Finding your travel blog's voice

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<ul><li> 1. Lola (Akinmade) kerstrm</li></ul> <p> 2. Quick Background Writer, photographer, blogger Blog at Geotravelers Niche Blogger for Write and photograph for many publications 3. Why do you blog? Love of travel Blog trips Money Family &amp; friends All of the above None of the above 4. Truth be told Chances are most of us here want to live successfully doing what we love through our blogsMoney + Flexibility = More Travel 5. Heres the problemTravel blogging reality curve 6. Heres the problemTravel blogging reality curve YOU+ Thousands ofOther blogs 7. Heres the problemTravel blogging reality curveWhere you YOUwant to be over time+ Thousands ofOther blogs 8. Heres the problemTo get past the hump of generic fluff: - Passion YOU - Quality + - Unique Voice Thousands ofOther blogs 9. Travel blogging frustration Many voices are already taken Budget Transportation Luxury Shopping BackpackingSpa Slow travelBoutique Food Local expert 10. Travel blogging frustrations Ironically, thesevoices are takenby the samebloggers on thesame blog tripswriting about thesame things. 11. So were backto the generic hump of fluff! YOU+Thousands of Other blogs 12. And the truth isIts too late to beeverything to everyone. Other blogs already jumped on this muchearlier. 13. Goal of this workshopGive you solid ideas on how to [naturally] improve the overall quality of your blog content by finding its voice 14. Finding your blogs voice Tip #1Focus on you firstLove readers = yourself, not &gt; yourself 15. Finding your blogs voice What are YOUR interests? YOUR hobbies? What turns YOU on when you travel? 16. Finding your blogs voiceQuality naturally improves when youknow what youre talking aboutbecause youre genuinely interestedin it. .Examples 17. Example1 - FocusI know nothing about surfingIm not really interestedin it either 18. Example 1 - FocusBut, if I just visited California orHawaii, I may be tempted to do a 10 Cool things to try in Hawaiiand include surfing on the list 19. Example 1 - FocusThe problem My 10 Cool things to try in Hawaii no longer becomes unique becauseIm trying to please everyone withthings I dont even care about. 20. Example 2 - FocusI just got back from a blog trip where I got to enjoy Michelin-starred food and was wined and dined by the tourism board 21. Example 2 - FocusThe problemSay there were 10 other bloggers also eating, drinking, and taking the exact same pictures of the lobster claw 22. Example 2 - FocusBut I noticed one of the chefs had a tattoo of the city I was visiting 23. Example 2 - FocusInstead of focusing on how I absolutelyLOVED the city, I could actually ask thechef why he tattooed the city on hisarm.He obviously loves it more than I ever could, right? 24. Revisiting Tip #1 - Focus Focusing on your own interests Focusing on what naturally piquesyour interest 25. Finding your blogs voice Tip #2 Kill adjectives and clichsAbsolutely stunning = generic 26. Finding your blogs voice Think about your favorite bloggers 27. Finding your blogs voiceNot just bloggers you respect becausetheyre where youd like to be (i.e. making money from blogs, hopping on blog tripafter blog trip).But travel blogs you actually read. 28. Finding your blogs voice Because of how they write Theres a certain openness totheir writing 29. Finding your blogs voiceThey tend toshow you what theyexperienced,rather than tell. 30. Finding your blogs voice Showing tells yourreader so much morethan telling does by reducing adjectives. 31. Example Kill AdjectivesGenova is a fascinating city withhistorical gems 32. Example Kill Adjectives [New York/Paris/Lisbon/Rome] is afascinating city with historical gems Fascinating and especiallyGems tell the reader absolutelynothing. 33. Guess what?Were back to the generic hump of fluff! YOU+Thousands of Other blogs 34. Finding your blogs voiceClichs Stockholm/St. Petersburg TheVenice of the North Bangkok/Udaipur/Alleppey - TheVenice of the East Georgetown/Christchurch/Melbourne The Venice of the South 35. Finding your blogs voiceAdjectives Flat and/or Too Many Sun-kissed/Sun-dappled Best-kept secret, Best, Great Perched, Nestled Exotic, Gem, Cant miss/Must- see 36. ExamplesDISCLAIMER! For you fact-checkersIf you find clichs like exotic or gemin my other writing (not on my blog), aneditor put it in there, not me. 37. Examples GenericThe Moyo restaurant pier is a popular place for surfers....okay, but what do the surfers do there? Drink coffee together? 38. Examples UniqueIt was enough to pull me away from thesucculent prawns I was devouring atDurbans iconic pier restaurant, Moyo.The sight of surfers waiting patiently atthe tip of the pier scanning for waves outat sea. 39. Examples GenericHilo Farmers market is a place where you can bask in the colors, the exotic tastes, and smells of tropical summer.replace Hilo Farmers Market with any market 40. Examples Unique I walk past mounds of red cayenne pepper,yellow saffron, and green pistachio powder.Theres a strong smell of ripening pineapple inthe air. This is Hilo Farmers market...that smell of pineapple may be distinct to Hilo Farmers market 41. Revisiting Tip #21. Write what you see, hear, and smell without a lot of adjectives2. Weave yourself into yourexperience3. Write like youre writing to afriend, or be poetic if you like.Just be you. 42. Finding your blogs voice Tip #3 Take creative risksand dont be afraid to fail at them 43. Finding your blogs voice Remember this guy? 44. Finding your blogs voiceOkay, great but it seems every single idea has already been taken.What can I do to be creative? 45. Finding your blogs voiceTips for creativity Look at your daily non-traveling life Look at your habits Look at your other skills 46. Examples Hobby -&gt; You like playingthe flute Creative idea -&gt; Learn toplay a bit of each countrysnational anthem and addthat to your blog. 47. Examples Hobby -&gt; You like to sketch Creativeidea -&gt; Start blog posts with few sketches from where youve traveled 48. ExamplesCandace Rardon Travel 49. Examples Habit-&gt; Youre obsessed with coffee Creativeidea -&gt; Write posts about your quests for odd coffee flavors around the world 50. Revisiting Tip #3 Take creative risks bylooking into your life: Your daily habits Your other skills 51. Finding your blogs voiceTip #4Stop doubting your own voice One mans funny is another mansboring. 52. Finding your blogs voice Will people still like me if they find out what I really think? Am I really boring? Do I need to be funny? Boring &amp; Funny is relative 53. Remember this chartYou cant afford to be generic anymoreYOU +Thousands of Other blogs 54. Finding your blogs voice You cant afford to be generic anymore because that ship has sailed long ago.And yes! I used a clich 55. Finding your blogs voiceFor your blog to please everyone, you will comprise on theoverall quality of your blog. This makes you generic again. 56. Finding your blogs voice So unless youre Google with only one imageand a textbox,Your personal voice matters boring, funny, ornot. 57. Finding your blogs voice Tip #5 Be PatientNothing was built overnight. 58. Finding your blogs voiceBe patient with yourself Just like a teenagers crackly voice, your blogs voice will also mature as you continue to focus on what youre passionate about and what interests you. 59. Finding your blogs voiceBottom line People are naturally drawn to people who are authentic and share the same interests beyond just a love for travel. 60. Finding your blogs voiceBottom line and thats how you can start building your own real and engaged community of readers. 61. In summaryHow to find your blogs voice: Tip 1 Focus on you first Tip 2 Kill adjectives and clichs Tip 3 Take creative risks Tip 4 Stop doubting your own voice Tip 5 Be patient 62. Workshop challenge In 200 words or less, describe one experience youve hadso far in Genova. 63. Workshop challengeInstructions Submit by Saturday, Oct 20 at 18:001) Share your assignment Tweet the link to your content with hashtag #TBE12#best_westernITA2) Email [English] - [Italian] 64. Contact InformationTwitter - @LolaAkinmadePortfolio www.akinmade.comBlog www.lolaakinmade.comFacebook </p>