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Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Malaga East and Mallorca.


<ul><li><p>MORE than 150,000vehicles enter Palma citycentre and its industrialestates every day.</p><p>According to theMallorca Road Depart-ment, most of thesevehicles are driven bypeople who live in thenearby towns and work inPalma, although there arealso many who come tothe city for administrativepurposes, shopping or toattend leisure activities.</p><p>The number of vehicles,estimated at between150,000 and 180,000, alsouse the roads connectingto the city to exit it,meaning the roads carrymore than 363,765</p><p>vehicles every day. Every year, the number</p><p>of people who work inPalma but live in areas likeMarratxi, Llucmajor, Inca,Campos, Sineu, SantaMaria and Consell isincreasing. </p><p>The road used the most,apart from the Via de</p><p>Cintura, is the motorwaybetween Inca and Palma,with 93,765 vehicles everyday using it to enter or exitthe city. The secondbusiest connects thecapital to Llucmajor and isused by 82,001 every day,including those heading inand out of the airport.</p><p>Facebooksearch</p><p>A RESIDENT of SonServera, Juan PedroDiaz Sierra, hasuploaded photographsof himself at differentages to Facebook in anattempt to locate histwin brother. They wereseparated at birth. </p><p>Girl bulliedA GIRL, 12, who wasfound dead afterjumping from a fifthfloor in Palma, left aletter saing that shewas being bullied atschool. </p><p>FRONT EXTRAEWN</p><p>WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM20 - 26 MARCH 2014ISSUE NO. 1498</p><p>Mega traffic</p></li><li><p>NEWSEWN 20 - 26 March 2014 / Mallorca www.euroweeklynews.com2</p><p>THIS WEEK IN</p><p>EWNNews1 - 16</p><p>Finance17 - 22</p><p>Letters23</p><p>Daily TV26</p><p>Leapy Lee28</p><p>Time out32 - 33</p><p>Classifieds43 - 45</p><p>Sport47-48</p><p>BORIS BECKERS Spanishvilla is being auctioned offfor an estimated 7 millionafter the tennis star lost acourt case involving anunpaid builders bill.</p><p>Now the holiday home,complete with ninebedrooms, is set to beconfiscated and sold atauction after Becker failedto pay approximately</p><p>400,000 for carpentry,plumbing and work on abasketball court at theproperty.</p><p>The former tennis player,46, purchased the Mallorcaproperty 17 years ago andhas been entangled in courtcases over it ever since.</p><p>The hope that it wouldturn into a dream holidayretreat on the island came</p><p>to a crashing end in 2003when a court ruled that ithad been built in partillegally and ordered extrarooms to be demolished.</p><p>Lawyers for Beckerargued that the estateagent who sold him thehouse, Matthias Kuhn,should foot the bills.However, this argumentwas thrown out of court.</p><p>Boris Beckers villato be confiscated </p><p>BORIS BECKER: The tennis star lost a court case involving an unpaid bill.</p></li><li><p>A MAN, 29, has been remanded in prison accused of themurder of his wife, 39, in Can Picafort.</p><p>The police were alerted by a woman in Palma whohired the victim as a translator and became worriedwhen several days passed and she didnt answer hercalls. </p><p>This allowed them to identify the victim, who hadbeen found several days earlier on Son Baulo Beach, notfar from the couples home.</p><p>Her husband told them shewas dead and confessedthat blood on his</p><p>trousers was hers. A search of the house revealed asuicide letter which he had written, and he had cuts tothe arms and neck which he claimed were fromattempts to kill himself. </p><p>He claimed that he and his wife had agreed to killthemselves together on the beach. They went into thesea, but he says she was knocked down by a wave andinjured. </p><p>He claimed he hit her over the head with a rock,although a post mortem examination revealed that thecause of death wassuffocation. </p><p>ODAY (March 20) is International Day ofHappiness, established by the UnitedNations General Assembly in 2012 andcelebrated throughout the world with</p><p>education and public awareness-raising activities.A recent study shows that only 59 per cent of</p><p>Spaniards claims to be happy. The study, byIpsos, was carried out in 24 countries and showsthat only the Hungarians are unhappier than theSpanish. Meanwhile in Indonesia, 92 per cent ofthose questioned claimed to be happy, as did 86per cent of Canadians, 85 per cent of Swedes and84 per cent of North Americans. In Europe, thehappiest residents after the Swedes are theBelgians, British, French, Germans and Italians. </p><p>The study also shows that women are happierthan men, and that people under 35 are happier</p><p>than those above that age. A study carried out earlier this year by Adecco</p><p>showed that in Spain, teachers, firemen,journalists, pharmacists and engineers claim to behappiest in their work. Despite cutbacks in theeducation sector, more than 94 per cent ofteachers claimed to be happy in their work,mainly because they enjoy contributing towardsthe social and personal development of others. </p><p>The study shows that the Spanish think thosewho are happiest in their jobs are artists, footballplayers and sportspeople in general. </p><p>More than 29 per cent think that the secret tobeing happy at work is enjoying the job, 17.6 percent considered the key was to have a goodrelationship with colleagues and 13.3 per cent putwork happiness down to a good salary. </p><p>Attempted attackA MAN, 35, was arrested inPalma for attempting to muga mother and daughter whowere walking along the seafront promenade. </p><p>Emergency drillSTUDENT firemen in Palmacarried out an accident drillat the Balearic IslandsUniversity Metro Station. </p><p>Plan acceptedALL of the employees at theCoca-Cola bottling plant inPalma have now acceptedthe dismissal programmepresented by the company,affecting more than 1,600workers. </p><p>Fewer passengersTHE number of people usingPalma city buses inJanuary fell by 1.8 percent to 2.7 millionpassengers, comparedto the same month lastyear. </p><p>Voluntary returnTHE BalearicGovernment hasannounced that it willprovide 400,000 in2014 to help non-EU citizensto return voluntarily to theircountries of origin. </p><p>Cyclist injuredA CYCLIST, 46, was seriouslyinjured when he wasinvolved in a collision with amotorbike on the motorwaybetween Llucmajor andPalma. </p><p>Man foundA DISABLED man, 21, whowent missing while walkingwith his father in theErmita de Betlem area ofArta was found severalhours later.</p><p>Helicopter rescueA WOMAN, 49, had to berescued by helicopter by theGuardia Civil and taken toInca Hospital after fallingduring a hike in Fartaritx,Pollensa .</p><p>And finally...At least 750 more illegal immigrants managed toenter the Spanish enclave of Melilla in NorthAfrica this week, by climbing over the frontierfence from Morocco. Some were injured and hadto be treated before being taken to the alreadyfull centre for immigrants.</p><p>Until ETA is broken up, the team of 4,500National Police and Guardia Civil willremain in place.</p><p>The Interior Minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, during avisit to the Basque Country, where a regional policeforce, the Ertzaintza, is also present to fight terrorism.</p><p>men who entered prison between 2003and 2012 for killing their partners or</p><p>former partners remain behind bars. A further 264,according to the prison institution, are not on recordor have been since been released.</p><p>275</p><p>NEWS 20 - 26 March 2014 / 3EWN</p><p>Killer points to suicide pact</p><p>Number of the week</p><p>T</p><p>Quote of the Week</p><p>Dont worry, justbe happy...</p><p>IMPORTANT: Agood relationshipwith colleagues.</p><p>Euesdenswin court</p><p>battleJUSTICE has been done.</p><p>After a nine-year internetcampaign of lies anddefamation against Stevenand Michel Euesden, bloggerLenox Napier has beenfound guilty of severecriminal defamation by anAlmeria court.</p><p>Napier - former owner ofThe Entertainer newspaper -had, the court decided,defamed the Euesdens -owners of the Euro WeeklyNews (EWN) - in a series ofonline articles, including onsuch sites as the RipoffReport and various otherexpat forums.</p><p>This, said the Euesdens,had not only been aimed atthem personally, but alsotargeted their business.</p><p>Speaking after thesentence was declared,Michel said: We would liketo thank all of our valuedclients and readers for theirconstant support throughthis difficult time. We seethis as a victory for everyonewho has suffered fromonline abuse and bullying.</p><p>Napiers loss has provedthat lies are lies whereverthey are published. Theinternet is no hiding place forpeople to spout defamatorycomments and get awaywith it.</p><p>We always believed in theSpanish judicial system. Itmay sometimes seem slow,but in the end we have beenvindicated. The Spanishcourts have not let us down. </p><p>A special thanks must goto all the staff at EWN whohave had to live through thisfor many years. Thecampaign has at times beenfraught, but the staff havestuck together and havealways supported myself andSteven.</p><p>Dont miss next weeksEWN for the full story.</p></li><li><p>NEWSEWN 20 - 26 March 2014 / Mallorca www.euroweeklynews.com6</p><p>Readersdecline</p><p>THE Librarian Collectiveof Palma has decriedthe lack of customerssaying that numbershave gone down by asmuch as 30 per cent.This is attributed tocutbacks made by thegovernment.</p><p>Bad weekendLAST weekend therewere more trafficaccidents than usual inPalma. Three accidentstook place on Sundaymorning betweenmidnight and 9am.</p><p>No cuts THE high courts haveannulled the 7 per centcut to firemens salariesmade by the Consell deMallorca considering itout of line with govern-ment regulations.</p><p>NEWS EXTRA</p><p>THE courts in Palma havejailed a Chinese man for22 months after heswindled a games hall outof 5,537.</p><p>He managed to trick theslot machines into payingout by turning them offeach time that he didntget a prize.</p><p>The swindle took placeat the Punt de Joc, inSanta Pagesa Square,Palma.</p><p>The accused, accom-panied by another,unidentified, man had asystem to fool the slotmachines into paying out.</p><p>The trick consisted ofbetting different amountson several numbers and,in the case that the ballwould fall on a numberthey had not chosen, theywould unplug themachine thus invalidatingthe play and recuperatingthe money they had bet.</p><p>Jailed forgamingswindle</p><p>AFTER a plea was made last week bythe Euro Weekly News for wheel-chairs, one electric chair has beendonated and another one promised.</p><p>Martina, the president of DIME,received several more donations -PINMAR donated 2,000 to thecause for wheelchairs, bathing</p><p>chairs and walkers for the PalliativeCare DIME, to which Cala NovaCancer Care added another 1,000.</p><p>There will be a James Bondevening at MOOD on April29, entrance will be 15and will include awelcoming glass of cavaand canaps. It will be agood night of cabaretand dancing and afun/mock casino will berun by real croupiers, allmoney raised, won orlost, will be donated tosome of the worthycharities: DIME, PalliativeCare, AECC, SpanishCancer Assoc in Baleares,ASPANOB, Children inBaleares with Cancer.</p><p>Tickets can be boughtat Mood Beach, Cala NovaCancer Shop SanAugustin, Studio 3 PortalsNous and The TranquilitySpa at the Country ClubSanta Ponsa.</p><p>Wheelchairs plea is asuccess for charities </p><p>A CAR was foundburning in Rover MottaStreet, in Palma. In onlya few seconds the wholevehicle was consumedby flames.</p><p>Palma Fire Brigade andlocal policemen rapidlymanaged the fire andcut off the street fromvehicle or foot traffic asa precaution.</p><p>Due to the hugeamount of smoke,evacuation wasconsidered but, as thefire was put out quickly,</p><p>this was not necessary.National Police are</p><p>looking into the cause ofthe fire.</p><p>BURNT OUT: Car in Rover Motta Street.</p><p>Alarm in Palma streetover burning car</p></li><li><p>NEWS 20 - 26 March 2014 / 7EWN</p><p>ACCORDING to a survey of 900people, done by the GadesoFoundation, residents of Mallorca aremore worried about their safety, andthat of their possessions, than they</p><p>were a year ago.The principal worries are about their</p><p>cars and homes. Fifty seven out of a thousand worry</p><p>about their cars being vandalised,</p><p>having the windows or exteriormirrors broken, antennas snapped off,or paint scratches. Thirty eight out ofa thousand worry about their carsbeing broken into and only 15 are</p><p>worried about the car itselfbeing stolen.</p><p>The main worry withhouses is the secondresidence - only 50 of athousand worried aboutburglary or vandalism attheir primary residencewhereas 73 worried aboutthis happening at theirsecond residence.</p><p>When rating publicservices the fire brigadecame out on top with ascore of 6.3 out of 10 withthe Guardia Civil a closesecond with 6.1 out of 10.</p><p>Neither the Local Policenor the National Policescored very highly - bothcame out with 4.2 out of10. Emergency services gota five out of 10.</p><p>Mallorca residents moreconcerned about safety</p><p>A TOTAL of 1,125 studentshave gone to universitiesother than the Universitatde les Illes Balears (UIB)to study this year. </p><p>The majority of thesestudents go elsewheredue to overcrowding atthe UIB in the mostpopular courses. </p><p>Law, Psychology andBusiness Studies areamong the saturatedcourses which also have amaximum amount ofstudents per course.</p><p>Last year 22 per cent ofdisplaced students matri-culated at universities inCatalua and 8 per cent ofthem in Madrid.</p><p>Although the UIB has toturn away some localstudents they havematriculated 135 studentsfrom other communities. </p><p>Four out of 10 leave theBalearic Islands to study</p><p>DISPLACED: Leaving for universities on mainland.</p></li><li><p>NEWSEWN 20 - 26 March 2014 /Mallorca www.euroweeklynews.com8</p><p>Youth forcedto rob shopTWO young men have beensentenced to a year in prison forforcing a minor to rob a shop inManacor.</p><p>The 15-year-old dashed into theshop, armed with a knife, and,after explaining the situation,asked the shopkeeper to call thepolice.</p><p>The two men had held the minorfor several hours and, afterthreatening him with a knife, theytook him to the entrance of theshop with instructions to ask for1,000.</p><p>Apparently the minor owed themmoney for drugs and they decidedto collect by forcing him into arobbery.</p><p>Drug gangin courtPALMA courts have opened acase against a gang for drugdealing in Andratx.</p><p>Drug prosecutor, Julio Cano, isasking for a total of 42 years inprison for crimes against publichealth. The gang is composed ofseven suspects, Spaniards andMoroccans, all of whom weredealing in the Andratx area.</p><p>The head of the gang, aMoroccan man, age 28, opted toclaim his right to silence andrefused to answer any of theprosecutions questions. </p><p>The prosecution is asking foreight years, for the leader, dueto his having used a minor totransport the drugs.</p><p>THE courts in Palma haveopened a case against a45-year-old man forselling three uninhabit-able houses in theDonants de Sang area.</p><p>He sold the houses for atotal of 346,212 in 2004and 2005.</p><p>Even though theyneeded serious workdone on them the sellerjust gave them a facelift.</p><p>The accused neverrevealed the poor</p><p>conditions to thebuyers. Some of theproblems were a safetyrisk - among themwere bad foundations,no sewerage connec-tion and a cesspitunder one of thehouses.</p><p>The prosecution isasking for four years.</p><p>Jail threat forhouse scam</p><p>UNINHABITABLE:Houses for sale. Pho</p><p>to fr</p><p>om F</p><p>lickr</p><p> by </p><p> nau</p><p>khe</p></li><li><p>OVER the last three monthsSpecsavers Opticas havebeen working with the</p><p>Lions Club Charity to collectunwanted glasses todistribute around the world,</p><p>to help improve the sight ofthe worlds poorest people.</p><p>Specsavers ran acompetition in conjunctionwith the Euro Weekly Newsto exceed the target ofcollecting 3,000 pairs ofglasses, and the result wasa fantastic total of nearly4,500! The competition...</p></li></ul>