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  • 1. Quality Voice Bandwidth Efficient VoIP Solutions Netrix VoIP Solutions VoIP High Quality Voice Ideal Solution for Bandwidth Challenged Environments Award-winning voice clarity Design and field-proven for harsh environments Scalable and Flexible H.323 & SIP compliant Voice over IP (VoIP) offers organizations substantial benefits, including reducing the cost of business communication. For end users, the ability to merge all voice and data onto a simplified system has powerful appeal. For service providers, the Combined Voice and ability to provision and maintain a single network for both voice and data provides a significant operational advantage. Data over any infrastructure Unfortunately, there can be a shortcoming with VoIP, the amount of bandwidth required to provide the desired voice quality can be higher than anticipated. Organizations are often forced to choose between sacrificing voice quality in Standards compliance order to realize the cost savings, or forego the cost savings in order to maintain ensures superior quality. interoperability Netrix Network Exchange Nx2200 gateway products from NSGDatacom provide the solution to this dilemma. The product family was developed by the inventors of packetized compressed voice and leaders in quality, bandwidth-efficient voice solutions. The Nx2200 product line utilizes both standard and patented voice Soft configurable voice compression technologies (12:1 voice compression) to deliver high quality voice ports over a variety of fixed-line, wireless, and satellite links at efficient data rates. Toll quality voice is achieved while realizing bandwidth efficiency by use of sophisticated queue buffer, jitter buffer and echo cancellation mechanisms built WAN support via Frame into the product. Additionally, the Netrix products are field-proven to operate in harsh environments. Relay over high-speed serial interface NSGDatacom products are deployed worldwide in corporate, financial, government, military, carrier, satellite, and cellular networks. The following applications are examples of Netrix solutions that were chosen by customers Low power budget wanting to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP in environments where high quality voice was crucial and bandwidth was at a premium. Communication solutions from extend. evolve. innovate.
  • 2. Quality Voice Bandwidth Efficient VoIP Solutions US Military Phone Home Program calls faster, used significantly less Quality of voice calls was of particular interest to a major USA interexchange bandwidth, were easy to deploy, were highly reliable, and provided excellent carrier for a high profile VoIP service. voice quality for the telephone calls Military personnel stationed in the Middle using packetized voice and clear East rely on Netrix voice products to call loved ones back home. Voice quality is channel communications over satellite. extremely important to soldiers Furthermore, the Netrix products are connecting with family members on the field-proven to operate in harsh opposite side of the globe, regardless of environments, including a deployment in whether these calls are placed over Afghanistan where climate shifts can be satellite hops and/or congested links. extreme. In one situation it was discovered that the product still operated Netrix Nx2200 VoIP gateway products normally even with sand inside the unit! were selected because they established 448K x 5 EF Data CDM600 NX2210 448K x 5 PSTN 256K x 5 120 Calls EF Data 12 E1, 48 360 calls ECI CDM600 Telephones TDAX 256K x 5 NX2210 2 Channel Vertex 9.3M Ku NX2210 Banks each and Redundant RF site NX2210 NOC #1 24 1 Channel Telephones 2210 Bank each Netrix NOC #2 site NMS Network Diagram - Phone Home Program SES-Americom Clarity of voice essential for satellite control Although SES-Americom wanted to traverse a satellite link since it might be save money on terrestrial circuits, using the satellite undergoing the quality of voice was paramount. Using planned operational change. Because a a network of Nx2214s and Nx2201s at single glitch could result in lost earth stations in Europe and the comm unications, SES-Americ om Americas for VoIP communications initially utilized both a terrestrial data between satellite controllers, they have network and a voice network. managed to achieve both. Since most of the data network traffic At each earth station, they use PADS was IP running over a router network, Voice Terminal Units (VTUs) supplied VoIP became a possible means of by XteQ to provide patchable, hoot- saving money on these voice circuits. and-holler circuits to other earth After careful evaluation of products stations. This is necessary since from many vendors, the Nx2210 and Only Netrix provides the controllers at one earth station must beNx2201 products were selected for the VoIP quality that is essential in contact with controllers at another VoIP network because they allowed to us when controllers are while performing satellite operations operators to communicate reliably via speaking between ground such as orbit correction. Before any telephone handset and overhead stations. If they can not operation can be performed, it must be speaker without degradation of voice recognize the other discussed and agreed upon by all of the quality. This was the most critical controller course controllers. criterion in product selection, as any corrections can not be breakdown or loss of signal could result made. However, the voice path for this inter- in course corrections not being controller communication cannot implemented. NSGDatacom Customer
  • 3. Quality Voice Bandwidth Efficient VoIP Solutions Polylink VoIP with