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  • Every Child Deserves adental home

    Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

    2014 Annual Report

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    HSHC Board of Trustees, back row, from L to R: Dr. Charles Czerepak, Dr. Warren Brill. Middle row (seated) from L to R: Dr. Nick Rogers, Dr. Douglas Keck, and Dr. Neophytos Savide. Front row, from L to R: Mr. Kevin Thomas, Dr. Neal

    Benham, Dr. David Curtis, Dr. Beverly Largent, Dr. Paul Kennedy Jr. (Past HSHC president, retired trustee), Dr. Courtney Alexander and Dr. Jerome Miller. Not pictured: Drs. Joel Berg, Richard Chaet, Madeline Monaco and Angela Stout.

    A Dental Home is an environment where the patient and dentist have a comfortable, trusting relationship with one another. This relationship is established over time and the patient feels at ease knowing his or her dental health will be managed in a comprehensive manner.

    Dr. Jackie L. BanahanLexington, KY

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    What a Dental Home Means to MeWhether it was during my time in residency in Lexington, Ky. in 1982 or throughout my years of practice in Paducah, Ky., the commitment of parents who make the effort to bring their children to the dentist inspires me. These parents recognize the value of good oral health for their children and they appreciate how good oral health affects every aspect of their childs life.

    Many other parents recognize the importance of oral health for their children, but the day-to-day family challenges they face often make quality dental care for their children seem impossible. We all know the statistics:

    44 percent of American children will suffer from pediatric dental disease before they reach kindergarten. 73 percent of preschoolers and 48 percent of primary school age children who have experienced cavities

    currently have unfilled cavities. Only 1.5 percent of 1-year-olds have had a dental office visit compared with 89 percent who have had an

    office-based physician visit.

    Thats why all of us at Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentist-ry have made it our mission to support community-based efforts to provide Dental Homes to children whose families cannot afford dental care. Since 2010, weve issued more than $700,000 in grants and program support to agencies and organizations in 17 states that have helped more than 100,000 children and were just getting warmed up.

    In 2014, we hope to release as much as $400,000 in new grants and were exploring our options for doing even more. Our goal: To award at least $1 million annually in support of Access to Care initiatives nationwide by 2016.

    As youll see in the pages of this 2014 Annual Report, Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children encompasses a growing national collaboration of AAPD members, dental industry leaders and community service providers who are making a differ-ence in childrens oral health. We are grateful to our donors, volunteers and grantees who are doing so much in helping provide Dental Homes to children in need.

    Were blessed with remarkable people in every corner of the Academy who appreciate the value of the Dental Home. Thats why weve included some of their voices in these pages to illustrate, as do our grantees, that Dental Homes can come in many different forms.

    To me, a Dental Home is a place a parent can bring his or her child knowing that child will leave the dentist better off than when he or she came in. A Dental Home provides an environment where, because the child will view the visit as a positive experience, the parent will be happy to return with the child for his or her ongoing care.

    On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, the Officers and Trustees of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and our dedicated volunteers and staff, we are pleased to present this 2014 Annual Report.

    Every child deserves a Dental Home. Thank you for playing your part.


    Beverly A. Largent, DMDPresident

  • Thank you to the leaders, volunteers and staff who make Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children an emerging presence in child oral health philanthropy.

    2013-2014 Board of Trustees

    OfficersDr. Beverly A. Largent, PresidentDr. David K. Curtis, Immediate Past PresidentDr. Neal R. Benham, Vice PresidentDr. Neophytos L. Savide, Secretary/TreasurerDr. Warren Brill, AAPD PresidentDr. Edward J. Moody, AAPD President ElectDr. John S. Rutkauskas, AAPD/HSHC Chief Executive Officer

    TrusteesDr. Courtney AlexanderDr. Richard ChaetDr. Charles S. CzerepakDr. Douglas KeckDr. Madeline MonacoDr. Nick RogersDr. Angela M. StoutMr. Kevin W. ThomasDr. Jerome B. Miller, Trustee Emeritus

    Special thanks to Drs. Joel Berg and Paul Kennedy Jr., who retired from the HSHC Board on June 30, 2013.

    2013-2014 Standing Committees

    Development Committee Mr. Kevin Thomas, ChairDr. Joseph CastellanoDr. Teresa FongDr. John HendryDr. Douglas KeckDr. Ronald KosinskiDr. Oariona LoweDr. Jerome B. MillerDr. Nick RogersDr. John S. RutkauskasDr. Angela Stout

    Finance & Audit Committee Dr. Neophytos L. Savide, ChairDr. Neal Benham Dr. David CurtisDr. Beverly LargentDr. Jerome B. MillerDr. John S. Rutkauskas

    Grants & Programs Committee Dr. Courtney Alexander, ChairDr. Paul CasamassimoDr. Richard ChaetDr. Charles Czerepak Dr. Beverly LargentDr. Jessica LeeDr. Madeline MonacoDr. Anu TateDr. Joseph Young

    Nominations Committee Dr. Jerome B. Miller, Chair Dr. Neal Benham Dr. David Curtis Dr. Kevin DonlyDr. Beverly LargentDr. John S. Rutkauskas

    StaffPaul Amundsen, MNA, CFRESenior Director of Development and Charitable Programs

    Philip Bloch, MA Database Coordinator

    Michelle Hidalgo, MSAnnual Fund Coordinator

    C. Scott Litch, Esq., CAEAAPD Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

    Tracey Schilligo, MS, CFREGrant and Corporate Relations Manager

    4 hshc team

  • Shared Accomplishments, Progress Made and Future Plans Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry was like many membership association foundations when it was established in 1987. We set out to support research and other activities that helped our members.

    We had grown to a respectable $10 million in assets during our first 20 years. By about 2008, however, we had a growing sense that we could do more to harness that talents and expertise of Americas pediatric dentists.

    Thanks to the inspired vision of several Academy and Foundation leaders, notably Drs. Joel Berg, David Curtis, Paul Kennedy Jr., Beverly Largent and Jerry Miller, Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children has evolved into a charity that continues to grow financially while it becomes more public service oriented.

    Im proud of our accomplishments, which include

    Continued growth of our Access to Care Grants. In 2010, we released our first five Access to Care Grants totaling slightly less than $100,000. In July 2013, we issued 15 new grants totaling nearly $270,000. Thanks to 331 applications received for our 2014 grants, were optimistic well reach our goal to award up to $400,000 to 20 organizations next summer.

    Leadership and Advanced Leadership Institutes are growing. Our fourth cohort for Leadership Institute will convene at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in December 2013, adding 30 members to the ranks of the 90 who participated in Cohorts I through III. Plans also are underway for our second Advanced Leadership Institute at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania starting in 2015.

    Contributions and member participation are on the rise. AAPD members continue to demonstrate their generosity with total membership giving and participation increasing each of the last three years.

    Our greatest assets, however, do not appear on any balance sheet. Our greatest assets are the passion and expertise of pediatric dentists, who are central to everything we do. It is our connection with the nations largest network of pediatric dentists that makes Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children an emerging force in child oral health philanthropy.

    The HSHC Board of Trustees last May established our vision that Every child has a Dental Home. The challenge before us is great, but the collective strength of the people and the organizations reflected in these pages is even greater.

    Thank you for your support of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children.


    John S. Rutkauskas, DDS, MBA, CAEAAPD/HSHC Chief Executive Officer

    from the ceo 5

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    Helping the Underserved: 100,000 Kids and Counting

    Access to Care GrantsTooth decay is the most common infection among American children it is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report child tooth decay is worsening; cavities among preschool children are increasing for the first time in 40 years.

    While these health trends are alarming, decay rates and their effects on overall health and well being are greater among the 50 percent of U.S. children who lack access to adequate dental care. Nearly three-quarters of preschoolers and nearly half of primary school aged children whove experienced tooth decay currently have unfilled cavities.

    Children with oral infections, cavities and pain not only suffer from specific dental health maladies, their condition can lead to other systemic health issues, malnutrition from lessened ability to chew, and school difficulties caused by pain and distraction.

    Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children has embark