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extremely loud and incredibly close disability poster

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It communicates the audience effectively because they could like that sort of genre I wouldnt say the poster is great because it shows you a picture of an unknown star and that doesnt attract attentionThe tagline could describe the boys personalityAttention is gained from the front of the movie poster because the boys face attracts the audience because it could be explaining his lifeI wouldnt say the boy on the movie poster is the USP I would say at the top where it says tom hanks and Sandra bullock people would recognise these big namesThe genre seems like it could be quite an emotional filmI would say the intended audience would be teens and adultsThe main thing in the background is the main character which is the little boyThe main colours used are blue which could represent intelligence and kindnessIt contains a picture of the main character, the tagline, credit block, use of star names, release date etc.