Evaluation 6

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Text of Evaluation 6

  • 1. Akasha Corion

2. Throughout the majority of my project I have used a Apple Mac computer. This was useful when editing my film opening as it contains the software iMovie. Using a Mac was new for me as I have never used one before, I didnt find it a good experience as I found it hard to get used too. Although it was a good experience and was worth while.For when the Mac wasnt available to me I used a Windowscomputer. On this computer I also developed mypreliminary task and audience expectations video usingwindows movie maker. This was an easy and efficient taskfor me as I was used to the workings of a windowscomputer. 3. I used a Nikon Coolpix L310 to record myfilm opening. Compared to the mobilephone I found it easy to use the camera.Although I chose to use a camera fromthan a video camera I found the motionpicture came out in good quality.I used a mobile to record my preliminarytask and audience expectations. I did thisas it was accessible to me at the time.Although I was used to using a phonecamera I found it difficult to keep it steady. 4. iMovie is the software that isfound on Macs that helpscreates films. I used thissoftware to create my filmopening, by cutting, specialeffects and sound effects.Although iMovie is an easy touse innovation it is difficult touse when cutting as it doesnthave detailed timing.For my preliminary task and audiencePhotoshop is a software that isexpectations I usedoften used, which I used for windows moviethe first and found easy to use. maker. This was anAlthough it isnt easy to do easy software for metasks like deleting and cropping to use as I waseasy but I found it easy whenaccustomed to it.creating my production logo. 5. To create a presentation to show a nine frame analysis of my film opening I used Prezi . This was a easy to use tool as the instructions and functions were simple.Slideshare is an Mind Meister is an easy wayonline tool that to make a mind map. Thisallows you to upload was a useful tool whenpresentations andmaking my synopsis map asembed it. This was it was made into a mapused to make myquickly.presentations easierto see. 6. Dafont.com is a website I used to download the font for my film opening. Although I hadnt used dafont.com before it was simple and was a useful website when looking for the perfect font.Freeplay music is anotherwebsite that I hadnt used. Likedafont.com it was easy andsimple to use and helpful whenlooking for the right music. 7. Blogger is the basis of my work as I was able to show my research, planning, production log and evaluation. As I have used blogger before it was easy to use although I learnt new functions from it such as embedding. This was good use of an online website.Youtube is a popular online website thatthe worlds population uses. I usedYoutube to upload all the videos that Imade such as my certificate ratings andfilm opening. Although I used Youtubequite a lot I found it difficult to upload avideo although it was an obvious task.I also used Youtube to annotate my filmopening which is a task that I enjoyed.


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