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Becoming an athlete

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    The first physical attribute we lose as we age is our ability to generate power. Close behind is theloss of skilled, coordinated movement. Both of these losses lead to frailty and devastating falls in oldage. The fix is never to lose these abilities in the first place! Paul Wades Explosive Calisthenics isthe best program for developing power and skilled movement I have seen. Just as with his previoustwo books, the progressions are masterful with no fancy equipment needed.

    You dont have to achieve a full back flip or kip up to get HUGE benefit from mastering the earlyprogressions. It doesnt matter if you are a 20-year old looking to push your power and agility to newheights or approaching middle age, trying to slow the hands of time. Do yourself a favor and get thisamazing work. This book will be the gold standard for developing bodyweight power, skill, andagility.

    CHRIS HARDY, D.O. MPH, CSCS, author, Strong Medicine

    Martial arts supremacy is all about explosive power and speed, and you will possess both onceyouve mastered the hardcore exercises in Explosive Calisthenics. Take your solo training to a levelyou never even imagined with these teeth-gritting, heart-palpating exercisesfrom a master of thegenre.

    LOREN W. CHRISTENSEN, author of over 50 books, including Fighting Power: How toDevelop Explosive Punches, Kicks, Blocks, and Grappling and Speed Training: How to DevelopYour Maximum Speed for Martial Arts

    Explosive Calisthenics by Paul Coach Wade is a masterfully constructed roadmap for theattainment of power, functional speed, and agility. The book is extreme in that only a small percentageof the population would be able or willing to fully take the challenge, but at the same time, brilliant inthat the path proceeds methodically and progressively from relatively simple to extremely advanced,allowing a discretionary endpoint for each individual.

    The book is also refreshingly raw. The exercises are all done using only bodyweight and little inthe way of equipment. There are only five moves to master and yet each is a proverbial double-edgeswordat the same time dangerous yet potentially transformative.

    Take this on and I doubt you will ever again be satisfied with the mundane bench press or the otherexercise machines found in the typical gym.

    PATRICK ROTH, M.D., author of The End of Back Pain: Access Your Hidden Core toHeal Your Body, Chairman of Neurosurgery at Hackensack University Medical Center and thedirector of its neurosurgical residency training program.

    Once again, Paul Coach Wade, inspires with a life-changing approach to fitness that relies onlyon the weight of ones body. In his comprehensive new book, Explosive Calisthenics, he presents

  • how calisthenics can and should be taken to the next level. Starting as he always does, with history ofthe early practitioners of bodyweight training, Explosive Calisthenics explains the widelymisunderstood difference between strength and power as perhaps the key theme. This crucialdistinction is what defines truly functional exercise as a life-long endeavor that has been a fountain ofyouth since ancient times.

    To that, Wade ties his dynamic calisthenics to popular disciplines including my own, martial artsdrawing on exercises specific to the combative arts, but applicable to any physical activity. Wadealso includes basic jumps, rolls, and somersaults as key parts of the regimen. Correctly, Wade prefersnot to define these as gymnastics but as whole-body explosive power and speed training. While thismay not be for everyone at first, I would encourage the calisthenics-advanced non-gymnast, to givethese explosive movements a try.

    Of particular note to me as a long-time proponent of time-tested, more functional fitness training, Ivery much appreciated Wades discussion of developing the senses as a fundamental part ofExplosive Calisthenics. As a professional, more traditional martial artist and Chen Taijiquanpractitioner, development of the senses through exercises that utilize whole-body movement andstringent eye-hand-foot coordination practices, Wades presentation of total senses development aspart of advanced calisthenics training is fantastic to see.

    And lastly, Wades emphasis on solo training, which he explains so well, is something not to beover-looked. The importance of solo training not only builds true functional fitness, but as Wadedescribes, provides an inner strength and focus that spoke directly to me as a traditional martial artist.In my teachings Ive always maintained that relying on no one else or any apparatus other than yourown body for core training is what truly separates the master from the student and from those whocant let go of psychological and physical baggage that holds them back, from those whom depend onnothing other their own strength. Wades discussion of this ageless wisdom is magnificent to see andis to me the heart and soul of Explosive Calisthenics.

    STEPHAN BERWICK, author True Strength Yang

    Explosive Calisthenics is an absolute Treasure Map for anybody looking to tear down theirbodys athletic limitations. Who doesnt want to be able to kip to their feet from their back like aBruce Lee? Or make a backflip look easy? Paul makes you want to put down the barbells, learn andpractice these step-by-step progressions to mastering the most explosive and impressive body-weightmovements. The best part is? You can become an absolute Beast in under an hour of practice a week.Way to go, Paul! AROO!

    JOE DISTEFANO, Spartan Race, Director of Training & Creator of the Spartan SGXCertification

    Explosive Calisthenics continues the epic saga of the Convict Conditioning opus, which hasbecome a staple for any bodyweight training library. If youve applied all the incredible techniquestaught in the first two books, youll be able to maximize your training with even more impressivemoves. Coach Wade offers up a blueprint for pushing your workouts to a whole new level. Lots ofbooks say they are taking things to a whole new levelthis one really does.

  • Where books one and two laid a strong foundation with exercises like muscle-ups and human flags,Explosive Calisthenics literally brings in the explosiveness by introducing flips and other power-based moves. With his usual step-by-step guides and clear instructions, Wade covers an extensive listof exercises with progressions and regressions that makes this book perfect for both beginners andadvanced calisthenics enthusiasts. Holding true to the Dragon Door style, the pics are bold and easyto follow. Im inspired to go do some flips right now!

    MIKE FITCH, creator, Global Bodyweight Training

    Your body is the ultimate training tool. Paul Wade shows you how to transform your own bodyand turn it into a weapon! Ive taken these methods and applied them to the training of my athletes aswell as my own training and the bottom line is that they work. The workouts and exercises deliver.They are powerful and results driven.

    If you are done wasting your time on fads and gimmicks and simply want a training program thatworks BIG time. This is it.

    ZACH EVEN-ESH, author The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning

    Coach Wade saved the best for last! Explosive Calisthenics is the book all diehard ConvictConditioning fans have been waiting for. There has never been anything like it until now!

    With his trademark blend of old-school philosophy, hard-earned wisdom and in-your-face humor,Coach expands his infamous system of progressive bodyweight programming to break down the mostcoveted explosive moves, including the back flip, kip-up and muscle-up. If you want to know how faryou can go training with just your own bodyweight, you owe it to yourself to get this book!

    AL KAVADLO, author, Stretching Your Boundaries

    Explosive Calisthenics is aptly-named. This book is a power-boosting smart-bomb thatdelivers a payload of immensely practical info. The content is not only interesting and unique, itpractically screams at you to try it out. You will love the skills and their associated progressions. Formulti-sport athletes, prospective parkour-enthusiasts, budding badasses and aspiring ninja warriorseverywhere, here is your textbook!

    MIKE GILLETTE, author, Rings of Power

    Paul Wades series Convict Conditioning continues with the newest addition, ExplosiveCalisthenics. I applaud the loss of the convict/prison shtick and we get to explore what Wade doesbest: he progresses a movement from the basic and simple to, in this case, its most complex (andawesome). The chapter on programming, the sets and reps of things, has a series of rules that you willinstantly claim as your own.

    I cant believe we abandoned traditional calisthenics in our schools and training programs, butthis book is the best argument I know for carrying signs in front of schools proclaiming No More

  • Dodgeball and Calisthenics Progressions for All!DAN JOHN, author, Never Let Go

    I have found in my work with world-class athletes that they have a common skill; the ability togenerate explosive power. Paul Wades new book shows you not only how to generate explosivepower, but how to direct and control it as well. If you have ever wanted to join the rank ofsuperhuman, this book gives you the road map of how to get there. The progressions allow anyone tomaster the skills of the athletic elite. Plus youll also learn Speed Hacks that will give you lightningquick reflexes and Animal Drills for agility. Get this book and become amazing!

    JON BRUNEY, author, Neuro-Mass

  • Copyright 2015, Paul Coach WadeA Dragon Door Publications, Inc. productionAll rights under International and Pan-American Copyright conventions.Published in the United States by: Dragon Door Publications, Inc.5 East County Rd B, #3 Little Canad