Extreme Makeover The Print Edition August 20, 2010 Paul Strack President, CustomXM

Extreme makeover

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The print industry has change rapidly, presenting many challenges for the Print Services Provider.

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Extreme Makeover – The Print Edition

August 20, 2010Paul StrackPresident, CustomXM

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Introduction & Background

Formerly a CPA with Ernst & Young

Joined the family business in 1990 as an outside sales rep

2nd generation printing company, founded in 1966

Traditionally a small format, offset printing operation

Embraced digital changes slowly, but consistently found the

balance of being on the “leading edge” of technology, without being

on the “bleeding edge”. Today – approximately $2,000,000 in sales, 12.5 full-time employees Digital equipment includes Nexpress

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Brief introduction to our operations and business philosophy

Discuss how we began the transformation to an MSP, even before

we knew it!

Review our Path to Change – It is just one of many paths.

Our branding & services evolution

Website Evolution – things we did right, and things we did wrong

Further Discussions

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Introduction & Background


1450 – 2009

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The Path to Change…

Our Mission

Client drivenA source for technologically advanced marketing solutionsLeading provider of print-related marketing toolsFocused on efficiencyFinancially strong, friendly, safe and personally rewarding

Our Vision

We are the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle for our client’s marketing messages.

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The Path to Change…

Strategic Plan

• Since 1966, we’ve offered clients a full range of services

• We’ve tried to stay ahead of technological changes, by offering diversified integrated services and products

• This has been a transformation that has carved a new side of Custom Printing Company – CustomXM

• So the challenge of this transformation was to effectively position ourselves as a Marketing Services Provider, without diminishing our Print Services.

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The Path to Change…

The Challenges

• Commoditization of Print Services

• From PSP to MSP

• Competition

• Cost of technology

• How to Re-brand, and how to execute re-branding efforts.

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Logo Evolution

1966 1994





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Revelation lead to Change

2001In order to help our clients

GROW their businesses, we

had to TRANSFORM ours!

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Web Site - 1999

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Web Site - 2004

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Web Site - 2004


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Evolution of Products

We began providing more:

Print on Demand

Short Run color

Variable Data Printing

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Formalizing the Transition

May 2006

“…provide creative, yet affordable, one-to-one marketing solutions involving a variety of digital media platforms…”

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Formalizing the Transition

Personalized, Cross Media Services:

• Development of marketing plans by consultation with clients

• Website design & consultation

• Database acquisition

• Implementation of cross-media campaigns

• Design and production of print campaigns

• Results tracking and reporting

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Web Site - 2006

Page 17: Extreme makeover

Web Site - 2006 Web2Print

Client specific products

MSP Offering


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Moving Forward

To get to the NEXT STEP (rebranding) :

I needed assistance.I needed a formal plan.I needed a map.

My internal resources were lacking in this area.

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Introduction & Background

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The Big Reveal…

Commerce Arkansas Tradeshow 2008

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Website v2008


Complete, New CustomXM branding

4 core components of our message map

Easy access to Web2Print

Links to ALL major print related services

Case Studies, Current information

CMS system, easy to update

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Web site - Today

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Web site - Today Web2Print

Print Offerings

Social Media

MSP Offering


New ideas

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Web Site

The Positives“on line order system easy to walk through”

“great approach to a web site. Making it about the customer and not yourself.”

“the site helps customers be more creative.”The Negatives

“CustomXM – Market Smarter does not tell me that this is primarily a printing company”

“I have to look in the lower left corner to see the primary list of printing services.

“Don’t make people look to your main message about who you are!”

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Cross Media includes Social

Engage Interact

React blog

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New Mission Statement

We Help our Clients Market Smarter.

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Introduction & Background


1450 –

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