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Fall 12 Issue 3 Meet The Greeks


<ul><li><p>TuesdaySeptember 18, 2012</p><p>Volume CXXXVIssue 3</p><p>Inspired by the success of last years event, the TEDxEmbryRiddle team is put-ting together the conversation of a lifetime - centered around the most crucial question facing us today: How will we Power Our Future?</p><p>To us, this issue is two sided - the evolu-tion of technology to tackle tomorrows tremendous energy demands and the social revolution required to develop it. Our questions are simple - Is the future going to be driven by open source ventures, DIY projects and home inventors? </p><p>Or do the industrial energy giants have something planned and ready to be unleashed? And what happened to those wonderfully promising alternatives - wind, solar, geothermal and nuclear power? Coming together to explore these ideas will be industrialists, researchers, entre-preneurs and students from all over the nation.</p><p>Currently, the speakers for this year include Dr. Michael Strano from MIT, Dr. Corwin Hardham from Makani Power, David Yaffe from VNF law and many more energy entrepreneurs. </p><p>Dr. Strano was ranked among the top 20 chemists of the last decade according to data based on citation impact scores of </p><p>chemistry publications. He will be introducing an entirely new </p><p>way to look at new types of fuel cells as well as ultra-high power density batteries using thermopower waves. Mr. Yaffe has 30 years experience in energy law and litigation. He brings to us a whole new perspective on the electricity consumption and regulatory paradigms. </p><p>Corwin has co-founded several com-panies including Squid-Labs, Potenco, Instructables and WakeKite. His focus is in mechanical design and controls as applied to renewable energy systems, and he holds several patents within these areas.</p><p>Our in-house Plasma physics expert, Dr. Anatoly Streltsov, will be speaking about the future of nuclear energy. Dr. Streltsov researches electromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere and their interaction with space plasma at Embry-Riddle. </p><p>We also welcome back ERAU alumnus Manu Sharma (Aero-Astro grad student at Stanford University and an alumnus of Singularity University) who will be talking about the story of wind energy and Nuovo Wind a wind energy start-up hoping to bring small scale, low-cost aesthetic wind tunnel that could be used to sustainably power individual buildings without intrud-ing on too much real-estate.</p><p>Brought together by a complete student team licensed for the event, this conference </p><p>is invitation-only with less than 100 seats left now! TED speakers and attendees are chosen for their merit and for what they can bring to the gathering. Applications </p><p>to attend can be found online at: tedxem-bryriddle.com. Join the conversation on Oct. 6, 2012 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. APPLY TODAY!</p><p>THE FUTURE OF AEROSPACE was TEDx Embry-Riddles event for last year. The top photo has Jason Dunn, the CEO and founder of Made in Space, con-versing with students, while the bottom photo shows the end of last years event as students literally let their ideas fly.</p><p>BENJAMIN EBERLY/TEDX EMBRY-RIDDLE</p><p>Bharvi ChhayaTEDx Embry-Riddle</p><p>How will we power our future?</p><p>These organizations all work together to make great changes on campus, in the com-munity and throughout the world. Bennett Miles, Chairman of Fundraising and Chairman of Community Service for Delta Upsilon, described many of the events his fraternity supports, including the Purple Parade and Joeys Gift. </p><p>He sums up his drive for service by his desire for Embry-Riddle to become more prominent in Daytona, Through our actions, I would like to see Embry-Riddle gain more visibility in the community.</p><p>Sororities and womens fraternities also work hard for their philanthropy. As Allie Iacovelli of Alpha Xi Delta, a womans </p><p>fraternity, emphasizes, Philanthropy is the biggest thing we work toward. She detailed her fraternitys actions to support Autism Speaks by saying, In the fall we walk for Autism Speaks and last semester we raised over $4,000 from our annual Xi Man competition.</p><p>The Meet the Greeks event marks the official kickoff of recruitment week, so for anyone interested in joining a Greek organization, keep an eye out for tables and letters where there is bound to be plenty of information on the campus Greeks. For any further information, check out the Fraternity and Sorority Facebook and Connections page. </p><p>On Friday Sept. 14, giant wood-en letters were erected all around the west lawn in the spirit of the Meet the Greeks event, a time when all the Greek organizations get together to talk a little about themselves and explain who they are and what they do. </p><p>WIKD 102.5 was on site to pro-</p><p>vide live music and Sodexo had a table set up to provide the ever-necessary free food: burgers, hot dogs and drinks. </p><p>Approximately 10% of the schools population is involved in Greek life, divided among 11 fraternities and 5 sororities. Our Greek organizations represent 4 councils: Interfraternity, Multi-Cultural Greek, Panhellenic and National Pan-Hellenic. </p><p>Trey HendersonGuest Reporter</p><p>Meet the Greeks!</p><p>PHOTO COURTESY/HEATHER LLYOD &amp; MARIAH LAW</p></li><li><p>Page</p><p>A2 The Avion, September 18, 2012Campus</p><p>Executive BoardEditor-in-Chief </p><p>Peter TanManaging EditorAlena Thompson</p><p>News EditorAllie Iacovelli</p><p>Business ManagerChristopher Heale</p><p>Photography EditorAustin Coffey</p><p>Advertising ManagerTimothy Campanaro Editorial Staff</p><p>Front EditorPeter Tan</p><p>Campus EditorElizabeth Worsham</p><p>SGA EditorCassie JamesonFeatures Editor</p><p>Peter TanOpinions EditorAlena ThompsonSports EditorsAustin Coffey</p><p>George MychawskiComics EditorFloyd Perkinson</p><p>Entertainment EditorAbby Diekmann Staff Members</p><p> Senior Photographers</p><p>Antoine DaugnyRichard WeakleyStaff Reporter</p><p>Matthew Mackenzie </p><p>Guest Photographers Derell Campano</p><p>Ryan ClarkeGuest Reporters</p><p>Andrew LiechiensteinGraphics ArtistAbby DiekmannPage Editors</p><p>Trey HendersonEllizabeh WorshamGeorge Mychawski</p><p>The Avion is produced weekly during the fall and spring term, and bi-weekly during summer terms. The Avion is produced by a volunteer student staff. Student editors make all content, business and edi-torial decisions. The editorial opinions expressed in The Avion are solely the opinion of the under-signed writer(s), and not those of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Student Government Association, the staff of The Avion, or the student body. Letters appearing in The Avion are those of the writer, identified at the end of the letter. Opinions expressed in the Student Government and Student Life sections are those of the identified writer. Letters may be submitted to The Avion for publica-tion, provided they are not lewd, obscene or libelous. Letter writers must confine themselves to less than 800 words. Letters may be edited for brevity and formatted to newspaper guidelines. All letters must be signed. Names may be withheld at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. The Avion is an open forum for student expression. The Avion is a division of the Student Government Association. The Avion is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. The costs of this publication are paid by the Student Government Association and through advertising fees. The Avion distributes one free copy per person. Additional copies are $0.75. Theft of newspapers is a crime, and is subject to prosecution and Embry-Riddle judicial action. This newspaper and its con-tents are protected by United States copyright law. No portion of this publication may be reproduced, in print or electronically, without the expressed writ-ten consent of The Avion. Correspondence may be addressed to: The Avion Newspaper, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114. Physical office: John Paul Riddle Student Center, Room 110. Phone: (386) 226-6049. Fax: (386) 226-6727. E-mail: theavion@gmail.com.</p><p>Staff AdvisorJessica Searcy, Assistant Director, </p><p>Programming and LeadershipContact Information</p><p>Main Phone: (386) 226-6049Ad Manager: (386) 226-7697Fax Number: (386) 226-6727E-mail: theavion@gmail.com</p><p>Website: theavion.com</p><p>On Friday, Oct. 12, alumni members of the original Embry-Riddle student minority organization, Brothers of the Wind (BOW), will host a meet &amp; greet event with current African-American students. A free luncheon will be held on the bot-tom floor of the Student Village Food Court from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. </p><p>The origi-nal BOW stu-dent group began in 1974. As of 2011, BOW has been re-established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. </p><p>Alumni members of the Brothers of the Wind organization are committed to serving as a perpetual contact for Embry-Riddles African-American students and alumni worldwide. </p><p>They provide student mentoring pro-grams and scholarships, offer career </p><p>and social networking, and share oppor-tunities for job placement and career advancement.</p><p>Accomplished African-American alumni from several fields within the aviation/aerospace industries will be in attendance at the luncheon to network with students. </p><p>Expected BOW alumni include a captain with United Airlines, avi-</p><p>ation attorney for Delta Airlines, an aircraft main-tenance supervisor, the manager of the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center, the operations supervi-sor of JFK International Airport, an aviation supply chain/inventory man-ager, a retired Navy captain, the registrar </p><p>from Florida Atlantic University, the vice president of international operations for Forward Air, an owner of a computer consulting agency and a senior engineer from the B-2B bomber program, to name a few.</p><p>Additional invited guests include Naval aviators </p><p>who are scheduled to fly in a T-2 and/or an F-18. These </p><p>pilots will be avail-able to network dur-ing the luncheon, then </p><p>they will offer touch time at their air-craft which will be on static dis-play at the flight line following the luncheon.</p><p>Space for the luncheon is limited to the first 50 minor-ity students who register. To RSVP or for more details, contact the Office of Diversity by Oct. 11 at diversity.initia-tives@erau.edu or call 386-226-7558.</p><p>Marci StappungBOW Executive Committee</p><p>Meet the Brothers of the Wind</p><p>How well do you know your room-mate? On Saturday, Sept. 7, in the Student Village Atrium the Embry-Riddle Resident Student Association (ERRSA) gave students the chance to put their roommate knowledge to the test by hold-ing the second annual Roommate Trivia. The competition itself was very similar to the old game show Newlyweds where contestants were asked about their partner and the couple with the highest score won. ERRSAs version had three rounds with questions of increasing dif-ficulty and point value. The participants were really motivated to win the prize bin that was full with items for both roommates such as laundry supplies, whiteboards, corkboards, DVDs, toilet paper and much more. However, at the </p><p>end, one team prevailed to win the grand prize with a score of 55. </p><p>ERRSA has many other fun events like Roommate Trivia planned for stu-dents to take part. Their next event will be Mega Game Night which will be held on Friday, Sept. 21, in Apollo from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. This event will have something for everybody as there will be a LAN party, board games, gaming system competitions and, of course, there will be lots of free food throughout the night. Mega Game Night is one of ERRSAs most popular events so make sure to attend!</p><p>If you want to know more about </p><p>ERRSAs events, their rentals or the organization, feel free to stop by our office in the Student Village TC205. You can also check us on Connection, Facebook, foursquare, and errsa.com.</p><p>ERRSA hosts Roommate TriviaCatherine Cruz Agosto</p><p>ERRSA Programming Coordinator</p><p>ERRSA HOSTS EVENTS LIKE Roommate Trivia for Embry-Riddle students. </p><p>Photo courtesty of ERRSA</p><p>Last Monday evening at 11:57p.m., a student was robbed at gunpoint in the Enterprise lot across from the Student Village. </p><p>The [Suspect] was [an African-American male]. We couldnt tell how tall he was. He wrapped his face in a t-shirt. And he brandished this silver automatic weapon, stated Marty Pender. Pender served with the NYPD before coming to Embry-Riddle as a Crime Prevention Coordinator.</p><p>A beige four-door sedan drove up, picked up the suspect and then fled the scene. </p><p>The [victim] was a black belt... but was wise enough to stand down anyway. We could have been dealing with a </p><p>homicide, said Pender.I cannot guarantee it cannot happen </p><p>herebe aware, said Kevin Mannix, Director of Safety at the Daytona Beach campus.</p><p>Anybody with information about Mondays incident is strongly encour-aged to contact Campus Safety or the Daytona Beach Police at (386) 671-5100.</p><p>The University has spent a great deal of time and resources to ensure the safe-ty of everyone on campus. Some of these assets include Rave and the uniformed safety and security officers who patrol the campus and dorm facilities. </p><p>Not so obvious are the students around you. A select few Embry-Riddle students dedicate their time and energy to ensure the safety of campus events and the Embry-Riddle community at large. </p><p>However, these resources are not abso-</p><p>lute. Your friends and classmates are always your greatest asset. This univer-sity is proud to have such an outstanding safety record. We should all try to keep it that way.</p><p>All students and campus personnel are being called upon to be vigilant. If you see something, say something. You can remain anonymous.</p><p>Campus Safety and Security Emergency: (386) 226-7233</p><p>Campus Escort or Emergency: (386) 226-6480</p><p>Likewise, be sure to sign up for Rave if you have yet to do so. </p><p>Sign into your ERNIE account.Scroll to the bottom of the page.Find the Rave link.Submit your contact information to </p><p>stay informed.</p><p>Andrew J LichtensteinGuest Reporter</p><p>Campus safety: If you see something, say something</p></li><li><p>Page</p><p>A3The Avion, September 18, 2012 Student Government</p><p>My name is Solomon Nader I am 26 years old and my hometown is Clearwater, FL. I am working on my MSA in Aviation Meteorology and Aviation Management. I did not believe I would be working on my Masters but here I am and I am enjoying it. I am currently the Graduate Student Representative on the SGA. </p><p>I will be working with campus offi-cials to make sure the graduate students will have a voice when it comes to any-thing school related. I have been on the Daytona Beach campus since 2009 and received my undergrad in Aeronautics along with six minors in Aviation Safety, Aeronautical Science, Homeland Security, Meteorology, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Flight. My flight ratings are private, instrument, single engine commercial, and multi-engine commercial. </p><p>Prior to Riddle I was in the U.S. Army </p><p>for 4 years as a Humvee Driver / Gunner on a Personal Security Detail and spent 15 months in Afghanistan. I am currently in the Army Reserves and my rank in Sergeant. I have been selected to become a Warrant Officer and will be attending helicopter flight school at the end of the fall 2012 semester. </p><p>Cool facts about me are I love all Tampa Bay teams and I hate to be lazy. I always have believed you have to work hard...</p></li></ul>