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<p>Alchemical Charms StaminaStrain Resistance Modification (See Time of Tumult)Obstinate Flesh MechanismInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: N/A or 3 Motes per dice or 5 Motes per factor Duration: Permanent or One Scene or One Day Type: Simple Minimum Stamina: 2 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Strain Resistant Chassis Modification The Obstinate Flesh Mechanism consists of small metal nubbins below the skin. When activated they burst forth and interlock as overlapping circular scales molded to the Alchemicals contours. The</p> <p>Chassis</p> <p>nubbins themselves make the Alchemical more difficult to damage in any significant way and add 1L/+2B to the Alchemicals soak as long as they are installed. When activated they can be use in one of two ways either they can be deployed as a network of nano-machines that speed the healing process, in this case the charm remains active for a day, and each 5 motes adds another healing rate (i.e. with 5 motes the Alchemical heals twice as fast, with 10 three times, with 15 four times, etc) In this configuration they do not additionally aid the Alchemicals Soak. Deployed in their armor configuration the plates are very hard and each 3 motes spent activating them adds +1L/+2B to the Alchemicals Lethal soak for the rest of the scene. No more motes may be spent activating that function than the alchemical has stamina x 3.</p> <p>Chest Cavity Storage UnitInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: N/A Duration: Permanent Type: Simple Minimum Stamina: 2 Minimum Essence: 1 Prerequisite Charms: None The Alchemical Exalted has a door in their chest made of the magical material of their caste. They may open or close this door at</p> <p>01</p> <p>will, and it is to store objects within themselves. Due to some odd elsewhere geometries they can store objects of seemingly ridiculous sizes and shapes so long as the total mass does not exceed 5 pounds per point of stamina that the Alchemical possesses.</p> <p>Chest Cavity Processing UnitInstallation Cost: 2 Motes Cost: 3 motes Duration: One Scene Type: Simple Minimum Stamina: 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Chest Cavity Storage Unit The Alchemicals Chest cavity storage unit is fitted with a variety of specialized and automated tools. Anything stored within the cavity may be worked by the Alchemical at the same time as the alchemical performs other actions. This does not reduce the time between the appropriate crafts rolls, but it does allow them to be made while the Alchemical does other things. It does not increase the capacity of the Storage area. The Alchemical is presumed to have the tools needed to perform whatever crafts they perform. This means that an Alchemical could place thread within the chest cavity and later that day remove a fully made toga so long as they make the necessary rolls to produce it. The motes must remain committed throughout the construction process. Alternatively the cavity can operate for a single scene (about an hour), to refine raw matter (iron ore, cotton plants, etc) into refined materials, (Steel, Cotton, etc). This Charm can only be used in conjunction with the Crafts ability and is therefore incompatible with artifact creation.</p> <p>Type: Simple Minimum Stamina: 4 Minimum Essence: 3 Prerequisite Charms: Chest Cavity Processing Unit The Alchemicals Chest cavity tools are upgraded to have industrial processes, a tiny mirror of the processes that go on within the Machine God. It can produce mundane items of a common nature (requiring only 2 or 3 success on a crafts roll to make) almost instantly with the proper materials. The alchemical may slide in a mass of steel close their chest cavity, almost instantly open it back up and withdraw a sword or plowshare. Alternatively it can be used to repair a more complex item that is damaged, such as an exceptional sword. So long as the Alchemical has the raw materials needed the repair is instant. Alternatively it can be used to create a perfect counterpart to an object that the Alchemical can see, a blade for an existing sword hilt, or a key to fit a specific lock.</p> <p>Chest Cavity Facility</p> <p>Automata</p> <p>Production</p> <p>Chest Cavity Manufacturing UnitInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 6 motes, 1 willpower Duration: Instant</p> <p>Installation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 3 motes, 1 willpower, 1 Health Level Duration: Until Reclaimed Type: Simple Minimum Stamina: 5 Minimum Essence: 4 Prerequisite Charms: Chest Cavity Manufacturing Unit The Ultimate Chest Cavity upgrade, this allows the Alchemical to produce a complex autonomous unit from their own flesh. The Alchemical need not have any resources available to use this charm. The health level cost of this charm is an out-of order 2 health level at the top of the 2s area. It incurs no penalty unless the Alchemical runs out of 1 health levels normally. If a 2 is not available then the Alchemical pays the cost in the regular order and it is shifted to a 2 when possible. The Health Level does not heal as long as the Charm persists. Activating this Charm</p> <p>02</p> <p>StaminaStrain Resistance Chassis Modification Chest Cavity Storage Unit</p> <p>Obstinate Flesh Mechanism</p> <p>Chest Cavity Processing Unit</p> <p>Chest Cavity Manufacturing Unit</p> <p>Chest Cavity Automata Construction Facility</p> <p>requires a number of hours equal to the automatas final essence rating (more powerful automata require longer to make), at the end of this time the chest cavity opens and the automata emerges. It cannot communicate with the Alchemical remotely unless it is given Charms that would allow it to do so, though it can speak. The charm only ends when the Alchemical Exalted recovers the Automata (or its remains) and places them within its chest cavity to be reclaimed by its body, or when the automata is totally annihilated. When the automaton is reclaimed the Alchemical downloads all its memories into its own mind, as if they were his own. The Automata appears to be made of brass and the magical material of the Alchemicals caste. The automatas stats are assigned by the Alchemical Exalted during its creation as follows. It has an attribute spread of 5/4/3, four health levels (0, -1, -2, Destroyed) it has an essence score of 1 and calculates essence pool as follows [Essence x 5 + Willpower] it has no virtues, 10 points to allocate on abilities. Its willpower is 10 No ability or Attribute may exceed that of the alchemical that created it. It can only be fitted with copies of Charms that the Alchemical currently possesses. It has a number of bonus points equal to the Alchemicals Essence x stamina. It may</p> <p>raise its essence for 10 points, purchase a charm for 5, and raise abilities or attributes at regular cost. Additionally it may buy considerations with bonus points as follows; Flight (5 bonus points); The automata has helicopter like blades, or a gravitational flight array, and may fly at three times its regular movement rate. Armor Plates (3 bonus points); Raise the Automatas Lethal and Bashing soak by 1 each. These are not the only possible considerations, players and storytellers are encouraged to create their own. The automaton is immune to mind affecting effects, and is totally loyal to its creator, fulfilling its mission with mechanical precision.</p> <p>DexterityDynamic Reaction Enhancement</p> <p>03</p> <p>System (See Time of Tumult) Celerity Enhancing Module (See Time of Tumult)Precision Targeting SystemInstallation Cost: 2 Motes Cost: 1 mote per dice Duration: Instant Type: Simple Minimum Dexterity: 2 Minimum Essence: 1 Prerequisite Charms: None This charm takes the form of an ocular implant surrounding one of the Alchemicals eyes, and linking it with a fine web-work of threads to their joints. Each mote invested in this charm adds once dice to any dexterity based attack dice pool, to a limit of the Alchemicals dexterity score. Alternatively it can be activated to swap a dice for a reduced difficulty of 1, on any attack roll that is a trick or called shot, or otherwise calls for great precision.</p> <p>Automatic Unit</p> <p>Counterattack</p> <p>Defensive</p> <p>Installation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 3 motes Duration: Instant Type: Reflexive Minimum Dexterity: 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System This charm is a small unit implanted below one of the Alchemicals eyes on its check bone. When active it projects a small red beam of light that creates a dot on the target. Allowing the unit to manager its reflexes and movements the Alchemical Exalted can make an immediate counterattack upon any opponent attacking it. Alternatively it can be used to attempt to reflexively and aggrievedly outmaneuver the opponent; when attacked the Alchemical may take a free movement action to anywhere within their essence in yards of their current position, so long as there is no physical reason they could not reach that spot. This can be used in a number of ways, possibly to break a multi-attack action or make the Alchemicals next attack from behind under the correct circumstances.</p> <p>DexterityDynamic Reaction Enhancement System Precision Targeting System</p> <p>Celerity Enhancing Module</p> <p>Automatic Counterattack Defensive Unit</p> <p>Battle Algorithm Management Utility</p> <p>04</p> <p>Battle Algorithm Management UtilityInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower Duration: Instant or One Scene Type: Reflexive Minimum Dexterity: 4 Minimum Essence: 3 Prerequisite Charms: Celerity Enhancing Module, Automatic Counterattack Defensive Unit This charm is a larger unit connected to the side of the Alchemicals neck, and linked by a short flexible cord to their Automatic Counterattack Defensive Unit. By activating the unit and specifying a single target the Alchemical may project their movements perfectly on their tactical systems, allowing them to make a single attack, that cannot be dodged only parried or soaked. Alternatively they can lock their Battle Algorithm Manager on their opponents attacks for the rest of the scene, allowing them to make a free counterattack anytime the opponent launches an attack against them.</p> <p>off the ground flying at three times their movement rate at heights up to 500 yards per point of essence. Alternatively this charm can be activated in attraction mode, firmly affixing the Alchemical to the ground, this makes them immune to knockback, and knockdown, though it halves their movement rate as their feet are hard to lift and move.</p> <p>Gravity Pulse Wave GeneratorInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 4 motes Duration: instant Type: Simple Minimum Strength: 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus This charm is installed upon one of the Alchemicals arms, and linked by fibers running down the back of their body to their Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus on their legs. It allows the Alchemical Exalted to generate a pulse of intense gravity and project it up through the Gravity Pulse Wave Generator, and project it at a single target. The Alchemical rolls Strength + Archery or Strength + Athletics as they prefer to target the shot. This attack is explicitly compatible with precision targeting system even though it is not a Dexterity based dice pool. If the target successfully dodges the attack, then it has no effect, however if they parry the attack or if it hits, then the target must immediately make an opposed reflexive Strength + Athletics roll with the Alchemical in question or suffer a number of yards of knockback equal to the Alchemicals Essence x their additional successes on the opposed roll. Additionally if the attack hits, it deals Essence + Strength raw lethal damage plus additional attack successes. It has a range of Essence x 10 yards. This charm may be purchased twice, once on each arm, if it is purchased a second time, then it may be activated twice in a single round (Though the</p> <p>StrengthPersonal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus (See Time of Tumult) Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device (See Time of Tumult)</p> <p>Gravimetric Flight EngineInstallation Cost: 2 Motes Cost: 5 motes Duration: One Scene Type: Simple Minimum Strength: 4 Minimum Essence: 3 Prerequisite Charms: Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device This charm is installed upon the souls of the Alchemicals feet and produces a faint shimmering beneath them when activated. It allows the Alchemical Exalted to repulse/lift themselves</p> <p>05</p> <p>StrengthPersonal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus</p> <p>Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device</p> <p>Gravity Pulse Wave Generator</p> <p>Gravimetric Flight Engine</p> <p>Personal Deflection Shield Generator</p> <p>Alchemical costs.)</p> <p>must</p> <p>still</p> <p>pay</p> <p>both</p> <p>activation</p> <p>WitsRadical Social Alteration ModuleInstallation Cost: 2 Motes Cost: 5 motes Duration: One Scene Type: Supplemental Minimum Wits: 2 Minimum Essence: 1 Prerequisite Charms: None This charm is installed in the Alchemicals temple and glows faintly with a pale blue light when activated. It flawlessly determines what the target truly wants at the moment. Not deep-seated longterm desire, but what they want to get out of you or whoever else they're around. You must be in conversation with the target to use this charm on them. The ability of the Fair Folk or other Charms to hide the subjects true intentions automatically foils this Charm. Alternately, it can be activated to cloud your own true goals by giving off the wrong signals, this flawlessly defeats the regular usage of this charm and raises the difficulty of any socialize roll to detect your true motivations by your wits score. If the target fails the roll then they form a wrong conclusion of your choice about what it is you want.</p> <p>Suggested Combo: Gravity Pulse Wave Generator, Precision Targeting System, and battle algorithm management utility</p> <p>Personal Deflection Shield GeneratorInstallation Cost: 1 Mote Cost: 6 motes Duration: One Scene Type: Simple Minimum Strength: 4 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Gravity Pulse Wave Generator This Charm is installed upon the Alchemicals chest, and takes the form of a recessed parabolic dish, with a small spike in the center. When activated it creates a field of anti-gravity that repels attacks away from the Alchemical. This field raises the difficulty of all attacks against the alchemical by their essence score. Alternatively it can be activated as a form of armor. When used in this fashion it creates a skin-tight field of highly intense energy, that provides soak against all attacks even aggravated ones equal to the Alchemicals strength</p> <p>06</p> <p>Hormonal Control VectorInstallation Cost: 2 Motes Cost: 3 motes Duration: Instant Type: Reflexive Minimum Wits: 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Radical Social Alteration Module This charm consists of two spherical brass components housed deep in the lower torso, roughly where human kidneys would exist. When activated it enables the Alchemical to reduce fear by controlling their hormones, this adds a number of dice equal to their wits score to a single willpower or valor roll to resist fear. Alternatively it can be used to shut down the Alchemicals emotional response...</p>


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