Fine Majolica for the Connoisseur 2014

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Unsold lots are now available from our November 22nd auction


  • Fine Majolica For The Connoisseur November 22nd 2014


    Lot 24: A Rare Majolica Half Stilton Cheese Keeper c.1875, the cover decorated with bright yellow roses and green leaves with a yellow flower head forming the handle, the base decorated with a wide border of yellow. c.1875, 8h, 9 d (knop replaced) $250-300

    Lot 66: A Pair of Minton Majolica Vintner posy holders c.1875, modelled as a boy and a girl, each leaning on a yellow basket and dressed in 18th century costume. Listed in the Minton pattern books as boy with basket, shape 421 and girl with basket, shape 431, 9 . For an illustration of the girl, see Dawes p 83 $500-700

    Lot 75: A Minton Majolica jardiniere c.1875, designed as an upturned bell supported on three scroll feet all on a cobalt rocky ground with a large flower to the centre, the body of the jardiniere decorated with white flowers and green leaves on a cobalt ground and a frieze of stylised leaves in orange glazes with a pink interior, date code 1873, 14h, 11d $800-1200

    Lot 177: A George Jones strawberry basket c.1875, modelled as a yellow basket decorated with strawberries and strawberry plants with a pannier on either side for cream and sugar and a high arched twig handle with trailing vines above a turquoise interior, 12 w, 7h $700-900 continued

  • Lot 134: A fine George Jones Majolica strawberry server c.1875, 11l, marked, shape no 3501, modelled as a large green water lily scattered with strawberry plants on a turquoise basket, two large white lilies forming the cream and sugar bowls, two brown stems bound together with yellow string forming the handle. $600-800

    Lot 139:Extremely rare and whimsical George Jones Majolica Cuspidor c.1875 Provenance: Kay and C.D. Gann, Atlanta, Georgia. This only known example is modelled as a charming tortoise with removable shell revealing a bright turquoise interior. The shell lid with molded finger and thumb grip handles, shape # 3331. The original art work shown in Majolica, Nicholas Dawes, 1990, courtesy of the Trustees of the Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston, Staffordshire, England. Although no examples have been found, George Jones also produced this design as a matchbox and an ash tray, 10l, 5h $7500-8000

    Lot 144: A Very Rare Minton Majolica Banana Leaf Vase designed by Hughes Protat c.1875, 9 , modelled as a curled banana leaf decorated in greens, amber, and brown glazes bound together with the deep pink glazed stem. The original drawings in the Minton shapes book show an umbrella stand in the same banana leaf design, shape no. 2266, and also a water pitcher, shape No. 549. A garden seat in the same pattern was produced with Hughes Protats monogram inscribed in the top. $750-950

    Lot 163: A Rare Oval George Jones Majolica Match Box c.1875, modelled as a brown glazed box and cover decorated with acorns and orange rope twist borders, 4 $500-600

    Lot 177: An impressive George Jones Majolica castle jardiniere c.1875, 11h, shape 3354, modelled as a Medieval ivy, fern, and vine clad castle with arrow slits and a turret to each corner with castellation around the top edge and a turquoise interior. This handsome design reflects the Victorian Medieval Revival and interest in Arthurian legend, 10 h, 11 w $ 1500-1750 continued

  • Lot 194: A very rare Minton Majolica Amphora vase probably designed by Dr. Christopher Dresser c.1875, designed as four turquoise amphora bound together with a high arched four branch handle, the amphora all with French blue collars. 10h, 6d $500-700

    Lot 204: A Very Rare George Jones Majolica Neo-Classical garden seat c.1870, designed with three scroll legs with huge and powerful stylised white palm leaves with yellow highlights, the apron with stylised lotus plants and leaves, the top with a pierced centre and mottled glazes, all on a bright turquoise ground. This is one of only two known of this design, the other known example having a cobalt ground. The original art work for this garden seat can be seen in Dawes p.55, 17h $3750-4000

    Lot 207:A Wonderful and Iconic Minton Majolica Bunny tureen and cover c.1878, the base modelled as a decorative oval pt mold in yellow, ochre, and blue, resting on a fixed basketwork tray or stand with rope handles, the cover with the heads of two hares and two mallard ducks realistically coloured and symmetrically arranged on a cobalt glazed dome studded with yellow florets. Impressed MINTONS with date cipher, Shape no 1990, 18l. Illustrated on the front cover of the catalogue of the pioneering exhibition of Minton Majolica held at Jeremy Cooper Ltd, London in 1982 and affectionately referred to as the Bunny Tureen, this shape forms the centrepiece to a number of the most important Majolica collections. See Karmason Stacke, Majolica (1989), p. 48. $27,000-30,000

    Lot 222: A Charming Pair of Minton Majolica Cherub and Basket Posy Vases c.1876 by Carrier Belleuse, each modelled as a cherub adorned with a garland of wheat and leaves stood over a quiver of cobalt blue arrows with a pink ribbon and holding a rope supporting a yellow basket with a turquoise interior, 10h. $1500-1750


  • Lot 227: Minton Majolica Garden Pot-Rams Head Festoon designed by Baron Carlos Marochetti c.1860, the cobalt spirally fluted body hung with swags of fruit and flowers from rams-head handles. The fluted base with green edging, 14h, 17w $850-950

    Lot229: A large and impressive Minton Majolica jardiniere supported by three bearded men c.1875, shape no. 1366, designed as a cobalt blue jardiniere decorated with garlands of fruit and nuts issuing from the mouth of large lions heads and tied to lower heads with pink ribbon, all supported by three bearded men separated with cornucopia on a circular cobalt blue pedestal base, 20h, 15w. For an illustration see Karmason Stacke p.58 SOLD

    Lot 236: Very rare Wedgwood Majolica Commemorative Prince of Wales Stakes horse race pitcher c.1862, shape no. 2763, only known example. The pitcher, commemorating the first Prince of Wales Stakes in 1862, is designed as a horseshoe shaped, cobalt glazed body decorated with images of Edward V11 and Princess Alexandra, both within a turquoise blue glazed horse shoe with ostrich feathers to the neck and the Prince of Wales crest with deep pink banner inscribed Ich Dien ( I serve) and mauve glazed feathers below the handle. The Prince of Wales Stakes is still run today at the English Race track of Ascot. 7 $1800-2000 Lot 237: A very rare Wedgwood Majolica Tremblay Renaissance style tray c.1865, designed by Thomas Greatbach, only known example. The circular tray with two grey glazed coiled snake handles, a turquoise glazed border, and a grey panel of Renaissance style grey designs. The circular central medallion with an aqua Tremblay picture of a young girl, with a border of turquoise and yellow and a wider boarder of mottled brown and yellow. 14 . The Tremblay process, also known as Email Ombrant, was developed by Baron Du Tremblay at the Roubelles porcelain works in France and patented by him on 27th April 1842. Wedgwood began producing Tremblay pieces in 1862 and a letter from Wedgwood to the London Pottery and Porcelain retailers Thomas Goode read We are losing no time with the Tremblay Dessert trials but you must not expect any modelor to be able to arrive at such delicacy of modelling as that is at once. Indeed we cannot promise that we shall be able to succeed yet. $200-250


  • Lot 246: An excellent quality Wedgwood Majolica Renaissance teapot c.1875, the spheroid body decorated with Renaissance garlands of laurel leaves and masks, the bottom half glazed in a mottled cobalt blue, brown, and yellow, the spout glazed in yellow and brown with a mask to the underside, the mottled lid with Gothic panels and a green and brown classical finial, 4 h. $140-170

    Lot 249: A very rare Minton Majolica Punchinello card holder designed by Paul Comolera c.1875. Only known example. Modelled as a brightly glazed Punchinello leaning over a post, all upon a brown glazed rocky ground, 11. The fashion for decorative card holders or menu holders followed the introduction of Art dinner cards, an idea from France that had spread to England by the late 1860s. Puncinella, often called Punch or Punchinello in English, is a classical character that originated in the commodia dellarte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry. Punchinello was the inspiration for the 19th century British puppet show Punch and Judy. Punchinello was also a short-lived American satirical magazine inspired by the English publication Punch, it ran in weekly editions from 2 April 1870 $10,000-$12000

    Lot 256: A Massier pink rose vase with green stem c.1880, 7 $250-300

    Lot 265: Three Delphin Massier flower planters c.1880, 5h, 8w $250-300

    Lot 268:4 Pieces of Massier, three posy vases and a posy basket with a high entwined branch handle c.1880 $350-450


  • Lot 270: Massier pansy plates 8 and 2-5 plates c.1880 $160-200

    Lot 274: 12 Massier pansy plates c.1880, 8 $700-900

    Lot 275a: A Massier majolica flower form flower vase, 9 1/2 $200-275

    Lot 279:A large Delphin Massier jardiniere in the form of an open centred pink chrysanthemum c.1880, 10 h, 20 $900-1100

    Lot 280: A very rare Monumental pair of Longchamp Majolica iris vases c.1880. The long necked bottle vase profusely covered with large, brightly glazed irises and pale green leaves all on a pale yellow ground, 23h. $3000-3500


  • Lot 295: A very rare and humorous Houtin Boulenger et Cie, Choisy Le Roi Mantle Majolica Clock, signed Louis Carrier Belleuse c.1880. Modelled as a green floret and leafage clock case with a beautifully modelled crowing rooster to the front. This design cleverly combing the animal symbol of France LeChanticleer the morning awakening with the clock symbol of passing time. Loius Carrier Belleuse, the son of Albert Carrier Belleuse, was the art director at Choisy Le Roi and also sculpted the Equestrian Monument to General Manuel BelgranoinBuenos Aires, Argentina, 23 $3600-3900

    Lot 305: An Excellent Quality and Coloured Onnaing Majolica Elephant flower holder c.1880 Modelled as a marching grey elephant in ceremonial dress with a brightly glazed French blue head dress and a brightly coloured howdah forming the flower holder, 15h, 17 $800-900

    Lot 309: A Rare and Excellent Quality Souperou Majolica Renaissance Style Vase c.1880. Height 14, modelled as an Italianate vase with applied rams heads, the bodies with oval panels of blue and white hand painted 18th century style scenes, with acanthus leaf to the top edge all on a cobalt blue pedestal base with acanthus leaf decoration to the foot rim. $300-400

    Lot 310a: A Large & Impressive Pair of Majolica School of Paris Renaissance Style Ewers c.1880 Prob. Achiles Barbizet. Each modelled as a highly decorated Renaissance ewer with 4 fauns around the shoulders, a mythical beast to the fronts and a large high handle formed as smiling putto terminating in a bearded mask. $1500-1600

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