European Commission unveils genomics research projects

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  • Inpharma 1333 - 13 Apr 2002

    Three genomics research projects, with a totalfunding of 40 million euros, have recently beenunveiled by the European Commission, reports Nature.The first project will undertake structural studies of600 human proteins thought to be of medicalimportance, the second will conduct epidemiologicalresearch using twins to study the genes responsiblefor common diseases, and the third project willinvolve a systematic study of the murine genome. Thenature of these projects, which like many of the otherprojects under the Commissions human genomicsprogramme involve a collaboration between publicand private institutions across the continent, mayprovide researchers with an indication of the directionto be taken by European funding for genomicsresearch in the future.Genomics projects hint at Europes future priorities. Nature 416: 358, 28 Mar2002 800896701


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