European Computer Driving Licence Module 3 – Word Processing Chapter 3.3 – Basic Operations.

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  • European Computer Driving Licence Module 3 Word Processing Chapter 3.3 Basic Operations
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  • Selecting Text To selectHow to do it A wordDouble-click on the word One or more linesClick in the left margin beside the line. Drag down the left margin to select several lines. A sentenceHold down Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence A paragraphTriple-click anywhere inside the paragraph An entire document From the Edit menu choose Select All (or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A) A large block of text Click the mouse at the beginning of the text, scroll down, hold down the shift key and click again Non-adjacent textSelect the first bit of text, hold down the Ctrl key and select another piece of text
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  • Copying text ZSelect the text you want to copy ZClick the copy icon once ZMove the insertion point to where you want the copy of the text to appear ZClick the paste icon
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  • Cutting and pasting text ZSelect the text that you want to move ZClick the Cut icon once ZMove the insertion point to where you want the text to be moved to ZClick the Paste icon ZHandy Hint: if moving a block of text, check to make sure the spacing between paragraphs is consistent!
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  • Finding and Replacing text ZOpen the Edit menu, select Replace ZThe Find and Replace dialogue box appears ZType the word you want to replace in the Find box ZType the word you want to replace it with in the Replace box ZClick on Replace or Replace All as appropriate Z If you select Replace All a message will appear telling you how many replacements have been made!
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  • Displaying and hiding toolbars ZThe Standard and Formatting toolbars are displayed by default ZOpen the View menu and select Toolbars a list of toolbars will appear ZTo add a toolbar to your screen, click on it so a tick appears ZTo remove a toolbar, click on it to deselect it ZMake sure the Drawing toolbar is selected it will appear at the bottom of the screen
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  • Drawing a horizontal line ZSelect the line tool from the Drawing toolbar ZKeep your finger on the Shift key whilst you click and drag to draw a line (this will keep the line straight) ZTo change the line style click the Line style icon ZHold down the Ctrl and Shift keys when dragging to a different location to make a perfect copy!
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  • Spellchecking ZClick on the Spellchecker icon or press the F7 key ZWord will scan your document - as soon as it finds a word it does not recognise, the following dialogue box appears ZClick on Change or Ignore as appropriate ZYou can also right click on a word and a shortcut menu will appear if the correct word appears, select it
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  • Proofreading ZYou should always proofread your work ZThe spellchecker will not tell you if you have used the incorrect version of a word (eg their instead of there or form instead of from) ZIt will not tell you if you have missed out any text ZYou should also check layout and presentation


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