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Los Angeles Field Study Summer 2015 Hannah Buchanan

Field Study Project

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Los Angeles Field Study Summer 2015

Hannah Buchanan

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Day One What did we do today? Today was the day we flew out to Los Angeles and boy was I excited. We had to wake up quite early, but it was worth it. After we arrived we took a trip to Hollywood and a group of girls and I ate at the Hard Rock Café and then went shopping for a little bit. What are you looking forward to? I think at this point I am most looking forward to getting to see what Los Angeles has to offer outside of the normal sightings and actually be able to see inside the companies. Let’s get started!

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Day Two What did we do today? Today was our first actual day of visiting companies. We first started with XCVI, then went to Heather Bordeaux, and ended with BCBG. After these visits we got to explore the Santa Monica Promenade. What was your favorite part of today? I have always dreamed of working for BCBG or interning with them, so getting to go inside their company was pretty eye opening. I loved every aspect of their facility and all of the people we got to see and even talk with. Day two here we go! Dress; Portobello Road, Shoes; Target

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Day Three What did we do today? Today is our second day visiting companies. We are starting the day by visiting AG Jeans and then driving to Beverly Hills to visit Barney’s. After this we got to go shopping within The Grove and relax for the night. What was your favorite thing today? I have always worn jeans and never really thought about how much time, designing, and processing it takes to make the final product of the jeans. It was really cool to get to see that in AG Jeans and get to explore the entire jean making process for their company. Day three let’s go!

Dress; Forever 21, Shoes; Aeropostale, Sunglasses; Forever 21

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Day Four What did we do today? Today we are visiting three amazing companies that I feel really promote the California lifestyle; Hurley, Volcom, and Pacific Sunwear. After this we get to go shopping in the Old Town Pasadena and relax for the night. What was your favorite place? All three places were absolutely amazing, but I would have to go with Hurley as being my favorite. The entire atmosphere of their company was just amazing. Yay day four!

Shirt; Charlotte Russe, Skirt; ASOS, Shoes; Target, Hat; Express

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Day Five What did we do today? Today is the day we got to visit different showrooms in California. Before this visit I honestly had no idea what showrooms exactly were. But first we visited Lip Service which was a very unique and fun company. Then we went to AG Jean’s, 10Eleven, and finally BCBG. Which was your favorite? Overall, my favorite was still BCBG. I just love the company and everything about them as a whole. Showrooms let’s go!

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Day Six What did we do today? Today was the day I was most looking forward to the entire trip, Patagonia and surfing! I have never been surfing or really swimming in the ocean so I was super excited. Patagonia was by far my favorite company so far of this entire trip, which kind of surprised me being how different it is from BCBG or the other companies we have visited. How was surfing? Surfing was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, I definitely had my rough share of the waves, but overall I loved it. Surf’s up! Wet Suit; Patagonia

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Day Seven What did we do today? Today was our last day in California and we basically had our own choices of what we wanted to do. A smaller group of us woke up and went vintage shopping and then came back and went back to Santa Monica to walk the pier and see the beach. Anything cool happen? WE SAW CHRIS SOULES! And my friends Valerie, Seth, and I ran into an actor on the show Pretty Little Liars well. It was pretty fun and amazing to run into them in such a random place. Here we go, final day! Jumper; Forever 21, Jacket;

Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes; Target

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Bye California, see you again soon!