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  • Features: Web based Connector configuration

    Uni-directional or bi-directional synchronization

    Real-time or schedulable batch synchronization

    Configurable business rules

    Data transformation and field/value mapping

    Dashboard for connector operations

    Real time status of sync operations

    Email notifications

    Supports Jazz server rename functionality

    Benefits: Traceability across full SDLC for governance

    Easier transition to IBM Jazz from other ALM tools

    Integrate IBM Jazz and best-of-breed ALM applications

    Extend the life of legacy tools and existing infrastructure

    Available Connectors








  • How SCM Concord SIM can enable Data SIM (synchronization, integration and migration)

    SCM Concord SIM is a web based software that enables organizations integrate data from various data sources. With its

    feature rich web interface, configuration of data source, data target and integration rules is intuitive from user naviga-

    tion perspective. Once configured, Concord can perform data collection in both real time and batch modes and keep the

    data synchronized as and when change occurs on the data. The rule configuration capability allows you to specify busi-

    ness rules and/or conditions that must be applied to the data prior to storing it in the target system. The data transfor-

    mation components in Concord can prepare the data into data values that are suitable for target application, prior to

    storing it (date time conversions, number to text conversions for example). Data synchronization status is provided real

    time as it occurs, and it can also provide email notifications of sync events. Data synchronization can be configured to be

    unidirectional or bi-directional between the source and target data repositories. Concords dashboard feature provides

    statistics of data collection, synchronization and failure events.

  • SCM Concord Integration Server Architecture

  • About SCM Solution SCM Solution is a system integrator focused on the delivery of IBM DevOps software. Our offerings include enterprise

    consulting services, remote administration, training, software resale as well as customized products and packages for

    the Rational Jazz platform. We are IBM certified domain experts in IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM Rational Tools, and we

    provide Rational training and mentoring to enable rapid ROI achievement. At SCM Solution, we also develop custom

    SCM Software as per our customers needs, applying agile and continuous engineering principles. Trademarks shown

    are the property of their respective companies.

    SCM Concord SIM Supported Platforms Windows 2008 Server, 2012 Server

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6+, UBUNTU

    Oracle, MYSQL

    APACHE Tomcat

    JAVA JRE 1.6, 1.7

    4GB RAM, 8GB HDD


    Server based license

    Modular purchase only required connector

    First year support included

    Request a Call / Demo

    To request a call or to ask a question, please go to http://www.scmsolution.com/contact-us.


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