First Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society: Montreal, Canada, 15–16 August 1980

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<ul><li><p>First Annual Meeting of the Biomaterials Society </p><p>Montreal, Canada, 15-16 August 1980 </p><p>The First Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bio- materials Society, held at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, was attended by approximately 60 participants under the Chairmanship of Dr. Gilbert Drouin. The keynote speaker of the opening session was Dr. Walter Zingg, University of Toronto, who, in his address entitled Priorities in Biomaterials Research, stressed the need for more basic research to supplement or replace empiricism which is still prevalent in the use of biomaterials. The scientific program was divided into five sessions. </p><p>The session on Blood-Material Interaction (Part 7) consisted of five papers dealing with platelet adhesion to synthetic surfaces (D.R. Absolom, et al.), evaluation of platelet-surface interactions with visual fluorescent and radioisotopic techniques (G.A. Adams, et al.), a review of the key events in blood interactions with interfaces stressing the value of critical surface tension measurements (R.E. Baier, USA), factors influencing the thrombogenicity of vascular prostheses (J. Bernier, et a/.), and the effect of air nuclei on the adsorption of fibrinogen to silicone rubber (C.A. Ward, et a/.). The conclusion of the latter paper was that the presence of air nuclei caused the adsorption of approximately 50% more fibrinogen by silicone rubber in comparison to the denucleated material. Hence, according to the authors, the presence of air nuclei gives rise to thrombotic events. After the first session, Dr. G. McNeice, University of Waterloo, gave an excellent tutorial paper on Finite Element Models in Joint Replacement which could be easily understood by even those not versed in higher mathematics. </p><p>The session on the Characterization of Materials consisted of three papers dealing with the mechanical properties of cement-bone composite (W. Krause, et a/), the synthesis and characterization of glassceramic materials (A.D. Baranyi, et a/.), and the use of composite materials in ligament replacement (P.S. Thiry, et a/, delivered in French). </p><p>The session on Tissue Response and interfacing offered five papers dealing with interfacial problems between Bioglass and bone (J.E. Miller, et al.), the effect of cement technique and surface pre- </p><p>Canadian </p><p>paration on cement-bone interface (W. Krause, et a/.), a non-antigenic hydrogel film prepared from cross- linked dextran with possible use as skin dressing of burns (P.Y. Wang, et a/.), bone resorption and implant stiffness (J.A. Szivek, et a/), and a discussion of the possible causes for calcification of glutaraldehyde- treated porcine tissue heart valves and blood- contacing synthetic elastomers (S.D. Bruck, USA). </p><p>The session on Blood-Material interaction (Pat-t 2) had five papers dealing with the limitations of heparinized materials (M.F.A. Goosen and M.V. Sefton), the effect of membrane structure on mechanical insulin delivery by an implantable micropump (M.V. Sefton, et a/), interactions of fibrinogen with glass surface (B. Chan and J.L. Brash), the effect of red cells on the adsorption of fibrinogen to glass (S. Uniyal, et a/), and loss of mechanical properties in vivo of blood conduits such as Dacron and microporous Teflon (M. King, et a/.). </p><p>The final session on Implants consisted of six papers in the orthopaedic field dealing with early results of a cementless tibia1 component in total knee replacement (H.U. Cameron), the influence of the environment on the biocompatibility of biological vascular prostheses (R. Guidoin, et a/., delivered in French), an analysis of 17 mandibular subperiosteal metallic implants (P. Mercier, et a/), titanium alloy plates in internal fixation of fractures (H.K. Uhthoff and M. Liskova-Kiar), composite materials in ligament replacement (G. Drouin, et a/., delivered in French), and biomechanics of the biological fixation of orthopaedic implants (J.D. Bobyn, et a/.). </p><p>During the business session of the Annual Meeting, it was decided to change the name of the Society from Canadian Society for Biomaterials to Canadian Biomaterials qociety. New officers were elected: Dr. G. Drouin (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal) as the President, and Dr. R. Guidoin (Universite Lavel, Quebec) as the Secretary-Treasurer. The 1981 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society will be held in Hamilton, Ontario. </p><p>SD. Bruck </p><p>60 Biomaterials 1981. Vol2 January </p></li></ul>


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