Fine Portrait Miniatures - Bonhams ... Oval, 37mm (1 7/16in) high ¢£500 - 700 ¢â€¬630 - 880 US$800

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Text of Fine Portrait Miniatures - Bonhams ... Oval, 37mm (1 7/16in) high ¢£500 - 700...

  • Fine Portrait Miniatures Wednesday 19 November 2014 Knightsbridge, London

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    fine Portrait miniatures Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 2pm Knightsbridge, London

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  • 1 frenCh sChooL, 19th Century A Gentleman, traditionally identified as the Marquis de Leuville, wearing white ruff and red doublet embroidered with gold and slashed to reveal white. Watercolour on vellum, gilt-metal frame with pierced spiral cresting, the reverse engraved, Marquis de Leuville. Oval, 47mm (1 7/8in) high

    £600 - 800 €750 - 1,000 US$960 - 1,300

    Provenance Sir Bernard Ekstein, 2nd Baronet (1894–1948); Christie’s, London, The Edward Grosvenor Paine Collection of Portrait Miniatures, 12 October 1982, lot 41

    2 engLish sChooL, CirCa 1680 The Reverend Francis Turner, Lord Bishop of Ely, DD (1637-1700), wearing black chimere over white rochet. Watercolour on vellum, inscribed on the obverse Ld/ B./ Ely beneath original bevelled glass, silver bracelet clasp mount bearing turquoise enamel to the base. Oval, 17mm (11/16in) high

    £500 - 700 €630 - 880 US$800 - 1,100

    The present lot is closely comparable with an oil portrait in the collection of Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford ( 21). The portrait has since been reproduced as an engraving, examples of which can be found at the National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum (see inv.nos. NPG D30890 and 18390413.118 respectively). Francis Turner, Bishop of Ely was the eldest son of Thomas Turner, Dean of Canterbury (1591-1672) and Margaret (d.1692), daughter of Sir Francis Windebank. He was one of seven bishops who petitioned against the ‘Declaration for Liberty of Conscience’ proclaimed by James II as the first step towards religious freedom in England. Turner also declined the oath of allegiance to William III and Mary II. In the year of their coronation, Lord Bishop Turner was suspended and the following year he was deposed. He joined the non-juring Bishops in 1693.

    3 engLish sChooL, 19th Century A Lady, wearing costume circa 1610, comprising gold dress and white lace ruff, her red hair upswept. Oil on metal, silver-gilt frame with pierced foliate border set with foil- backed emeralds and some paste simulants. Oval, 42mm (1 5/8in) high

    £500 - 700 €630 - 880 US$800 - 1,100

    Provenance Phillip’s, London, 15 December 1982, lot 374




    Fine Portrait MiniatUreS | 3

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    4 engLish sChooL, CirCa 1660 A Gentleman, wearing black doublet and white lawn collar drawn with tassles, his natural brown hair falling in loose curls over his shoulders. Oil on card, turned gilt-metal frame. Oval, 28mm (1/8in) high

    £500 - 700 €630 - 880 US$800 - 1,100

    5 engLish sChooL, CirCa 1640 A Gentleman, wearing black doublet and white lawn collar drawn with tassles, his brown hair falling to his shoulders. Watercolour on vellum, gilt-metal frame. Oval, 42mm (1 5/8in) high

    £1,000 - 1,500 €1,300 - 1,900 US$1,600 - 2,400

    Provenance Christie’s, London, The Edward Grosvenor Paine Collection of Portrait Miniatures, 12 October 1982, lot 50

    6 after sir anthony Van dyCk, 18th Century Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford (1593-1641), before green drapery and stone column, wearing black doublet and white collar. Watercolour on vellum, gilt-metal mount. Oval, 73mm (5/16in) high

    £600 - 800 €750 - 1,000 US$960 - 1,300

    Provenance The Hickson Collection, no.21 The present lot derives from a double-portrait of the Earl and his secretary, Sir Philip Mainwaring by Sir Anthony Van Dyck (c.1639), which is held by Tate Britain. Lord Wentworth was a statesman and Royalist who became a leading adviser to Charles I with the aim of strengthening the monarch’s position against Parliament. After failing in his attempt at ‘Personal Rule’ (1629–40), Charles I recalled Parliament on the advice of Lord Wentworth, who had recently been created Earl of Strafford. One of Parliament’s first utterances following its eleven-year forced hiatus was to impeach Strafford for ‘high misdemeanours’ in connection with his earlier conduct as Lord Deputy of Ireland. Strafford was taken into custody and sent to the Tower of London on 25 November 1640 and on 31 January 1641, the full extent of these accusations were presented to him in detail. When Parliament condemned him to death, Charles I signed his death warrant and on 12 May 1641, Strafford was executed on Tow