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Fables & Morals

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Fables and morals ~

Text of Fables & Morals

  • Imagine you stole something from

    the store and your mom saw it. She

    asked you where you got it.

    You could lie

    Would you feel bad?

  • Imagine you were playing

    ball and the ball broke the

    neighbors window.

    What would you choose to do?

    But what if they got caught?

  • Unit 1: Storytelling

    To understand fable and moral/lesson

  • What was the story about?

    Where does the story take place?

    Who are the characters?

    Who is your character and why?

    Which character dont you like and why?

    What are the problems the characters face?

    How do they solve these problems?

    How does the story end?

    What lesson does this story teach you?

  • Statement or caption

    The Boy and the Wolf

  • Discussion

    What was the shepherds job?

    What did he do to make the other townspeople upset? Why were they upset?

    Why do you think he decided to cry wolf when there was no wolf?

    How do you think the little shepherd boy felt when no one came to help after the wolf attacked his folk?

    Do you think the shepherd boy learned his lesson? What do you think he can do now to show people he wont lie anymore?


    a traditional story,usually about an

    imals, that teaches

    a moral lesson

  • Match the morals to the


  • The Frog and the OxA young frog, amazed at

    the huge size of an ox,

    rushed to tell her father

    about the monster. The

    father frog, trying to

    impress his child, puffed

    himself up to look like the

    ox. The young frog said it

    was much bigger. Again

    the father puffed himself

    up. The young frog insisted

    the monster was even

    bigger. The father puffed and burst!

  • The Monkey and

    the Dolphin

    A monkey fell from a ship

    and was rescued by a

    dolphin. The dolphin

    asked if he lived nearby.

    The monkey lied and said

    that he did. Do you know Seriphos? asked the dolphin. The monkey,

    thinking Seirphos was a

    persons name, boasted that it was his best friend.

    As Seriphos was a town,

    the dolphin knew the

    monkey was lying, so he

    dived, leaving him to

    swim to shore.

  • The Fox and the Old


    An old lion sent out word

    that he was ill and said

    that he would like the

    animals and birds to visit

    him. Most went but fox

    did not. Finally the lion

    sent for him, asking why

    he had not come to see

    him. The clever fox

    replied, I planned to, but I noticed that although

    many tracks led into your

    cave, none led out.

  • The END