i on i n Whol e owart.i n ln,rm ' Fi rst Edi t i on FOR ADDI TI ONAL COPI ES, USE ORDER BLAN KS I N TH E BACK OF THE BOOK OR WRI TE DIRECTLY TO: LaFray Pu bl i shi ng Company P. O. Box 76400 St. Petersburg, Fl ori da 33734 81 3-821 -3233 Pri nted i n the Un i ted States of Ameri ca International Standard Book Number: 0-942084-07-1 Li brary of Congress Card Catalog Number: 83-082687 First Printi ng: February 1 984 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 PUBLISHER: Joyce S. LaFray-Young TEXT BY: bj Al tschul PHOTOGRAPHY: bj Al tschul EDITORIAL FOOD CONSULTANTS: Susan Shepard Lau ra DeSal vo Joyce LaFray-Young COVER ART AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Adel e Sgro Pat Stockey ASSISTANT TO THE PUBLISHER: Betty Jo Schi es TYPOGRAPHY AND DESIGN: Mari ner Typographers I nc. Addi t i onal photos courtesy of Fl ori da State Archi ves, Tal l ahassee The fol l owi ng songs or excerpts thereof are pri nted wi t h permi ssi on: I Want To Be A Florida Cracker 1977 Cl i fford J. Buckosh Back Roads 1982 Don Grooms Mangrove Buccaneer 1975 Dal e Crider Hold Back The Waters Of Lake Okeechobee 1980 Wi ll McLean I'm A Cracker (Carl Allen's Song) Frank Thomas COVER ART BY ADELE SGRO rayVvb|s//ngCcm]an,St. |trburg, |!oridaI Wan To Be A Florida Cracker 1977 CliHord J. Buckosh All rights resered Wish mv mama knew how to cook swamp cabbage Wish mv daddy had a ratesnake hide Wish I knew how to Ax some conch hiters Wish I had me a Seminole bride. Chorug: I wan to be a Aorida Cracker But I'll never get a chance to tr I wan to be a Aorida Cracker But I'll be a damn Yankee 'til I die. love them alligator, pink famingo Kumquat, avocado, Key lime pie Can't get enough of that Sunshine sur's up Never get enough 0 that clear blue sky. Osceola, Flagler, Ponce', Menendez All knew that they found something good KeV West smugglers, Tarpon sponge diers Never would leave even i they could. u2Cu1 CC2CCDCCuDuuCDuTo the people o Florida -past, presen and ftureand especiallv for those who presele the state's natie foodwavs in places where everone may savor these recipes -

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NOTES FROM THE TEST KITCHENS For those of us i n the test ki tchens, test i ng the reci pes for CRACKER COOKI N' was a uni que experi ence. Some of the cooki ng procedures were new to us. Some of the i ngredi ents were unusual . We had no i dea that there were so many i nterest i ng ways to prepare swamp cabbage-we had seen i t onl y i n sal ads. The fri ed steak, much t o our surpri se, wasn't the l east bi t g reasy. The qui ck fryi ng seal ed i n the j ui ces and the fl avor. The I ndi an reci pes proved to be del i ghtful . We' d never tri ed an "I ndi an burger" before. And, we d i scovered that t ryi ng regi onal cooki ng methods can i ndeed expand one' s cul i nary educat i on. Many of the reci pes were submi tted i n bul k quanti ti es t hat we had to al ter for fami ly-si zed porti ons, because our ai m was to make the reci pes as easy as possi bl e to fol l ow. The i ngredi ents are l i sted in the order of use. Where appropri ate, we noted substi tuti ons where an i ngredi ent may be d i ffi cul t to f i nd in your area. Pl ease note that cooki n g and preparation t i mes are approxi mate, si nce everyone works at a di fferent speed. There are al so heat i ng variat i ons i n gas and el ectri c stoves. Here are a few suggestions: Before market i ng and pl anni ng your meal , read the reci pe over careful l y to el i mi nate any surpri ses. Several reci pes have an overni ght mari nat i ng t i me . Consul t your l ocal butcher for unusual cuts of meat cal l ed for so he can hel p you choose the best cuts or recommend al ternatives. Don' t be afrai d to try a reci pe that sounds unusual or uses i ngredi ents i n an unusual way. Most l i kel y you wi l l be pl eased wi th the outcome. Wel come to thi s adventure i n CRACKER GOOKI N'. We know that you wi l l enj oy i t as much as we have ! !Laura DeSalvo Susan Shepard A NOrE FROM THE PUBLISHER Here' s your gui de to THE OTHER FLORI DA, the real Fl ori da, as we resi dents know it to be. You' l l di scover foods that Fl ori di ans have been proud of for many years, at remote restaurants that you mi ght otherwi se never know. CRACKER COOKI N' i ntroduces you to the peopl e, the scenery and the Fl ori da back-country that has l ong been a secret to many. Author Marj ori e Ki nnan Rawl i ngs cal l ed i t an enchanted l and, and i ndeed i t i s. The eateri es sel ected were careful l y chosen and are much more than j ust restaurants . . . they' re statements of Fl ori da' s heri tage wi th much i nformati on about our past tradi ti ons i n food preparati on. bj Al tschul , our wri ter, has trul y made thi s a l abor of l ove. Her t hi rsty i nterest i n THE OTHER FLORI DA, together wi t h her enthusi asti c devoti on to our Sunshi ne State, have made t hi s t he story of Fl ori da and one that we i nvi te you to enj oy al ong wi th us. J ust as Marj ori e Ki nnan Rawl i ngs, author of Cross Creek, sai d about her homel and, we can al so say about Fl ori da, that she "bel ongs to the wi nd and the rai n, to the sun and t he seasons, t o t he cosmi c secrecy of seed, and beyond al l , t o ti me. " Whether you enj oy these reci pes i n t he restaurants or i n t he comfort of your home, we know that you' l l enj oy your tour of Famous Fl ori da! .

N11ABOUT THE AUTHOR Though not a Fl ori da Cracker by bi rt h or occu pat i on, bj Al tschul has l i ved i n the Sunshi ne State l ong enough to consi der hersel f a "semi - nat i ve. " Through her act i vi t i es as a foundi ng member of the Fl ori da Fol kl ore Soci et y and a vol unteer at t he annual Fl ori da Fol k Festi val i n Whi te Spri ngs, she has cul t i vated fri endshi ps wi t h many tal ented i ndi vi dual s who are "Crackers, " a "Cracker" bei ng one who was born and rai sed here. Professi onal l y, her years of experi ence as a publ i c rel at i ons counsel or, edi tor and wri ter for ci ty, reg i onal and touri st publ i cat i ons have brought her i n frequent contact wi th much of the state' s h i story and i ts t radi t i ons. bj i s a frequent contri butor to l ocal , state and nati onal publ i cat i ons. At present, she i s i nvol ved i n her own con sul t i ng pract i ce, Capi tal Communi cat i ons of Tampa. Li sted i n WHO' S WHO I N THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST, Ms. Al tschul i s an act i ve member of the Publ i c Rel at i ons Soci ety of Ameri ca, the Fl or i da Freel ance Wri ters Associ at i on, the Fl ori da Mot i on Pi ct ure Tel evi si on Associ at i on, and the Nat i onal Associ at i on of Creat i ve Chi l dren and Adu l ts. She has served as a grant revi ew panel i st for the Fi ne Arts Counci l of Fl ori da and l ect urer for the Fl ori da Suncoast Wri ters' Conference. Ori gi nal l y from Norfol k, Vi rgi ni a, she now cal l s Tampa home. A Fl ori da resi dent si nce 1 967, she attended Goucher Col l ege i n Towson, Maryl and, and compl eted her Bachel or of Arts i n Interdi sci pl i nary Soci al Sci ence as a Dean' s Li st student at the Un i versi ty of South Fl ori da. Currentl y she i s worki ng on her thesi s for a Master of Arts i n Ameri can St udi es, a nat ural basi s for compi l i ng t hi s engagi ng revi ew of Cracker foodways i n Fl ori da. Her wri t i ng and organi zat i onal abi l i ty have been prai sed by Wernher von Braun, the Sal vador Dal i Foundat i on, Fl ori da Secretary of State George Fi restone, and many busi ness, medi a and academi c professi onal s. N111ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Somet i mes you don' t know where a fragment of f ol kl ore comes from, j ust that i t' s there. So it is wi t h much of the hi story i n these pages. I t coul d be a t i dbi t from an anecdote tol d by one of the restaurant owners. Or i t coul d be a fact gl eaned from the vol umes of publ i shed Fl ori da hi story. Or i t coul d be a phrase that j ust "happened, " perhaps from someone we met but we can' t recal l who or when or where or even how. So i t' s d i ff i cul t to thank every i ndi vi dual by name who di rect l y or i ndi rect l y hel ped us compi l e t hi s col l ect i on of reci pes or contri buted to the narrat i ve. There are a few whom I ' d personal l y l i ke to si ngl e out because t hey've so great l y i nf l uenced my love for Fl ori da and consequentl y thi s research. Fi rst, Cousi n Thel ma Bol t i n, mi stress of ceremoni es for the Fl ori da Fol k Fest i val , i nsti l l s i n al l who meet her a deep feel i ng for the Fl ori da of ol d, the Fl ori da of nat ure. A speci al thank you al so to the fol ksi ngers and fol kl ori sts who have granted permi ssi on to pri nt the words to thei r songs or have i n other ways l ent thei r support and encouragement-Cl i ff Buckosh, Don Grooms, Wi l l McLean, Gambl e Rogers, Dr. Patri ci a Waterman, Dal e