Fashionistas dedicated to our beautiful mothers!

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dedicated to our beautiful mothers!

This production is made by #5 and# 15

Chloe loves golden gowns . She has shinny gold hair and her mom is a beautiful model,

Kaylee loves to wear spring dresses 24/7. she has bright blue eyes , and gorgeous blond hair. She idolizes ruffle dresses.

Rosie adores wearing sweet heart tops and a pair of tights with patent leather high heal boots .

Gracie She is cool and chic plus adorable in her own way. Even if its summer shell wear furs. She wears bright pink lipstick.

Maria enjoys vest with dresses she is one of the fashionstia friends. She loves anything sparkly from dresses to necklaces.

Arianna is secretly a snow princess none of her friends know. She loves pageants when the theme is snow flakes.

Violet is the most serious of all. She worships violet gowns.Violet cant resist diamonds.

Shimmer is stylish. If you ask her to be a model shell say yes. She always wears sequences short dresses and gold high heals plus she loves clubs. She gets boys in a snap of a finger.

Honeysuckle is as sweet as honey. She'll sing with the birds, and eat sweet cupcakes with honey flavored icing. She loves heart shaped sugar cookies. Her personality is the sweetest.

Scarlet enjoys impressing people. She also enjoys going to the beach with her niece. She used to be a dancer on television! She loves to wear halter bikini tops with poofy skirts.

Isabella and her2little sisters, Kayla ,and Ariel worships being fancy in all ways. Isabella irons her hair every day.

Lily Ana likes her dresses white, plus she is a neat freak. Her hair is as straight ,and chic. She loves hoop earings.She is a movie star .

Thank you for reading our production