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Fire Emblem - Walkthrough

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Text of Fire Emblem - Walkthrough


By Dark Kain ([email protected])

****************************************** 1.TABLE OF CONTENTS ******************************************


****************************************** 2.REVISION HISTORY ******************************************

V1.0: All average stats for every character.In future editions I'll add suggestions about wich characters can benefitmore from tactician's element and Afa's drop.

V1.1: Fixed a couple of miscalculations, nothing else... yet

V2.0: Quite a lot of fixes and also added the effects of tactician's bonus,added some notes on Afa's drop and Hector's hard mode.

V2.1: Very quick update: other fixes, including some wrong stats growths.Dart is now confirmed not having Hector's hard mode bonus.

****************************************** 3.INTRODUCTION ******************************************

First and foremost I am *not* an English native speaker.So expect to find mistakes and funny expressions several times while readingthis FAQ.Second this is *not* another character guide, in this FAQ you won't find thingslike support between characters at all.This FAQ is only about characters' stats, exactly about the average stats eachcharacter is most likely to clock in after his max number of level ups.This means, for example, that all the unpromoted characters are supposed toclass change only after reaching level 20.All these stats are obtained using several simple statistic math expressionsand are the most *probable* ones.This doesn't mean that in any single game every single characters will end withthose stats, but most of the characters (expecially those that start at lowlevels and unpromoted) will end with stats very similar to the ones in this FAQ.Remember that those stats are in their "natural" form, certain items could risethem way above those values, while certain factors (namely the tactician'selement and Afa's drop) can improve stat growths, thush resulting in betterfinal stats.In this FAQ you'll be also able to find base stas, stat growth and class-changebonuses for each character since all these elements could be useful to checkpossible miscalculations (I know just too well that I am far from perfect).

Several notes about the format:Final stats are expressed with this format "xx/yy"; i.e. Eliwood's final HP are"52/60", the first number is the actual final value of that stat, the second isthe max possible value for that character.I have used the "Pow" or "Power" expression to refear both to Strenght andMagic, hence the "Pow" of a mage means magic, while means strenght for all theother characters.Last I've added a peculiar value called "Quickness"; this value is roughlySpeed + Constitution.Since both attack speed and dodge chance are affected by the "overflow" ofweapon weight on constitution, and since in this game weapon weight is usuallyso high that unless you stick with thin, iron or killer weapons it will affectcharacters' Speed somehow, then "Quickness" is usually more relevant than Speed.

Feel free to mail me at [email protected] for questions, critics oranything else.Any polite mail will surely receive an answer.Otherwise you could sometime find me on gamefaqs message boards with the nick"Salasar Elerital".

****************************************** 4.TACTICIAN'S ELEMENT ******************************************

At the beginning of Lyn's mode or at the beginning of Eliwood's or Hector'smode (if you skip Lyn's mode and chose to create a tactician) you will have toenter your tactician's data.Most of these datas do not affects the game, however the birth month (birthmonth and blood type in the japanese version of the game) do determinate yourtactician's element.

Tactician's element is an important aspect of characters' stats, in fact everysingle character that has the same element of the tactician will gain a +5% toevery single stat growth.The effects of this bonus vayr according of the level and the class a characterjoins and his maximum and average stats.I've now added the average final stats that every character has if he isaffected by tactician's bonus.

Next are the overall average bonuses every element give to the characters in thegame (notice that it is supposed that every character reaches his maximum level,that it is not realistically possible and that you somehow obtain all thecharacters in the game, that it is not possible without the use of cheatingdevices)

Element Overall HP Bonus Overall other stats bonus

Anima +10 +41Wind +11 +42Thunder +10 +58Fire +12 +61Rain +08 +28Darkness +05 +21Light +05 +20

The HP bonus is separated from the other stats bonus since it is just too lowto affects any character actual usefulness.

It is pretty obvious that elements with a lot of characters with very averagestatsare better than elements with few characters that join at high levels or thatalready max several of their stats.The best elemnt seems to be Fire, however you sould take in account the factthat Lords are compulsory characters, hence Thunder should probably bethe best choice (expecially in Hector's mode) since it is the second bestelementstatwise and also affects the stats of a lord.Of course if several of your favorite characters have another element, youshould chose that element instead.

****************************************** 5.AFA'S DROP ******************************************

At a certain point of the game, if you're playing with a tactician, ArchsageAthos will give him/her a present: Afa's drop an one use item that increases the"maturity" of a chosen character.Using this item on a character have two different effects:- It doubles all the experience gained by that character in battle- It increases by +5% all the character's stats' growth (just like tactician'selemental bonus)

Both those changes are not retroactive, so it is better to use Afa's drops on acharacter that is not class-changed and has a low level (since Afa's drops alsodouble the experience gained that character will quickly skyrockets to the maxlevel)Since it is possible to give Afa's drop at any level the average bonus gainedis *very* variable, hence it is not possible to cover an extensive guide to allthe possible combinations.Anyway since the stats growth bonus is the same of tactician's bonus it ispossible to use tactician's bonus while judging the possible results.In fact if a character is given Afa's drop at the same level he joins he willobtain a bonus exactly equivalent to tactician's bonus, for every single levelhe gains before using Afa's drops the bonus will drop sighly (this probably willnot be noticeable unless the character gain at least 5 levels before usingAfa's drop).

Since Nino joins very late and at a very low level too, many players prefearsgiving her Afa's Drops.This is probably one of the best choice (since it also make Nino actuallyuseful before the very end of the game thanks of the experience bonus),but there are others that are as good or maybe even better.

Before giving Afa's drop to a character you should consider how many stats hemaxes "naturally" (the lesser the better, so very average characters areusually the best choice), and also you should consider if the character hasalready tactician's element bonus and/or Hector's hard mode bonus (see below).There are very little characters that would obtain a noticeable effect fromAfa's drops if they also have one of the other bonuses, the most importantbeing Canas: since he is under-average in pretty much anything and he is stilluseful because he is the only dark mage of the game, giving him Afa's drop evenif your tactician's element is Anima do actually make sense.I will not write a complete list of the characters that I found worthy ofAfa's drop since it would be based mainly on my personal opinions.

****************************************** 6.HECTOR'S HARD MODE ******************************************

Just like Fire Emblem 6 hard mode in Fire Emblem 7 Hector's hard mode all thecharacters that start as enemies have an extra bonus at their starting stats.This bonus is in Hector's hard mode *only*: in Hector's normal and Eliwood'shard there is no bonus at all.This bonus is, by my knowledge, totally random exactly like Fire Emblem 6 andit is generated at the begininng of the chapter in wich the character joins(even if the character appears before as an enemy like Vaida); because of thisjust restarting a chapter will not change the bonus (restarting a previouschapter instead should work).

The average values for this bonus seem to be around an extra 5 HP and anextra 2 for each of Pow, Skl, Spd, Luc, Def & Res; however it seems that thisrandomized bonus is also realted to characters' stats' growths (or maybe totheir "natural" starting stats), in fact the bonus is usually of 3 points instats that are high anyway and of only 1 point in stats that are very low.Most of these observations were made by taking in account Guy's starting statsin five different Hector's hard mode files.The list of characters that should gain Hector's hard mode bonus is thefollowing:

- Guy- Raven- Legault- Heat- Geitz- Harken- Vaida

In case you are wondering Nino and Jaffar are confirmed not having any bonuseven if they are show as ene