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Fabulous Wedding Photography

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This is an article I wrote a few years ago just as digital was gaining popularity. It's a good read in spite of the article's slight age.

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Fabulous Wedding Photography Finally

Fabulous Wedding Photography Finally

By David A. Ziser

M.Photog., Cr., F-ASP

Wow! Have you seen wedding photography lately? The innovation, creativity, artistry, and excitement captured in the images of many of todays talented photographers is extraordinary. Wedding photography as we know it has been around for about 50 years, but in the last 5 to 8 years, the trends have certainly been changing, and changing for the best. The big winners, of course, are the brides and grooms making these arrangements with this talented breed of professionals.

A peek at your mom and dads album can give you a good indication of just how far wedding imagery has progressed. We dont see many of the double exposures any more, but instead are seeing a much more stylized series of images that may include an inclination to photojournalism and fashion together with the traditional images. B&W images, digital composites, fine art album presentations all combine to give todays couples a fabulous selection of imagery and presentation.

I have to say that not only is it exciting for todays wedding couples to have these images as part of their selection, but it is exciting for we photographers, as well, to capture these images for our clients. In your selection process, be sure to seek a photographer who is passionate about his or her work; find one who is just as thrilled about wedding photography as you are about your wedding.

One of the hottest trends in wedding photography today for clients and photographers alike is the use of digital cameras for capturing image. But what is the quality of the finished product? Answer Truly Amazing! The benefit to the photographer and client is the fact that he or she can literally photograph every single moment of your wedding without having to count rolls of film used. A few photographers have even migrated completely to digital capture for just this reason, but many photographers are combining digital capture with film to enhance their coverages as well. The finished digital photographs are indistinguishable from film-produced images.

Another benefit this digital age give brides and grooms is the ability to share their wedding images electronically on the Internet. Imagine being able to share your wedding day with family and friends around the country and the world even with those friends who were not able to make it to the wedding! These latest technologies also give the client the opportunity to have their wedding images made into presentation CDs and DVDs with music. Be sure to discuss these digital age possibilities your prospective photographer.

In the end, it still comes down to what you are looking for in your photography. A wedding is a wonderful whirl of images and impressions just waiting to be captured by the talented eye of your photographer. When choosing a photographer, consider their different styles and what would best suit the type of wedding you are planning. Be sure to visit different studios and check out their web sites to determine what kinds of photographs you prefer. Begin the process of choosing a photographer early; some may be booked months or even more than a year in advance.

There will be a multitude of decisions to make. Do you want to include some black and white photographs along with color images? How many pictures will be taken, and, what is the cost of the prints and reprints? What is the style and cost of wedding albums? Are there travel costs or extra fees? Can the negatives be purchased? Can digital images be burned to a CD? Discuss the contract in detail. Have all dates, times and locations clearly listed. Confirm that the photographer of your choice will definitely be the one taking pictures at your wedding.

Consider the option of engagements portraits as well. This wonderful collection of images of the both of you really enjoying each other during the camera session can be the beginning of your first family album together. Some photographers even offer beautiful image boxes, in lieu of albums, to safely display and keep beautifully matted photographs. Any one of these photographs may also be used as your engagement announcement photograph for the newspaper.

Another pre-wedding photo opportunity may be a bridal portrait. This are usually taken days or weeks ahead of the wedding and portrays the bride in all aspects of her attire, as she will appear on her wedding day. Grooms are often included in this portrait and it may be shot formally, in a studio, or staged innovatively at a beautiful park. Cincinnati is rich in landmarks that lend themselves as elegant backdrops, such as Ault Park, Mount Echo, Union Terminal, Fountain Square, Mount Airy Park, and Eden Parks Twin Lakes.

Both of you are full of excitement as you plan your wonderful day. All your arrangements are slowing coming together and soon you will see the fruits of all your labors as all the planning coalesces to its final form on your wedding day the most important day of your life. That is why wedding photography is so important. You are selecting a photographer who is not just photographing a wedding album. You are selecting a photographer who is helping you put together the most important album of your life - your first family history album a collection of images showing family and friends, anticipation and excitement, and mostly the love of those special people in your lives sharing that glorious day with you a day unlike anyone elses in the world because it is your day. Take the time to choose wisely, but more importantly have fun exploring all the wonderful photographic possibilities the profession has to offer.

Best of Luck!