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The journalism students at Kaua'i Community College published this Fall 2014 issue #1. For more information email: kccbop@hawaii.edu


  • The Hawaii Graduation Initiatives 15 to Finish campaign is offering one Kauai Community College student the chance to have their textbooks for Fall 2015 provided free of charge. This is the second time 15 to Finish has offered the promotion, with KCC student James

    Vaughn selected the previous year.The 15 to Finish campaign encourages

    students to take 15 credits per semester. According to their website, Since the launch of the 15 to Finish campaign . . . the percentage of students enrolled in 15 or more credits increased by nearly 20% at the four-year campuses and over 6% at the community colleges. The University of Hawaii Institutional Research Office also concluded that 15 to Finish students were also more persistent than those taking fewer than 15 credits.

    A Fall 2012 survey also showed that more than 50% of UH freshman surveyed cited it was not their

    intention to take 15 or more credits, or that their personal schedule does not allow them to take more than 14 credits. A survey the following year also found that 22.2% of students considered 15 credits to be too heavy of a load, according to the 15 to Finish website.

    On Kauai specifically, the number of graduating high school seniors going straight to Kauai CC has steadily been rising, according to data by the Hawaii Graduation Initiative. Since 2008, the going rate has consistently exceeded the goal set forth by the Initiative. This has only occurred on Mauis and Kauais UH campuses.

    This summer, a new employment resource opened to Kauai Community Colleges job-seeking students. Located in the One Stop Center, the Oihana Imi Loa (Career Explorations) Center not only assists students in finding jobs, but also prepares them for the job search process with workshops on resume and cover letter writing as well as interview preparation.

    Since opening this past February, the center has helped more than 57 students prepare for the job seeking process. Different workshops hosted by the center have also assisted many of KCCs students.

    According to the centers website, Oihana Imi Loa works in partnership with local businesses to learn about new employment opportunities as well as current

    A student publication of the University of Hawaii, Kauai Community College Fall 2014 | Issue 1

    Art models wanted

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCC

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCC

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCC

    Career centersee page 2

    Ka Leo O KCCt h e v o i c e

    73 64 52ASUH-KCC members resign Ke Kukui o KCC All Philosophical: Is it dead? Sustainability gets a boost! Campus Life photos Campus events

    Free textbooks from '15 to Finish'

    For the first time at Kauai Community College, fine art instructor Stephanie Britt is offering students the chance to earn money being clothed models for painting classes at KCC.

    "I'm looking for all types," says Britt, "tall, short, small, large. All I ask is is a willingness to hold a pose for ten to fifteen minutes at a time." Students of any major or year can apply, whether they're taking art classes or not. Models will be paid $10 per hour.

    On Mondays and Wednesdays, models may work between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. Hours and days may vary, depending on the pace of the semester.

    For details, or to apply, contact instructor Stephanie Britt at britts@hawaii.edu, or stop by the fine arts studio on campus.

    New campus career center

    Steve Watkins / Contributed Photo

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCC Makoto Lane / Ka Leo O KCC

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCCMakoto Lane / Ka Leo O KCC

    Makoto Lane / Ka Leo O KCC

    Check out page 6 for more photos of campus life!

  • 2 Fall 2014 | Issue 1

    Ka Leo O KCC Kauai Community College

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    The Board of Publications, a student organization chartered

    by Kauai Community College, publishes Ka Leo O KCC.

    Email: kccbop@hawaii.edu


    Cont. Career Centersee page 1

    A 'plethora' of new programs

    Spring 2014 is beginning with a plethora of new academic programs and classes at Kauai Community College, including even more to follow in the next year, according to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, James Dire, Ph.D.

    First to take effect has been the Associate of Science in Natural Science degree. The program began last year, with both a physical science and a biological science track for transfer majors. Soon to come will be a marine biology, pre-engineering, and an environmental science track.

    KCC is also offering an Associate of Science in Business Technology degree beginning this fall. Our program is the first two years of a Bachelors in Business Administration, stated Dire. We designed it to be a terminal degree; if you just want to get an associate and then go out and get a job in business here on the island, it should suffice for a lot of jobs. But if you want to go on and get a Bachelors in Business Administration, it will transfer to UH West Oahu. Manoa, however, will not admit transfers without the addition of a Calculus 1 class, such as the one offered here at KCC.

    This year is also the first year for two new faculty members in the Carpentry and EIMT (Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology) programs -- both programs which offer Associate of Science degrees at KCC. Justin Carvalho and James Andrews were both hired this past January. These guys have a lot of energy, Dire states. Theyre fired up to get their programs going and get lots of students.

    A Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting will also be offered next fall, offering students the option to achieve a lower level certification than the current nursing degree, which is a three year program.

    Also on the horizon of KCCs academic opportunities are a Certificate of Achievement in Sustainability Science, two certificates in Graphical Information Systems, and a Certificate of Achievement in Green Automotive Technology, all of which are new to Hawaiis community colleges.

    Kauai Community College is also spearheading a proposal for an Associate of Science in Digital Media Arts degree, along with four other community colleges. Both West Oahu and UH Manoa are supporting this [degree] for transfer into their bachelor's degree programs, states Dire.

    In the meantime, many of the classes required for the new degrees are already being offered, and will transfer towards the degrees once they are approved. Were just excited about all these new opportunities for students here on Kauai, says Dire.

    Shaina Nacion / Ka Leo O KCC

    Four ASUH-KCC members resign

    SEPTEMBER 12 Four members of ASUH-KCC resigned at a recent student government meeting over the alleged discrimination by members of the organization against a single mother bringing her infant son to meetings.

    It was being talked [about] behind our backs and none of us were approached at all, says former ASUH-KCC secretary Samantha Hawkins-Tabian. She and her mother, Hope Tabian, resigned from ASUH-KCC after the presence of Samanthas infant son, Ayden, was called into question.

    It just became a very hostile environment, states Hope, . . . and as a mother I couldnt submit my daughter and grandson to being a part of that. The issue, they say, was that the question was not addressed appropriately or in an upfront manner.

    ASUH-KCCs constitution and bylaws do not deal officially with the issue of children in meetings. As Student Life Coordinator John Constantino explained, the organization would prefer to deal with such issues on a case-by-case basis rather than implement any official policy.

    As a single mother herself, says student body president Napua Domenden, I understand what its like to not have a babysitter and for you to fight with your parent or your other half and be like, Whos gonna watch my kid? But I also understand the point where we are a student government we also are a family.

    Domenden states that student government members had come to her in confidence to examine whether or not the baby was a distraction and to discuss the most appropriate way of bringing the issue up to those involved in a one-on-one scenario, rather than addressing the issue at a formal meeting.

    But after hearing for four days about the discussions taking place, Hope Tabian states, she decided to resign. I waited throughout the week to see if theyd be adults . . . and actually approach us. And nothing happened. So at the meeting, where I felt it was appropriate to address the subject, I did. [I] put it on the agenda and brought it up.

    Although many in the organization were shocked by their resignation, one senator stood up and apologized.

    Only one person said that they didnt mean for it to be threatening, Tabian states. She was very, very nice about that, and I accepted her apology completely . . . I have no problem with anybody questioning anything if theyre doing it with the right intentions, and theyre doing it in the way that they think is right, even if they might be wrong.

    Some members of student government state they were so taken aback by the suddenness of the

    claim that they had no time to offer a solution to Hope and Samantha before they

    walked out. Senator Connie Rowe states, Everything could have continued along the way we have been doing it had they not gotten as upset as they did and had they maybe given it a little more time to decompress

    and let everybody absorb what was said . . . but they were hurt, and understandably so, and at that point they were done.

    The infants mother and grandmother, however, say that they did give enough time for the people involved to explain themselves. The floor was open, Tabian says, and no one else spoke up. Especially the people that we wanted to hear.

    Now that the dust has settled, both say they will not be returning to student government, but will instead be devoting their time to helping students in other ways. They both work as peer mentors here at KCC as well as participating in numerous other clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa, the Kauai chapter of which Samantha is president. Just in general, she says, my issue is that we dont want to be back in student government . . . we dont want any other single mother or person in general to be bullied or have that kind of discriminatory attitudes put towards them. I just dont want anyone to have that feeling. Because I cried; it sucked.

    Vice President of ASUH-KCC, Leeona Thompson, expresses similar frustrations with the situation: Its frustrating that anybody is made to feel that way

    when they shouldnt. When the issue could have easily been resolved by mere discussion. . . . There was

    no substance behind the reasoning why it escalated. And I think it was all just a lot of miscommunication.

    Many student government members have since proposed solutions for bringing children to their meetings, although these solutions will not be officially written into the bylaws or constitution. Thompson states, Student government welcomes any single parent. Student Body President Napua Domenden adds, So for the record, we love babies!

    Alleged 'discriminatory attitudes' and 'a hostile environment'Shaina Nacion /Ka Leo O KCC

    Catherine Antoine /Ka Leo O KCC

    Samantha Hawkins-Tabian and her son Ayden.

    trends. The center also offers students help in defining their career paths to identify their interest[s], values, skills, and align [them] with their personality.

    Both on-campus and off-campus jobs are available at the center, offering students the chance to join the workforce while at school or in the community. Oihana Imi Loa also offers a simple online test to help students decide on a major.

    The center will also be hosting an open house event sometime in October, once the rest of their furniture arrives.

    Office hours for the center are Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. depending on staff availability.To make an appointment, visit their office in the One Stop Center or call 808-245-0132.

    It just became a very hostile environment,

    Hope Tabian

    "There was no substance behind

    the reasoning why it escalated. And I think it was all just a lot of miscommunication"

    Leeona Thompson

    Only one person said

    that they didnt mean for it to be

    threatening, Hope Tabian

  • 3 Fall 2014 | Issue 1

    Ke KuKui o KCC

    I ka l iwakluakmkahi o Kepakemapa, e hoomaka ana i ka hoolaulea o Mokihana ma Kauai. O kia kekahi hanana nui no ka poe o Kauai.

    Nui n hanana ma kia hoolaulea.

    E hmeni ana n keiki ma E e Liliu ma ka Poalua, ka l iwakluakmkolu o Kepakemapa. lelo a Hmeni lkou ma ka lelo Hawaii wale n. E nn i n keiki ui!

    Aia ka hookk hula ma ka Poah a hiki i ka Lpule.

    Nui ke aloha ma kia hanana!

    He waa kaulua no Kauai o Nmhoe a e holo koke ana ia i ka Malaki 2015. O Nmhoe he moe uhane no ekolu hoaaloha, o John Cruz, Kauka Pat Aiu a me Dennis Chun. Ua iini lkou i Hklea a makemake lkou e hooulu mai i ka manao ma ko lkou home mokupuni o Kauai.

    Ike o Kumu Dennis Chun i Namahoe i mea ao, i lumi papa lana a me kekahi mea hana hoonaauao. He holina ia no Kauai no ka mea e hoomau ia i ka ike o n hookele kahiko i kia au. Ua hana a ao mai n haumna a me n kamaaina he nui i ka waa.

    O ka manao o Kumu Chun, e hook ana o Nmhoe a me n waa kaulua o Polonekia i ka hana hoonaauao a me ka hana maikai no ka poe o Polenekia.

    Ke kokoke nei ka holo ana o Nmhoe, no laila

    e welina mai n haumna a me n kamaaina e kkua ma ka waa kaulua. E nn oukou i N Klai Waa O Kauai Nmhoe ma Facebook ma https://www.facebook.com/namahoekauai.

    WELCOME to Ke Kukui o KCC!

    This column of the paper will focus on news and events involving or con-cerning Native Hawaiians, Kauais host culture, some of which will be in the Hawaiian language.

    Everything will also be posted on the web ver-sion of the newspaper, but exclusive to the web will be the English trans-lation of the Hawaiian text. So if you are not fluent in lelo Hawaii, and youre curious about what is being said, we encourage you to go to the website of Ka Leo O KCC and check out the English translations of Hawaiian language articles:

    kaleookcc.org or https://www.facebook.com/Kaleookcc

    AND we encourage you to LEARN HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE! (After all, this IS HAWAII, people. Right?)

    This section of the news-paper is sponsored by the Hawaiian Studies Department, and the articles are submitted, for the most part, by students taking classes in that department. We would like to invite ANY students on this campus to submit articles, sto-ries, poems, or news that involves Native Hawaiian issues, history or cul-ture, especially if it is written in the Hawaiian language. Please make your submission to Kumu Pua, for editing, and then she will submit it to the newspapers editor for publishing. Mahalo!

    Submit to...