EU funded Cross- border Co-operation at the Danube – Hungary-Croatia.

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  • EU funded Cross-border Co-operation at the Danube Hungary-Croatia

  • HU-HR eligible programme area

  • EU contribution 2007-2013

  • Area of Intervention Development of landscapes in the Mura-Drava-Danube area and its natural and rural surroundings1.1.2 Environmental planning activities and minor public actions to improve the quality of the environment in the natural areas

  • Area of Intervention Regional Tourism Product Plan1.2.2 Development of infrastructure for active and ecotourism1.2.3 Thematic routes of cultural heritage1.2.4 Promotion of the river area as a single tourism product1.2.5 Private investment attraction

  • Priority 22.1.1 Cross-border business partner finding2.1.2 Cross-border labour market mobility promotion2.1.3 Joint research, development and innovation (R+D+I)2.1.4 Joint local planning, strategies, programmes2.2.1 Cross-border education, training and exchange projects2.2.2 People-to-people activities2.2.3 Bilingualism actions

  • Projects in numbersNumber of Calls for Proposals: 1 in 2009, 1 in 2010 and 1 in 2011.Total number of applications: 315.Total number of supported projects: 166 so far.Number of Project Partner organisations in these projects: 240 HU and 280 HR.Ratio of Lead Beneficiaries in these projects: 111 HU and 56 HR (in case of the last Call this is 35:30).

  • CBRIS II project ILead Beneficiary: Rdis Seglyhv s Infokommunikcis Orszgos EgyesletProject Partner 1: Javna ustanova Luka uprava OsijekEU contribution: 200974,38 EURAs a continuation of an earlier joint initiative, a River Information Services (RIS) system was further developed in the Danube-Drava border area between the two countries, in the strategically located communities of Mohcs and Osijek.

  • CBRIS II project IIThe system and the specially developed software will provide support to the border authorities in their day-to-day work and in view of the expected widening of the Schengen area, while at the same time giving positive impetus to the development of river cruise tourism in the region.

  • CBRIS II project IIIDemonstrations of national RIS systems, know-how exchangeJoint RIS training materials and trainingDesign and development of risk management softwareStudy on interconnection of RIS and port management systems

  • CBRIS II project IVDesign and development of RIS based Port Management ApplicationJoint development of HU-HR information portalSetup of WLAN network in the Port of OsijekDemonstration of WLAN network in the Port of Osijek

  • CoPo project ILead Beneficiary: Baranya Megyei Rendr-fkapitnysgProject Partner 1: Rdis Seglyhv s Infokommunikcis Orszgos EgyesletProject Partner 2: Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova, Policijska uprava Osjeko-baranjskaEU contribution: 193 358 EURLooking to improve the border control of the river Danube, the partners were working on improving the co-operation between the border police services.

  • CoPo project IIA new, joint river control system was set up with a Common Contact Point Office, making the exchange of information and co-operation much easier and more effective. The newly introduced border control system also enables easier identification of passengers and goods crossing the river border and allows for better results in crime detection and prevention.

  • CoPo project IIIProvision of technical conditions for the Common Contact Point Office (CCPO) in MohcsElaboration of legal and organisational backgroundTraining how to work at CCPOPreparation of joint river patrol serviceProcurement of mobile equipment for joint river patrol service

  • CoPo project IVSchengen preparation co-operation trainingSchengen preparation co-operation workshopElectronic ship reporting and passenger list (UN PAXLIST) utilisation for border policeElectronic ship reporting utilisation for border police - training

  • For the financial perspective 2014-2020.A total of 60,8 million EUR of EU contribution.Four Priority Axes:- Economic development (9,96 mEUR)- Sustainable use of natural and cultural assets (35,78 mEUR)- Cooperation (5,72 mEUR)- Education (5,72 mEUR)Same institutional setup (MA, NA, CA, AA, FLC-s), new and broader MC, JS with two Contact Points (Osijek, akovec).The CP Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia

  • New features of the new periodThematic concentration that has led to the choosing of 4-5 Thematic Objectives in each programme.Adjacent regions in Croatia, previously limited in receiving funding, can now have PP-s that are equally eligible.So far one strategic project for the continuation of de-mining and rehabilitation activities, and one special scheme for the supporting of SME co-operations.Use of national procurement legislations in projects, instead of the PraG rules previously in force.

  • Thank you for your attention!Hungary-Croatia Cross-borderCo-operation Programme 2007-2013

    Joint Technical SecretariatE-mail: info@hu-hr-jts.comWeb:


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