FIPA Vacuum Pads For Sheet Metal Handling

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Text of FIPA Vacuum Pads For Sheet Metal Handling

  • FIPA. Innovati ve soluti ons for sheet metal handling


    > Do you have a technical questi on about our products?> Do you request a quote?> Or are you interested in CAD data or datasheets of

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    FIPA. Extensive experience in every industry sector.

    For more than 20 years, FIPA has been recognized as an inno-vati ve Vacuum Technology and End-of-Arm-Tooling partner, providing soluti ons for the handling of di erent types of goods. As a system provider, we cover the enti re process chain from vacuum generati on and system peripherals, to sucti on cups that are ideal for your speci c applicati on.

    FIPA o ers the widest range of sucti on cups in the world perfectly tailored to the needs and applicati ons found across a broad spectrum of industries. FIPA also develops and manufactures customized soluti ons. The newly developed generati on of FIPA sucti on cups for the sheet metal and metal processing industries further enhances our extensive product range.

    Our goal is to supply our customers with the right product or a tailor-made system soluti on for their applicati on.

    FIPA Your partner when it comes to material ow.








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  • FIPA. Sucti on cups at a glance

    Flat sucti on cups for dynamic handling of oily sheets | SM-F

    Bellows sucti on cups with 1.5 folds for dynamic handling of oily sheets | SM-B

    Low-leak sucti on plates | SPLT

    High positi oningaccuracy

    Very good adaptati on to three-dimensionalproduct surfaces

    Reliable sucti on with variable product geometries

    High demands are placed on sucti on cups in the sheet metal and metal processing industries. The newly developed generati on of FIPA sucti on cups for sheet metal handling ful lls these requirements and ensures a good absorpti on of lateral forces, even when handling oily sheet metal.

    Opposite is an overview of our wide range of sucti on cups for handling sheet metal.

    FIPA Sucti on cups forreliable sheet metal handling

    Bene t from:

    Strong holding force Long service life thanks to

    excellent resistance to wear

    Reliable, non-slip handling of oily metal sheets due to anti-slip cleats

    Very good adaptation to three-dimensional product surfaces

    PWIS- and silicone-free(SM-F and SM-B ranges)

    Vario ex bellows cups 1.5 folds for dry sheets | SP-BX1

    Vario ex bellows cups 2.5 folds for dry sheets | SP-BX2

    Flat sucti on cups with safety sealing lips | SFU-S

    Heavy-duty at vacuum sucti on plates | SFPL-D

    Cleats stabilize the product Good adaptation to uneven product surfaces, excellent height and angle compensation

    High process reliability through multi ple sealing lips, excellent stability

    Vulcanized steel carrier plate allows lift ing of very heavy loads

    Oval vacuum sucti on plates | SOPL-S

    Bellows vacuum sucti on plates | SBPL-E

    Universal at sucti on cups | SFU-A

    Vulkollan universal bellows cups | SBU-VU

    Universal bellows cups 1.5 folds | SBU 1

    High sucti on power with minimal space requirement

    Good adaptation to concave or convex surfaces

    Fast cycle ti mes due to the cup's low volume

    Very good resetti ng enables fast cycle ti mes

    Bellows adapt well to curved or uneven product surfaces

    Vacuum sucti on plates with foamed sealing lip | SP-PLM

    Flat XXL sucti on rings | SFR

    Good sealing of heavily textured surfaces

    Large, at sucti on seal vulcanized on steel ring for handling very large loads

    All technical data, drawings and applicati on instructi ons can be found on our website www. or in our current catalog FIPA Vacuum Technology. Like all other informati onal material o ered by FIPA, the Vacuum Technology Catalog is also available online as a PDF.

    Order your personal copy today:

    By email at or by phone at 919-651-9888.

    Universal bellows sucti on cups 2.5 folds | SBU 2

    Bellows sucti on cups1.5 and 4.5 folds | SP-B

    Gentle positi oning on delicate product surfaces

    Good adaptati on to curved surfaces