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Exodus Slavery for the Hebrews. Exodus ‘Let my people go’

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Text of Exodus Slavery for the Hebrews. Exodus ‘Let my people go’

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Exodus Slavery for the Hebrews Slide 2 Exodus Let my people go Slide 3 Exodus Slide 4 Exodus The killing of the first born Hebrews Slide 5 Exodus New born males into the river Slide 6 Exodus Moses is placed in the river Slide 7 Exodus You be a good boy, Moses Slide 8 Exodus Pharaoh's daughter find Moses Slide 9 Exodus Moses kills an Egyptian Slide 10 Exodus Moses and the burning bush Slide 11 Exodus Moses meets with the Pharaoh Slide 12 Exodus The First Plague- the river turns to blood Slide 13 Exodus The Second plague- frogs Slide 14 Exodus The Third Plague- mozzies Slide 15 Exodus The Fourth Plague- beetles Slide 16 Exodus The Fifth Plague- dead horses Slide 17 Exodus The Sixth Plague- people got boils Slide 18 Exodus The Seventh Plague- hail stones Slide 19 Exodus The Eight Plague- Locusts Slide 20 Exodus The Ninth Plague- darkness Slide 21 Exodus The Tenth Plague- placing lambs blood on the doors Slide 22 Exodus The Tenth Plague- deaths of the first born Slide 23 Exodus Sixth Thousand march to freedom Slide 24 Exodus Pharaoh and his men set after the Israelites Slide 25 Exodus Crossing the Red Sea Slide 26 Exodus Moses closes the Red Sea Slide 27 Exodus Moses climbs Mt Sinai Slide 28 Exodus The Ten Commandments- no other Gods(Ex:20) Slide 29 Exodus The Ten Commandments- honour your mother and father

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