We have grown from 0 to 10,000 professionals in just 15 years. Imagine what we can do for your company. Consulting, IT & Outsourcing Professional Services

everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure

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everis is a multi-national consulting company offering business development and strategy, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing solutions. Our consulting firm works in the banking, energy and utilities, financial, industrial, insurance, media, public administration, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. Currently, everis has operations in several European and Latin American countries, United States and a professional staff of more than 10,000 consultants.

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Page 1: everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure

We have grown from 0 to 10,000 professionals

in just 15 years. Imagine what we can do

for your company.

Consulting, IT & Outsourcing Professional Services

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Page 3: everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure

everis is a company that helps companies to grow. To transform themselves. To be better.

everis is a multinational consultancy that offers business, strategy, development and maintenance of technological applications and outsourcing solutions. We operate in all the sectors and work with the most important companies. We are a unique consultancy company, with one of the fastest growths in recent years.

We have at our disposal the necessary tools for transforming the way of understanding and managing business. So, not only do we help companies to become more efficient and profitable but also to grow and always stay ahead of the game.

Our company is young in spirit. With a vitality, desire and need to improve and discover something new every day. And with a breadth of experience.

We have about 10,000 professionals and offices in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

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MissionWe aspire to contribute to the social and economic development of all the places where we are and where we will be in the future.

We help companies achieve their business challenges, providing distinctive and innovative solutions based on knowledge of the sector and the effective use of information technology:

› We create employment and develop people with professional abilities and positive attitudes

› We generate wealth and transfer technological knowledge and innovation

› We provide sustainable value to our shareholders

› We support social causes that contribute to improving equal opportunities

VisionWe aspire to be a large multinational group, a leader in our operational business areas, recognised for its capacity for providing high value services focussed on strategic and operational improvements for our clients, and supported in this task in the talents, entrepreneurial spirit, pride of ownership and positive attitude of the best professionals.

Values› Talent› Positive attitude› Innovation, adaptability, and entrepreneurial

spirit› Proximity and flexibility› Autonomy and responsibility

everis, a business model

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Page 6: everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure

Our aim is to continue our journey towards the consolidation of the company as a large business group. We aspire to being leaders in the markets where we are already present while continuing to expand geographically.

To achieve this we are alert to the different market realities, we are increasing our specialization in various sectors, we are working together with our clients to discover ideas and make them reality.

And, of course, this is only possible by not giving up in our quest to be the best company for work, engagement and investment, maintaining our culture and values, and encouraging a spirit of innovation.

Our dream. Our reality.

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We don’t know any other way. Ever since our first year we have grown in every sense, with new projects, new professionals, in new countries and new cities.

Grow. Grow. And Grow.Not an objective,It’s the way we are.


In 2010 our turnover was 506 million Euros with a 25% growth.

We have an international corporative area through which we develop projects in countries practically all over the world, making us a multinational company.

We have always grown at turnover levels of around 20%. And the number of professionals working in everis has always accompanied this development. Today around 10,000 people work for us.

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Page 10: everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure

What we do is simple: we deliver our experience, knowledge and solutions in all areas so that our clients’ business becomes efficient.

In order to achieve this, everis is organized into six major areas.

Business and process consulting > everis business consulting focuses on knowledge of the sector and innovation of services.

IT strategy and solutions> everis designs and implements technological solutions and manages applications, infrastructures and outsourcing processes. To do this we promote the use of quality assurance methodologies, the transfer of production to high productivity centres and functional and technological specialization.

Software factory > everis centers manage the use of high productivity centres. This business area has the structure and capacity to carry out industrialized activities with a high level of productivity and efficiency.

In which areas of your company can we collaborate and how do we do it?

Outsourcing of business processes > everis bpo provides externalization services for business processes according to service level agreements. In this way, our clients are given a greater internal capacity for orientation towards greater value functions for their business and are therefore able to increase the quality control of their associated skills.

Outsourcing of systems and applications > everis outsourcing is specialized in the strategy, advice, design, management and delivery of sourcing services. It provides its own experience, recognized good market practices and the tools that respond to the needs of each client.

Diversification > everis initiatives is attentive to the different market realities in order to channel and launch new businesses which it can invest in with its clients.

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The key for everis is based on four basic pillars:

› Innovation. This is the DNA of everis and it allows us to take advantage of both the talent and the creativity of all the agents that form part of our company ecosystem.

› Excellence. This is the rigour, the methodology, the tools, the highly qualified teams and the high productivity centres. This can be demonstrated in COM (Corporate Methods), our own methodology that brings together the collected experiences in real project situations.

› Entrepreneurial capacity. everis is the launch and implementation platform for new businesses, many of them ideas generated by our professionals.

How are we supported?

› And above all, the people The professionals in everis are committed to the work because all are owners of the company and have autonomy and power of decision. Furthermore, there is a balance between professional growth and personal aspirations.

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The people who form everis: our assets In everis all the professionals of the company are owners. This distinctive management model allows us to feel ownership of all the projects and to implement maximum quality in each one.

In addition, we develop numerous policies to encourage the balance between professional and personal life, such as flexitime programmes, equality plans, individual professional development plans, training plans and the creation of recreational activity clubs that we call everclubs.

Our relationship with the professionals, the environment and society.

Furthermore, everis is listed among the best companies to work for in Spain and in all the countries where we have offices, according to the American consultants Great Place to Work, standing out in the categories of collaboration, recognition and open doors policy.

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Corporative volunteering. Our way of helping society.everis participates in projects that require the potential and knowledge of the company:

› We donate computer equipment. › We develop technological training plans. › We help in the construction of water wells in areas of scarce resources.› We put into action fair trade campaigns, etc.

All of this is organized from the corporative volunteering base.

Care of the environment. A necessity for the world, a reality for everis.everis outs into action numerous awareness building campaigns with the aim:

› To encourage respect for the environment.› To comply with international legislation.› To identify the environmental impacts

derived from the activity of everis.› To prevent contamination by minimizing

our consumption of natural resources.

We support the sustainability of resources, their efficient use and maximum profitability.

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The everis Foundation is our way of returning to society what society has given us.

The everis Foundation was created to cooperate with society through university institutions, developing human capital and disseminating knowledge about information technologies and their applications for companies.

From the Foundation we also help to give value to research with initiatives such as i-deals that act as intermediaries between the university and technology.

The Foundation is the result of everis’ interest in giving something more than its services through the development of values and capacities that encourage the wellbeing of the society in which it operates.

In order to do this, the Foundation participates in professorships and Masters and also presents the annual Ensayo and Emprendedores prizes.

The former has the aim of disseminating and publishing the best essay on technology and society.

The latter is a prize for the best idea for the creation of a company with the aims of innovation, viability and profitability to society.

And furthermore, we collaborate with other entities and foundations to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

Page 15: everis' 2011 Corporate Brochure


› Selected as one of the ten best companies to work for according to the Best Place to Work.

› Prize for the 100 best ideas of the year and for innovation in Human Resources presented by Expansión & Empleo to encourage company entrepreneurial spirit.

› Recognition as one of the 100 companies with the greatest corporative reputation in Spain according to the Merco Institute.

› Socially responsible company according to the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía AC (CEMER) and the Alianza por Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (AliaRSE).

› Prize for the 100 best ideas of the year from the magazine Actualidad Económica for the creation of a device allowing interoperability between standard radio equipment as used by emergency teams.

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