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February newsletter

Macville Online Newsletter

February 2014

Macville News

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Principal’s Message 2

School Lunch Program 2

Winter Electives 3

Fix the Formula 3

Primary Transportation Protocol 4

Your Voice Counts Survey 4

Important Dates 4

Daffodil Month 4

Meet Our Current School Council 5

Board News

Closing Schools Due to Bad Weather 5

Helping Your Family Stay Warm this Winter 6

Traffic Safety in Your Community 7

Kindergarten Registration 8

Helping Your Child Prepare for Tests 10

Parent Conference – “Literacy and Beyond” 11

Spotlight on Black History 11

Offence Declaration Forms 12

Jack Smythe Field Center – Maple Syrup Days! 12

Celebrating Faith and Culture 13

Celebrating Faith and Culture Backgrounder 14

Principal’s Message

The weather man is predicting that this February will be the snowiest in many years. I hope not, as we have a very busy two months ahead of us with both old and new initiatives. Students will be

participating in several events that have been traditions at Macville: electives, basketball, DARE, and our MADD assembly. There are also many new initiatives here at Macville: the Ned show, circle drumming, celebrations for Black History Month, the new Your Voice Counts survey, Mac H”app”y days where students are learning critical thinking skills through technology, and our new House

system with Earth, Wind, Fire and Water Teams. It is sure to be a busy time at Macville as we look forward to the promise of spring.

Mrs. Kawabe



School Lunch Program


Please note that on snow days, when buses are not running, any lunch program scheduled will be postponed.

Announcements will be made as to the next available date. Please remember to send a lunch on snow days if you are

driving your child to school.


As well, if there are any new or current families that have not signed up for any of the lunch programs and wish to do so, please contact the office for further information and order forms.


Thank you to all Macville families for supporting the school lunch program.



Our Winter Elective selections will be sent out the week of January 6, 2014 Permission sheets and selection choices are to be returned no later than Tuesday, January 21st, along with complete payment. Students in the junior and intermediate levels have the option of (i) skiing or snowboarding at Mansfield Resort, OR (ii) Bowling in the morning and/or crafts and other activities at the school in the afternoon.

Winter Electives will take place on Feb. 6, 14 and 21.


Our primary students will be skating at the Caledon East arena in Caledon East on:

February 6 from 11:15—12:15

February 14/21 from 10:00—11:00


New this year: We have booked one bus for ski-ing. Spots for 50 students for ski-ing will be on a first come basis. Students should bring their completed forms and money to Ms Chateauvert. Once this bus is full we will have a wait list and if enough students are on the wait list we will book another bus.


#Fixthe Formula website provides funding facts for parents


Did you know that the Peel District School Board per pupil funding is last of all 72 Ontario school boards for the Special Education High Needs Amount funding?


Want to learn more? Visit http://www.peelschools.org/fixtheformula and discover:


How Peel board students are funded

How the per pupil funding for Special Education has an impact on every student in Peel

What you can do to help


donations made directly to Caledon Community Services. Not too shabby for our little school in the North!


Primary protocol for transported students:


The primary protocol for transported students has been implemented in order to enhance the safety of those Kindergarten students who are transported home by bus in the afternoon at the end of the school day. All junior and senior kindergarten students must be met by a parent/caregiver at their designated stop. Students who are not met will be returned to the school by the driver at the end of the bus run or route. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that these students are met daily. In order to ensure that this procedure is successfully, we need the cooperation of school administration, bus drivers and parents.


Your Voice Counts


The Peel District School Board would like your input. Between March 1st and April 30th, parents are

invited to participate in the Your Voice Counts survey. More information will

follow in the coming weeks.


Please note the following dates:

Monday, February 17th is Family Day

Friday, March 7th is a Ministry Designated Day

Monday March 10th—Friday, March 14th is March Break

Students will not be attending school on these days.



Meet our Current School

Council Members:


Chair: Heather French

Treasurer: Stephanie Harvey

Secretary: Marilyn Otten

Principal: Kelly Kawabe


Members at large:

Teresa Topping

Julia Shepherd

Erika Fosbury

Abbey Thomson

Heather Elliott

Gurinder Samrao


Teacher representative:

Andrea King-Judge

Catherine Horn


Non-teaching staff representative:

Sharyn Holloway



The School Council does such

tremendous work and is a vital part of the success of our students. Thank you to all members of our School Council for the many

initiatives that they organize throughout the year!


Board News

Closing schools due to bad weather

During the winter months, we may need to cancel buses or close schools because of inclement weather.

Information regarding details of cancellations or closures will be announced on radio and television stations listed below and posted at www.peelschools.org and www.stopr.ca. Information will also be available on Twitter @Peelschools, Facebook at www.facebook.com/peelschools or by calling 905-890-1010 or 1-800-668-1146.


CFNY FM102.1/AM640 CJCL AM590 CHFI FM98.1


FM Z103.5 FM93.1 FM Q107

CHIN FM100.7/AM1540 CBC99.1


One of the following messages will be announced (highlighted text only):

Peel District School Board buses are cancelled.

This means that schools remain open for students and staff, but buses are cancelled. Bus cancellations could occur in all or parts of municipalities. Buses will remain cancelled all day. All activities that require bussing will also be cancelled. Permits, night school classes, child care and other activities in schools will operate as usual.

All Peel District School Board schools and board offices are closed.

This means that all schools and Board offices are closed to students and staff. All activities in schools and board offices are also cancelled, including child care, night school and permits.

All evening programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled.

This means that all activities in schools and Board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

All weekend programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled.

This means that all activities in schools and Board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

Help your family stay warm this winter

Canada Safety Council recommends the following tips for staying comfortable and preventing hypothermia when working or playing outdoors:

· Wear a warm hat—most body heat is lost through the head. Children should keep an extra hat at school.

· Wear layered clothing. Layers allow warm air to stay trapped around the body.

· Protect your feet and hands. Wear loose waterproof boots. If the boots have liners, carry an extra pair to replace damp ones or take an extra pair of socks. Mittens are warmer than gloves. Carry an extra pair of mittens to school, on outings, etc.

· Prevent dehydration and exhaustion, which can lead to hypothermia. Drink plenty of fluids and pace yourself when doing vigorous activities.

· Stay fit by exercising and eating well—people who are fit are less susceptible to hypothermia.

· If you stay indoors, avoid moving from a hot environment to a cold one. Excessive sweating caused from an extreme change in temperature increases the risk of developing hypothermia.

· Eat high-energy food such as nuts and raisins.

· If you are travelling (on the road or in the wilderness) carry emergency supplies.

Traffic safety in our community

Safety is a top priority at our school. Here is a list of traffic tips to keep students, staff and parents safe while commuting to and from school.

· Respect traffic signs and road markers around the school. 

· Drive slowly and with caution on and near school