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the more we build, the more it build us!
smartdesign led off-site manufacturing/fabrication
China Steel Suppliers
4600/2005 : Cold Formed Steel Structure
4100 : Steel Structure
G550 Grade Steel with guaranteed minimum yield strength ≥550MPa
AZ150 Aluminium Zinc Coating @ 150/m2
Manufactured/Fabricated to Builder approved CAD engineered plans
We use 0.95mm sheet steel [Industry Stranded: 0.75mm] to produce Wall,
Joists, Trusses and Battens
Battens/Purlins: 35mm.
Weighing >60% less than timber, our steel sections can span greater
distances offering larger open spaces and increased design flexibility
without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls.
The finished frames/sections include documentation supporting material
verification, frame/section erection guide + instructions for builder; and
an independent engineering sign-off.
DIFOT - deliver in-full-on-time … and much more!
China fabrication within HERM Logic TQM framework
NEW ZEALND knowhow + technology + IP brings design led
construction manufacturing to mitigate on-site risk:
- human errors
- delivery delays
- material waste
an overarching TQM sourcing, manufacturing and delivery framework…
resulting in smarter turnarounds at the least cost to business/build (LCB).
WHY we do it! To deliver a competitive advantage to your business.
HOW we do it! By taking a whole-of-business/build approach to Project + Procurement and Supply Chain (P+P&SC) Management.
WHAT we do! We deliver negotiated savings and realised value benefits that you can trace to the P&L statement of a project, or to a business unit; and to your bottom-line!
Our Managed Services, Comparable Competitive Pricing
and turnkey solutions completely replaces the need to
tender for structural framing. This is my next generation
GAP & BPO managed service guarantee to you!
lower business
Managing Director
Our 24/7 Project
Management App will
complete peace of mind.
Step 3
frame/section fabrication
and assembly
Step 4