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  • 1. DIS Architecture + Design Assignment 2 Fall 2014 In her book `Old Buildings, New Forms, Franoise Bollack divides adaptive reuse projects into five categories and illustrates each with a diagram (from left to right): wraps, weavings, juxtapositions, parasites, and insertions. Suzuki House, Bolles + Wilson Nordvest Object Gallery Urban Infill in an Urban Context FA14 Architecture Foundation Studio Assignment 2 Architecture and Design Transformed Faculty Marie-Louise Holst Eva Grell Frederiksen
  • 2. DIS Architecture + Design Assignment 2 Fall 2014 Assignment Objectives Site Analysis Program Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten 2 Assignment You are to design a small object gallery that shows local Danish designer items such as ceramics, jewelry, glass, and timberworks. There are many small local designers in the area and the object gallery will be run on a collective basis. Furthermore, the gallery should add a sculptural gesture to the park and work as a hub that invites people to use the park and help create a more safe area by night. Objectives The primary objective of this assignment is to explore issues of context in an urban setting through the design of an infill building in Copenhagens Nordvest area. Learning Objectives To diagram, understand, and respond to an urban environment To explore connections between context/building, building/program, program/ users with respect to issues of functions, materiality, light, and scale. To transform a design concept into a concrete architectural proposal without losing the spirit of the initial concept Site The site is located in the more multicultural and gritty part of Copenhagen just on the border between Nrrebro and Nordvest. It is set in one of the arches under the raised railway a short distance from Nrrebro station. The arches are facing a small rundown public park and the surrounding buildings are a mixed typology of residential and factory buildings. Most of the arches are currently closed off, so no connections under the railway are possible. The area around Nrrebro station is currently undergoing a huge transformation with the new metro being built. The plan for the park is that it will become a place for urban farming and recreation, while the arches will create new connections between Nrrebro and Nordvest . Site analysis in diagrams (studio 1-2) The site analysis will occur in small teams of 2 students per group. Each group will carry out one aspect of the site analysis (1-4, listed below). Each group will then present their analysis results in a diagrammatic form in the studio, and the four presentations will establish an analysis library for the studio. 1. Movement and Connectivity. Record all movements through, around, and across the site, including bicycles, cars and pedestrians. Record all activity occurring in the public realm, i.e. seating areas, sport, or event areas, etc. Present your findings in color-coded diagrams. 2. Climate. Record the sun path over the site and account for seasonal changes in light penetration and shadows. Also record the wind exposure and noise conditions relative to the immediate context. 3. Landmark, Views, and Features. Record all particular landmark features, e.g. Church spires, gable ends, etc. by cutting key sections though the site and draw an outline elevation in order to record local architectural styles. Record the key views into the site and from the site looking out. 4. Proportions. Record key spatial dimensions and proportions, such as space between buildings (street width) and building heights. Cut key sections across and along the site, and remember to add a human scale indication. Program The footprint of the building is approximately 8.2 meters long, 8 meters deep, and 4.5-5.5 meters high. The new gallery should consist of ground floor + 1 mezzanine level + a covered outdoor area. At a minimum, the following elements and spatial allotments are required: Gallery area with front desk Take away coffee booth to serve park and gallery visitors Kitchenette Toilet Exhibition space and display furniture for gallery objects It is expected that the program is challenged and adjusted. Chillida Sculpture Tango
  • 3. DIS Architecture + Design Assignment 2 Fall 2014 3 Presentation Requirements Evaluation Submission Presentation Requirements Statement of intent Site analyses Diagrams Siteplan 1:200 / 1:500 Plans 1:50 (optional) Model 1:50 Model photos/3D Make sure to argue for the decisions you have made, and show this in your process. Process models from each week are required for presentation. Evaluation Criteria Daily work in the studio (process and engagement) Response to context Development of concept Resolution of program Design process (models are required for each studio class) Coherency Completeness Communication/Preparation for studio class Evaluation is based on daily work in studio (process) 40% and final presentation 60%. Evaluation criteria are outlined in detail in the grading rubrics for process and presentation which are included in the course syllabus. Any plots submitted after 9:00 or failure to complete presentation material by 22:00 on the due date of the assignment will be marked down 1/3 letter from the process grade. Submission Format Nametags A nametag will be provided by the AD office, please place this on the top right hand corner of your board. Submission To avoid plotter backup and breakdowns, we offer to plot your boards for you (any-thing larger than A3). If you would like the AD staff to plot your board, please submit it to AD Documents by 09:00 February 26th. Submit to the folder: AD_Documents > To_AD_Department > SP13 > Asn_1_Plot_Submissions File Size No file over 10 megabytes will be plotted! Files MUST be in PDF format! Please be aware that the maximum plot size 105cmx150cm. Make sure your file size fits within these dimensions! Keep in mind the boards we provide for pin-up are 120cm x 120cm. Saving Save your file as your first name, underscore, your last name, followed by the size of your plots, as well as the number of plots. For example: emma_sullivan_105cmx120cm_1of1.pdf PLEASE FOLLOW THIS FORMAT TO AVOID PLOTTING DELAYS Plotting on your own If you miss the 09:00 submission deadline, or if you choose to plot on your own, please be patient and wait for the submitted plots to finish printing before you begin. Site Storefront NYC, Architect Steven Holl
  • 4. DIS Architecture + Design Assignment 2 Fall 2014 Schedule Rucksack House, by Stefan Eberstadt 4 Day Date Time Topic Tue Sep 02 13:15 - 14:45 Studio with Faculty Introduction to assignment, site analysis, and precedents 15:00 - 17:00 Site Visit with Faculty Note: For the next studio sessions bring 1mm grey cardboard and glue. The site model will be built in this material. All models should be present at all studio sessions. Fri Sep 05 13:15 - 17:00 Studio with Faculty Presentation of site analysis + precedents Group pin up analysis of site and context. All students pin up and present two A3 sheets (horizontal format) with precedent studies. Start building site model (1:50) in groups. Sep 08 - Sep 09 See Core Course Week Schedule Tue Sept 09 12:00 - 18:00 Studio with Faculty in Helsingr Pin up of 3 concept diagrams / sketches Sept 11 - Sept 13 Western Denmark Short Tour Tue Sep 16 13:15 - 17:00 Studio with Faculty Pin up of 2 models 1:50 The models should be placed in the site model. Each concept should clearly state how the program is adjusted and which precendent is used. Wed Sep 17 13:15 - 14:30 Introduction to AD Long Tour Locations: Tour Z - V7.41 Tour V - V10.A11 Tour Y - V7.Basement Tour W - V10.D11 Fri Sep 19 13:15 - 17:00 Studio with Faculty Pin up board layout 1:10 Pin up of 1 developed 1:50 sketch models Placed in site model Photoshop / Model photo Tutorial See Blackboard for more information Tue Sep 23 13:15 - 17:00 Studio with Faculty Desk crit. All models, drawings, and 3D. Should be 98% finished for comments. Thu Sep 25 08:30 - 17:00 Assignment 2 Presentations Locations: TBA (See Blackboard) Fri Sep 26 08:30 - 17:00 Assignment 2 Presentations Locations: TBA (See Blackboard) New addition to excisting structure / KADK Sou Fujimoto Bird, Designer Kristian Vedel