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<ul><li> 1. Finding Your Voice - Lance MillerFinding your messageWhat defines you? What do you really believe in?You should beexcited about communicating the message you will be sharing.The Aim of Your SpeechYour aim in giving a speech should be to change someones life inone specific wayHow to Find Stories for Your SpeechesTry to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Your stories donthave to be dramatic. Look for important messages in youreveryday life events/stories.How to Prepare for Your SpeechContemplate your message and your speech as you shower, ride,etc. Let your subconscious dwell on what your topic will bespeaking on.Lances Favorite Speech ModelThe FLIP speech model make audience think they know whereyoure going, and then flip it around. Get your audience to agree</li></ul> <p> 2. with you, and then flip their perspective by giving them a new wayof looking at the issue.How to Practice Your SpeechPractice your speech like youre going to give it practice the wayyoure going to deliver itAdvice for Delivering Your SpeechFocus on 100% on your audience when delivering your speechShould You Memorize Your Speech?Memorize your opening and closing, especially if youre giving along speech workshop.How to Choose the Title of Your SpeechYour speech title should create mystery.Your speech title should create curiosity.Try and work the title of your speech into the main body ofyouspeechAdvice for Toastmasters:SPEAK. 3. Dont just sit in your Toastmasters meetingspeak! Sitting inToastmasters meeting will make you a better speaker just as muchsitting in a henhouse will make you a hen </p>


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