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EXPORTS Submitted ByThe Invincible (Group 06)

Group Members

ExportsThe termexportmeans shipping the goods and services out of the port of a country

Products of local origin sold to othercountries

Selling goods and services produced in the home country to other markets

Export Department Export order may require special procedures in manufacturing, credit checking, insuring, packing, shipping and collection.As export orders increase, the handling of orders becomes more routine.It is necessary to interface with freight forwarders, banks, packing companies, steamship lines, airlines, translators, government agencies, domestic transportation companies and attorneys.

Methods of Exports through mail hand-deliveredshipped by airshipped by vesseluploaded to an internet sitedownloaded from an internet site

Ways of Exporting Direct selling in export strategy

Direct selling through distributors

Direct selling through foreign retailers and end users

Indirect selling

Prohibited or Restricted Goods may vary from Country to Country, but a few includeDrugsWeaponsAgricultural and Industrial ChemicalsAlcoholic beveragesDangerous goodsBanknotes Artefacts and culturally important itemsPlants and animals

Import and export documentation requirements

bills of ladingInvoicespacking listscertificates of origincopies of letters of credit insurance certificates.

Parties to the International Shipping Transaction

Often a number of businesses have temporary control over cargo and therefore have responsibility for its processing, handling, integrity and/or movement. The following parties are often involved in an export shipment:

ExporterFreight ForwarderNon-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)Inland CarrierTerminal OperatorsOcean CarrierAir CarrierCustoms InspectorsCustoms Brokers

Exporting Procedure International trade regulationsExport declarationsExport permitsDelivering productsFreight forwarders and brokersPacking goodsLabels and marksTransportation insuranceExport documentationDuty deferral and duty reliefDelivering services

Export Department

RoleFunction/Operation StatementOrganization chartjob descriptionInitial and periodic Trainingprocedures for disseminating current Regulatory development information

Export Procedures Preliminary considerationsFormation of sales agreementList of existing agents and distributorsList of freight forwarders, steamship companies, insurance brokers, packing companies and attorneysCollection and banking procedures (L.O.C, Drafts)Record keeping compliance

Export documents Quotations, costing sheetsPurchase order acknowledgement purchase order acceptancesInvoicesShippers export declarationPower of attorneyShippers letter of instructionBill of ladingPacking listsInspection certificatesInsurance certificatesDock and warehouse receiptsConsular invoiceCertificates of originDelivery instructionsDeclaration of dangerous goods (if applicable)

Export Licenses Procedures for determining applicability of regulations, including exemptions. Procedures for monitoring changes in products. Procedures for monitoring changes in to denied persons and designated national lists and customers. Procedures for applying for export licenses

Pakistani Products ExportedRiceFruits & Vegetables SpicesFishChemical & Pharmaceutical Sports GoodsSurgical Instruments

Pakistani Products Exported Raw Cotton/ Cotton Yarn Knitted Fabrics of Cotton Ready-made Garments Towels Carpets & Rugs Leather/ Leather GarmentsMACHINERY

Export/Trade Barriers StrategicInternational agreements limit trade in, and the transfer of, certain types of goods and information

TariffsTariff is a tax placed on a specific good or set of goods exported from or imported to a country SubsidiesA governmental providing supplemental financial support to manipulate the price below market valueList of Countries by Exports Top Ten Since August 2012RankCountryExportsDate ofinformationWorld$17,779,000,000,0002011 est.1China $ 2,210,000,000,0002013 estEuropean Union$ 2,173,000,000,0002011 est.2United States$ 1,575,000,000,0002013 est.3Germany$ 1,493,000,000,0002013 est.4Japan$ 697,000,000,0002013 est.5France$ 570,100,000,0002013 est.6South Korea$ 557,300,000,0002013 est.7Netherlands$ 551,500,000,0002013 est.8Russia$ 515,000,000,0002013 est.Hong Kong$ 486,100,000,0002013 est.9United Kingdom$ 475,700,000,0002013 est.10Italy$ 474,000,000,0002013 est.

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