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  • 1. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST Shutter must havesWebsite : wwwsleekworld.comEmail:

2. Shutter SLEEK, The Kitchen SpecialistTrends Shutters are the single most important element that give the aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist offers a stunning range of the finest quality shutters to suit every home dcor. Sleek offers shutters in solid wood, marine ply, MDF and partical board with varied range of finishes that include solid wood, veneer pressed, lacquered, back-painted glass shutters, UV shutters, aluminium profile, membrane pressed, postform and 4 side edge banding. Available in vibrant colours, contemporary designs, fascinating textures and remarkable patterns, Sleek shutters add charm and style to your kitchen. Sleek has also tied up with the globally renowned kitchen brand BC3 Cocinas to bring world class European shutters to India. Each design is a real delight and you can be sure to find the one that is perfect for you. 3. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTLACQUERED RANGE Painted PassionA fascinating collection of PU shutters in matt and gloss, with myriad colours and classy prints. Premium CategoryPremium Category FrontPremium Category FrontGlossy PU Brown 010 Front Matt PU OffFront Glossy PU Red 006 Glossy PU Green 004 Back Matt matching PUWhite 102 Back Matt MatchingBack Matt Matching Brown 110 Backside White laminatePU Red 106 PU Green 104 Front MattFront PU GlossFront PU GlossFront Matt PU Red 106 Cappuccino 003PU Aubergine 108 with J section handleOrange 005 with G section handlewith Pull Grip Handlewith Inbuilt Handle Backside White laminate Backside White laminateBackside White laminateBackside White laminate G SectionJ Section Pull Grip Inbuilt HandleNote: Possible in MDF and Marine PlyPremium range has gloss on front and matt on the other side.Normal range has gloss or matt on front and frosty white laminate on the other side.Material : Available in Plywood and MDF. 4 4. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTClassic CutLACQUERED RANGE : WITH HANDLESWith PU Cut Handle shutters, one can change the entire look of the kitchen by simply changing the colour ofthe handles, giving it a new and ultra modern look each time. Full FledgePU Shutters with Full handle design complete the look and feel of the avant-garde kitchen. The entire look ofthe kitchen can also be changed by just changing the colour of the handles. Back plate design Front PU High Gloss Front PU High GlossWhite 001 withWhite 001 withCut Handle Black Cut Handle RedBack plate design Metal insert at back sideensures lifelong good screw holding. Front PU High Gloss Front PU High GlossOff White 002 withOff White 002 with Full Handle OrangeFull Handle BlueNote: A single colour shutter can look different and new by choosing any of the 12 coloured handles available.Material : Available in Plywood and MDF.6 5. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST LACQUERED RANGE WITH EXPOSED EDGEHigh EdgePU shutters with Exposed Edges make a very sensible innovation. The exposed calibrated core gives amultiplex effect, displaying the high quality plywood used in the shutters. Such a dual colour look creates areal sensation.Design 1 Ventilation Grill PatternDesign 2European PlyNote : Designs requiring ventilation are routed through and through. Such a ventilation grill maintains thedesign pattern.Material : Available in Plywood 8 6. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTBright AppealLACQUERED HIGH GLOSS SHUTTERThe reflective sheen of PU Laminated High Gloss shutters creates a clean and charming atmosphere in thekitchen. This innovation makes it possible to provide selected laminate ranges, including solid colours andwood grain, in high gloss. PU Laminate High Gloss PU Laminate High Gloss Black Wenge PU Laminate High Gloss PU Laminate High GlossCherry WalnutMaterial : Available in Plywood and MDF10 7. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTRave RimsLACQUERED SHEETS (4 SEB RANGE)1200 MattGlossPU shutters with all 4-Side Edge Banding offer customization like never before. The advantage for kitchenmakers is the fast delivery. They can easily use the boards supplied to manufacture the shutters themselves.Boards and matching edge bands can also be supplied. This innovation makes high-end finish possible evenin plywood, which is the Indian consumers choice.2400 Note : Available in Standard width (mm) 198/298/398/448/498/598/798/898 Material : Available in Plywood and MDF. 12 8. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTLACQUERED BAND (2 MM RADIUS SHUTTER) Best BandPU Band shutters take the aesthetics of a kitchen to a new high. Manufactures can use the ready band to cutand edge band and construct the shutters them selves. 24002400 2400298448 598MattGloss Note : Standard Width (in mm): 198/298/398/498/598/798/898, Standard Length: 2400 mm. It has 2R radius at two ends and edge band at the other two ends. Material : Available in Plywood and MDF. 14 9. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTPRINTED SHUTTERS : PU RANGEPersonal PrintsExquisite prints in Lacquered shutters makes for a real chic kitchen. It is possible to customise the prints withpictures of family, children, cartoons, etc. to create a highly personalised kitchen. Also available are a rangeof designs that are in vogue internationally.Print on PU ShutterPrint on PU ShutterMaterial : Available in Plywood and MDF 16 10. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST PRINTED AND PAINTED GLASS DESIGNSFresh BloomsDesigner glass adds class to the kitchen. Available with or without Aluminum Profile, Sleek offers plain backpainted glass as well as a variety of designer back-painted and printed glasses.Alu. Profile withAlu. Profile withprinted rose designWater Droplet painting glassWhite back paintedPrinted glassglassNote: Glasses can be supplied as plain designer glasses or with different Aluminium Profiles.Material : Made in 4 mm thickness, which can be tempered if needed. Glass of different thickness can also beprovided on special request. 18 11. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST Woody Wonders SOLID WOOD RANGEA range of shutters made in Solid Wood, for those who believe in the natural goodness and old world charmof original wood.Wood : OakwoodDesign : ClassicStain : Walnut Wood : Ashwood Design : Modern Stain : Dark HoneyWood : OakwoodDesign : ClassicStain : CherryMaterial : Available in Oakwood and Ashwood20 12. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST VENEER RANGE Natural HuesSleeks Veneer Pressed shutters are made of high quality veneer for a natural and polished look. American walnut American Zebrano Dark EbonyAmerican Oak American Ash Note : The types of veneer available are Oak, Ebony, Zebrano, Walnut and Ash. Material : Available in MDF and Marine Ply. 22 13. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTGERMAN HIGH GLOSS RANGE German GlamourThe German High Gloss shutter range is bright and shimmering. Available in an eclectic rangeof colours, these high quality shutters are renowned for their clear gloss finish. German High GlossGerman High GlossBlack with pullAutumn PlumRed with J sectiongrip handle with G section German High GlossGerman High GlossWhite Rain withBlack Rain with solid dual edge banding Alu. edge banding Dual edge banding Solid Alu. edge bandingG Section Pull Grip Note : Available as sheets imported from Germany. Cutting and edge banding is done in India. Available colours are White, Red, Black, Silver, Aubergine, Autumn plum, White rain and Black rain, with dual edge banding or matching edge banding. Material : Available in MDF (19mm). 24 14. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST3 PIECE EXPOSED PLYWOOD DOOR Perfect PlyThe 3-Piece Exposed Plywood Door shutter range is valued because it makes a very stylish statement andis highly favoured for its quality and beauty. 3 Piece Exposed 3 Piece Exposed 3 Piece Exposed plywood doorplywood doorplywood door in Aubergine in Redin Charcoal Black Inbuilt Handle in Cross SectionAnodised Alu. Material : Available in Plywood26 15. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST SPANISH COLLECTION Spanish FiestaAvailable in multiple combinations of colours and textures, the International range from BC3 Cocinas is solidand durable, and is renowned for its sensual and natural shine.Madera A.(Alder) Vivar Madera - R.(Oak) BalearS. Espinosa blanco Montreal P/L RobleRecta Plafon ZamoraNacar LacqueredRojo 3020 BrilloSolid wood Group 2-B2Solid Wood Group 3-B1 Group 1Plus Natura Berenjena Plus Natura Rojo Ferrari Genil Leira - 14cmLaminate withLaminate with F9 Abedul diffF 16 SakuraAlu. edge bandingAlu. edge banding Membrane group - 4Membrane Group 3 Group 9Group 9Antic Negro Albor Acacia SaharaPlanet Crema Frisse Chocolate 2 Side Postform (2R) 2 Side Postform (2R)Laminate 4SEB Group 1 Laminate 4SEB Group 7Laminate Group 5 Laminate Group 1Note : Available in totality, as per order, from Spain. Range available in Solid wood, Veneer pressed,PU painted, Aluminium profile with glass, membrane, post form and 4 side edge banding.28 16. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTPAINTED AND PRINTED GLASS SHUTTERSpanish Fiesta (cont...) (SPANISH COLLECTION) Alu. Profile with FruitBack Painted GlassPrinted Glass 30Shutter 1 Shutter 2 Shutter 3Shutter 4 Alu. Profile with Back Printed Glass (continuous design) Note: We can print one (continuous design) on a collection of glass shutters. Material : 4 mm glass can be tempered on request. 30 17. THE KITCHEN SPECIALIST ITALIAN POSTFORM BANDSItalian FiestaFrom warm hues to eye-catchy designs, the ready European Band shutters are in vogue at the moment.Available in fixed standard widths, the flawless finish creates a clean and charming atmosphere in thekitchen. Shangrila White with handleCream Note : These bands are imported from Italy with only the sizing and edge banding being done in India. Standard width (in mm) 298/398/448/598/898. Colours available are White, Cream, Shangrila, Aubergine. Material : Available in MDF.32 18. THE KITCHEN SPECIALISTACRYLIC SHUTTERS ON PLYWOOD Acrylic CharmThe tough and translucent acrylic transforms the most mundane kitchen into a remarkable one.Acrylic Sheet on Plywood shutters is compact in design and seamless in finis